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The new 2019 Lincoln Nautilus SUV feels a lot like the Lincoln MKX but with much more. Check out our first drive review of the SUV here now!

In case you are not aware, releases first drive reviews of top new cars regularly before they even hit the Nigerian auto market. So, try not to miss our next one!

In this review, we have picked the new 2019 Lincoln Nautilus SUV which is gaining quite some attention in the automotive world recently.


This is the new refreshed and rebranded 2019 Lincoln Nautilus SUV

2019 Lincoln Nautilus SUV – What’s new?

Even though the name of this SUV is new, anyone familiar with the Lincoln vehicle lineup would immediately get the feeling that this new 2019 Lincoln Nautilus SUV is more of a restyled, rebranded and updated model of the 2nd-generation Lincoln MKX that has been launched since the year 2016. For a brand to refresh and rename its bestselling car is a very risky trick to pull in the automobile market but Lincoln seems not to mind with this one.

Lincoln has been rolling out newer grille design since it debuted the Continental in the year 2017 and as well replaced the “not so loved” winged look which was primarily meant to remind most luxury buyers of “elegance” feel that the 1939 Lincoln Continental possessed – unfortunately, it did not.

Now fitting this new grill onto the 2019 Nautilus sort of completes that initial rollout target and this 5-passenger SUV is definitely handsome compared to the past. The mesh of these new 2019 Nautilus is more like a complete repetition of the brand’s Star logo but it surely works. The hood, headlamps and front fascia are all new and the hood has really grown an attractive and sizeable centre peak altogether. 


On could feel immediate love for the 2019 Lincoln Nautilus SUV by mere looking

2019 Lincoln Nautilus SUV – What’s under the hood?

Diving under the hood of this new 2019 Lincoln Nautilus one will find a new 2.0L 4-cylinder turbocharged engine that is a direct injection type. It is the same engine being used in the much smaller Lincoln MKC and also the Ford Edge that shares the same chassis with the Nautilus as well although Lincoln does not adopt the alias “EcoBoost” for this Nautilus and all of its other powertrains.

The featured 2.0L engine replaces the previous 3.7L naturally aspirated V6 engine as the now standard engine and it is rated as delivering 250hp at 5,500 rpm and 280 pound-foot of torque when at 3,000 rpm on a 93-octane fuel type. These numbers are clearly a decrease from the previous V6 engine which was rated 303 horsepower at 6,500 rpm and a 278 pound-foot of torque when at 4,000 rpm.

Lincoln, however, had the old-fashioned 6-speed auto transmission replaced now with an 8-Speed version making the overall vehicle performance very much comparable and the new SUV’s city fuel economy numbers really went up impressively.

The two engine options of this new Nautilus SUV arse pretty much offered by the brand in all of the SUV’s trim levels with optional all-wheel-drive and standard front-wheel-drive system.


With so much refresh also comes so much power under the hood of the 2019 Lincoln Nautilus SUV

 2019 Lincoln Nautilus SUV – How’s the inside?

When it comes to the inside of this new Nautilus, Lincoln has added nice acoustic side glass that makes the interior quiet. This side glass impressively isolates the cabin from road noises and wind even when the SUV is moving above 80mph on a very choppy concrete road.

Other noticeable interior changes include newer interior trim choices and colours, phone charging (wireless), configurable and virtual gauge cluster that is really just lifted from the Lincoln Navigator. The new Nautilus also comes with a much comfortable 22-way adjustable (power) seats that also includes massage capabilities although as an option.

The infotainment system (Sync 3) comes with an 8-inch touchscreen, same as before but the pushbutton shifter featured in this new Nautilus will really need some getting used to before one can use it on-the-go.

When one changes from the normal Drive (D) mode to the Sport (S) mode, you can immediately feel this new Nautilus start to get much tighter throttle response as well as steering the effort. You will also notice that it will remap the vehicle’s transmission in such a way to accommodate more forceful gear selection that includes downshifting capabilities under hard brake conditions.

A driver can also easily setup preferred custom suspension settings by just tapping few buttons on the Nautilus’ steering wheel anchoring selections to the S and D modes. You get 3 settings: Sport, Normal and Comfort but the actual differences are more subtle.


Luxury doesn’t look like a problem in the 2019 Lincoln Nautilus SUV

2019 Lincoln Nautilus SUV – Pricing

The starting price of the variant that comes with a 2.0L and FWD is ₦14.8 million ($41,335) and it jumps way up to as much as ₦16.3 million ($45,540) if goes for the Nautilus Select and then for the Reserve the price is ₦17.9 million ($49,870). This pricing might really be 1 to 2 grand costlier than that of the 2018 Lincoln MKX, but it is really competitive with the leading Lexus RX.

  2019 Lincoln Nautilus SUV -


If you have been a fan of Lincoln’s lineup of SUVs like the MKX and Continental, this new 2019 Lincoln Nautilus is another true rebranded and refreshed SUV from the automaker.

It’s looking good and sure feels good!

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