2020 Ford Explorer features a “Calm Screen” to relax drivers


Posted by: Oluwaseun Solomon

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No more straining of eyes or stress riding in a Ford Explorer as the 2020 model now features a “Clam Screen” to relax drivers. Check out the details here now!

We believe that not just us alone here at Naijauto.com but almost every one of you guys will agree that we all now live in a world of endless phone notifications and instantaneous communications all done over screens and many people are very desperate for a respite.

Ford Motors is one smart company that has discovered this unpronounced yearning and are ready to offer a respite with its new 2020 Ford Explorer which it has added a new mode called “Calm Screen” right on this 3-row crossover’s default instrument panel display unit.

This mode is meant for when a driver really needs some “calm and quiet” moment in the car, he/she can just select this “Calm Screen” setting/mode and the majority of the not-so-important information that is initially displayed on the screen’s main portion will all varnish. All that will be left are just the fuel gauge and the speedometer displayed on the screen. This new “Calm Screen” will also turn soft blue which is said to be read as “soothing and tranquil” by the human brain.


The new “Calm Screen” as featured in the coming 2020 Ford Explorer

2020 Ford Explorer “Calm Screen” is a great idea, but we still wish the company could carry it to a more obvious conclusion overall.

Some information displayed on the so-called “calm screen” including trip odometer, compass direction and temperature aren’t really necessary on the new screen mode. Instead, this new “Calm Screen” could further pare things down to just gear selection and range being displayed and the very calming atmosphere should not stop at just the instrument cluster as well.

We believe that Ford could pick inspiration from the maybe ultimate version of this very idea, the now old “Saab Night Panel button” which normally would shut off almost every single light in the interior except one of the speedometers. It should also feature a sort of motion sensor that will automatically bring up the interior/ screen lights when it senses a human hand approaching the centre stack, this way a driver still easy find controls when needed.

In fact, this shouldn’t be too difficult to implement because we have seen Volkswagen already featuring a sort of sensor in their vehicles that normally brings up much larger icons on the display screen whenever it senses a human hand approaching. Also, BMW cars now have sensors to tracks motion for human gesture controls, making it possible for a simple light dimmer to be done easily.


The new Ford’s “Calm Screen” could better if some left out screen info were removed

Ford could also include an option for drivers to have a soothing ambient sort of lighting, that’s if it’s not going to be too distracting for drivers. This type of feature is seen in Mercedes vehicles with the mode named “Energizing Comfort” which is present in some models even though the system also offers some settings for different other moods apart from just a “Calm” mood.

We feel that this proposed mode should also be able to silence any form of notifications or incoming calls from a connected smartphone, and also lower the volume of any sort of clicks or beeps coming from the user interface itself. Ford can also model after a Nissan developed prototype armrest that is capable of blocking out cellphone signals. Similarly, the auto device maker, Scosche had a particular device which could be plugged into a vehicle’s OBD port and used for disabling cell phones connections/signals.

Our final take:

We really think that if Ford could implement most of our above-mentioned expanded features packaged together with this new “Calm Screen” mode, a truly relaxing and soothing environment will be achieved compared to the currently simple/basic screen. Although, in a general overview we could say that this new innovation by Ford is a really bold step in the appropriate direction and we duly give them credit for it.

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Oluwaseun Solomon
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