2020 BMW M division model leaked out, supposedly gets new 500 bhp engine


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BMW is committed to giving her car users a great driving experience by manufacturing the 2020 BMW M division model with a new 500bhp engine. See the details!

BMW M3 and M4 are the next generation vehicles of the automaker. Due to be released into the market in 2020, both cars will come all set, decorated with a refined six-cylinder engine which emits over 500bhp when in its best form.

M4 Gran Coupé will be the flagship model to do the honors of using this new engine for the first time. This will be the first time the four-door vehicle will be featuring a full-fat M variant. But it won’t be all alone. It’ll be accompanied by a cabriolet variants and two-door coupé just by the M3 Saloon.

Bearing an internal code name S58, it’s a product of the company’s standard unit of B58. This is the same as what was used for the current 440i model and a host of others.


The 2020 BMW M model captured in camouflage is leaked out (Source: Carsmagazine)

But going by the information disclosed by officials of the automaker, “it is for all intents and purposes an all-new drivetrain with significant changes to the base engine that allow it to rev beyond 7000rpm and deliver a much higher specific output.”

With an earmark for the forthcoming coupe and the very first M4 Gran Coupé, its twin-turbocharged engine ushers in a fresh M4 Convertible.

As a result of the increased power, the new S58 boasts of an output that’s higher in competition guise in comparison to the old S55.

Engineers at BMW have been able to increase its power by over 11% in the competiton for the M4 and 13% in the M4 Coupé.  With these figures in place, the new model is up against the 444bhp Audi RS5 and 503bhp Mercedes-Benz C63S Coupé in competition.


This BMW coupe will compete directly with Mercedes-Benz C63S & Audi RS5 (Source: Carsmagazine)

Besides its increased performance, the S58 engine is created in such a way that it aligns with regulations of emissions to give the standard M4 a CO2 figure that’s below 200g/km.

Notable changes in the new model include the adoption of a longer stroke. Measurement of the bore is still at 84mm. However, BMW says discrepancy in the internal measurements boosts the torque potential.

The engine doesn’t require water injection. According to officials of the brand, it might be present in subsequent versions of the S58 that’ll be developed.

There are suggestions that BMW could offer an affordable and lower-powered model with a rear-wheel drive and manual gearbox. Users of the new model are sure to get value for their money.

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