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Would you like to know how the new Range Rover Evoque is being made? Wouldn't you want to know some of its “behind the scenes” design secrets? Check here now!

Nigerians just love the Range Rover SUVs, and we can’t deny that quite a number of us here at are die-hard fans of this Range Rovers 😊.

In case you are wondering what’s so special about the design secrets or “behind the scenes” of the new Range Rover Evoque? Let’s first summarize the design challenge which the team solved.

According to Autocar’s summary, the design challenge was to;

"redesign the Evoque to accommodate the electric motor, battery pack and control systems of a plugin hybrid drivetrain, meet stiffer crash regulations, carry more equipment and offer more rear-seat room and a bigger boot. And all this within the same footprint."

Did that sound like an easy at all?

Even though the first Evoque is not really the smallest car in the world but, the above design challenge encompasses an incredible number of extra kits that need to be fitted in the same small body of the Evoque. Although, this strict size specification was due to the market research of Land Rover which showed that a vast majority of the older Evoque owners were adamant and particular that the size of the new one must not be bigger than the old one.


The new 2019 Range Evoque was quite challenging to build

This size restrictions were too tight that the new Evoque still had to break some of them by fairly negligible proportions to become a success. It ended up being;

  • 4371mm long, which is 1mm longer than the old Evoque
  • 2100mm wide, which is 10mm wider than the old Evoque
  • 1649mm high, which is 14mm taller than the old Evoque
  • Foot-print is 2681mm, which is 21mm longer than the old Evoque

But overall, these new dimensions are pretty close to the old one and not easily visible.

1. Range Rover design secret: 3D virtual reality room

So, how did Land Rover manage to find the extra spaces to accommodate all of the initially specified requirements?

Well, believe it or not, the designers use a 3D virtual reality room as a key secret for testing and tweaking all of these designs till they get things right. The room is just a simple room in the company’s Gaydon G-Dec technical centre which has in it a large screen at one side, some smaller screens to each other sides and one ageing Range Rover Evoque seat which is mounted on the metallic podium in the room.


3D virtual reality room “behind the scenes”: Making of the new 2019 Range Rover Evoque

2. Design details of the new Range Rover Evoque

Here are some interesting brief details and notes on the design of the new Range Rover Evoque:

2.1. The floor

The initial 2010 Range Rover Evoque was actually based on the EUCD platform by Ford which it shares with the Volvo XC60 and Mondeo in the Premier Automotive Group days. This has forced some compromises that are noticed to be absent from the new JLR’s premium Transverse Architecture (PTA) that is used for the new Evoque explained Matt Eastough – underfloor package manager, who says it has also helped them release much of the significant extra space. He also said;

“We’re using a new primary structure with a cast alloy front subframe that’s designed to crush,”

“Early on, we know we’ve got to fit a plug-in battery, and that influences the body design. Once we’ve found homes for these bigger bits, we can concentrate on different zones.”  


A quick overview of the new 2019 Range Rover Evoque’s underfloor body structure

2.2.  The driving position

From the highly accurate Evoque’s virtual reality cockpits, it is clearly visible that the wipers have been achieved to park out of driver’s sight, the roadside is more visible through the windscreen’s bottom corners, and the outside world is more visible (marginally) beyond the exterior and interior mirrors. And if you even turn around, the rear of the cabin of the new Evoque is visible as well all from this same 3D virtual reality experience.

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2.3.  The rear seat and rear floor

The new Evoque’s wheelbase has been lengthened to produce a larger, less intrusive seat runners, leveller footwell and the vehicle’s rear seats cushion is fixed now at an angle that increases knee room for passengers.

2.4. The boot/trunk

When Christophe Sacré, the vehicle package manager was talking about how they were able to widen the new Evoque’s boot/trunk, he said;

“by removing or optimizing the size of brackets behind the side panels, fitting a smaller wiring harness and optimizing the shape of the body-in-white structure”

The result of their little tweak now makes the new Evoque to have a 591 compared to the older 575 litres capacity as well as a 1301mm between-the-arches width which is obviously a useful gain over the previous 1000mm in the old Evoque.


The boot/trunk of the new 2019 Range Rover Evoque is quite impressively designed to be bigger than the old one

A bigger side pocket was also included in the design of the new Range Rover Evoque which is just so cool.

2.5. The ancillaries, engine mountings

Areas like the engine mounts are now being able to be optimized because of the new platform that the new Range Rover Evoque doesn’t share with other brands. Eastough made a related comment on this by saying;

“The offside engine mount bolts to a longitudinal – a very solid part of the car – but it’s also a lump of mass in the crumple zone,”

“Another struggle is the additional hardware for emissions – a bigger catalyst and sensors,”

“You’ve got to plan.”

The new platform has been so far well-redesigned for crash compatibility while the new engine mounts now obviously improve refinement and ride.


2019 Range Rover Evoque review | The perfect compact SUV? | Autocar

2.6. The interior

Paul Ray, the Chief interior designer was tasked with furnishing the 2019 Evoque’s bare interior and he admits that his team occasionally helps fill in some of the omitted spaces by their engineer colleagues just to produce some more flowing lines in the interior.

Ray, as well as some of his other engineer colleagues, had to continually find space for more and more kit like the cooling and massage seats. He says;

“It still has to feel roomy, and that’s difficult with a smaller car,”

And he accepted as well that the 3D room helps them a lot in their work by enabling them to "make decisions quicker", and "more confident about those decisions.”

These and many more are some of the design secrets and details of the new 2019 Range Rover Evoque that makes it stand out among other current trending SUV.

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