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One of the most common car problems is having a flat tyre. Ford has realised how huge of an issue this is and has gone into a partnership with popular tyre maker, Michelin, to furnish it's 2020 Explorer version with self sealing tyres

Car manufacturers are steady seeking ways to make their models more comfortable, secure, safe and efficient. This is the best way to make sales. How else can they meet these targets than to proffer a solution to a lingering problem? One of the most common car problems is having a flat tyre. Ford has realised how huge of an issue this is and has gone into a partnership with popular tyre maker, Michelin, to furnish it's 2020 Ford Explorer version with self sealing tyres.

1. What are self sealing tyres?

Self sealing tyres are tyres that seals itself when punctured to ensure that your vehicle still stays on the road without you losing control of it. Michelin made these tyres with the intention of reducing tyre-puncture related accidents. The tyres contain natural rubber sealants that prevents lots of air from leaking out when a tyre is punctured. However, this doesn't mean that you should continue driving your vehicle even days after a puncture. The self sealing is simply a temporary fix that allows you get to your destination before getting it repaired.

Michelin self sealing tyres are a wonder to vulcanizers

2. 2020 Ford Explorer starts utilizing self sealing tyres

After the Chevrolet Bolt EV electric car, the 2020 Ford Explorer is probably the other SUV that comes with this kind of tyres. Car enthusiasts in Nigeria believe that these tyres will go a long way is reducing robbery and accidents on the roads. The 2020 Explorer is a luxury vehicle and criminals who want to use the old method of blocking the highway with nails to puncture tyres and steal the vehicle, will have a hard time doing that.

Inasmuch as the tyres are meant to handle punctures from screws and nails, it isn't designed to handle burns or tears. The idea is to seal every hole made by the piercing object. If the screw or nail stays stuck to the tyre tread, the rubber seals the area around it to mitigate loss of air. With that, the tyre can actually still run effectively for a week. Just about 1.5 kg of air will be lost daily till the tyre is fixed.

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Ford is endlessly trying to keep up with competition

Ford also announced that for now, the self sealing tyres will only be available on certain trim levels of the Explorer. The plan is to make it a standard feature for all hybrids. It will also be an optional feature for other versions of the Ford Explorer.

Keep in mind that the 2020 Ford Explorer is scheduled for launch later this year, before October. The American car manufacturing brand has totally given this version a more peng look, as compared to its previous version. It comes with the latest rear-wheel drive. Most SUVs are either four-wheel drives or front-wheel drives, but this is entirely different from what was in vogue. It is expected to have an improved performance. The 2020 Explorer also has a 10+ inch touchscreen, 3 liter twin turbocharged V6 engine with an output of 400 horsepower and lots more. Keep your fingers crossed as this model makes a grand entrance to the Nigerian automobile market soon.


The 2020 Explorer have many remarkable features to long for

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