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The first things you will usually see in a vehicle are external features. What are the best exterior designs we have seen in 2019? Read on to read now!

The first thing you are likely to see in a vehicle is an external feature. The exterior design will many times create an impression about the vehicle and even the owner as well! There are some cars that just exude an aggressive aura, because of the exterior design!

The exterior design is powerful and sometimes it is everything! I should not forget to mention that this feature is very useful to many for the purpose of taking selfies, especially with other peoples’ cars.


One of the things that 2019 brought is a new wave of redesigns and restyling of vehicles. Different brands went back to the drawing board to either upgrade existing models or design something entirely new. The end result: amazing cars with breathtaking appearances.

Yes, it is not only love that can take your breath away… Perfectly crafted and fitted cars can have the same effect!

Even though we are now in 2020, we are still not recovered from some of the breathtaking designs of 2019, and Naijauto.com brings you some of the 2019 car with the best exterior designs.

1. 2019 Land Rover Range Rover Velar

Have you seen this car? The right description is ‘overwhelming.’

The 2019 Land Rover Range Rover Velar takes everybody in and then leaves your breathless anytime it comes round.

In design, attention to detail is everything.

This car has retractable door handles and ultra-slim LED headlamps.

The front is intimidating, with a unique bumper and a grille that is perfectly placed to create that unique feel. Still, at the front, there is also a unique copper detailing that gives it a modern and at the same time luxurious feel.

Shadowless name styling at the back or taillights that speak, and that roof, notice the way it curves so elegantly backward and then, of course, the spoiler for better aerodynamics!

Even though I feel tempted to enter the interior which is a sanctuary on its own, we would not go inside.

This article is here to discuss exterior design only.


The Land Rover Range Rover 2019 leaves up to the Range Rover marque with a design that promotes aerodynamics

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In other words, glamor, modernity, and elegance, underpinned by solidity, strength and an amazing presence are what the 2019 Landrover Range Rover Velar is all about!

Please take in the beauty of the Velar in the video below!

Video: The New Range Rover Velar – Design and Technology

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2. 2019 Hyundai Veloster

The 2019 Hyundai Veloster is a coupe that has family-car characteristics. This vehicle was redesigned for 2019, and this time Hyundai got it right.

The front now has a wider grille and then standard LED headlights. They also have these small vertical slits on the bumper that they call air curtains.

The fenders are more prominent and I really love the lines that are curved above the rear tires.

Even though Hyundai maintained the height and width from previous model years, they adjusted some proportions.

The roofline now curves more to the rear than in previous past models, the taillights are a bit higher and the rear bumper with the two exhausts are fantastic.

The rear bumper seems like it just wraps everything up neatly.


This car has a lot of curves and if you are into small cars, then this is one of the best exterior designs for 2019!

3. 2019 Ford Mustang Bullit

This vehicle is from the 1960s and it takes its name from a movie in the era.

Someone in Ford decided it was time to remake a version of this car and voila, this beast of the American nation was reborn in 2015.

The 2019 model is classified as one of the best looking cars of the year, although we should warn you that the good looks are one of the least appreciated qualities of the car.

Its V8 engine and the sound, oh that original V8 sound it makes, are more frequently discussed topics of the mustang Bullit.

However, there are additional chrome details to the green – a green taken from the McQueen’s Highland Green Mustang GT Fastback.

The honeycomb grille gives the front a kinda bullish appearance. When you look at it, together with the headlights, it looks like the car is daring you to move!

It also has Bullit graphics at the rear that make it stand out and add to the awesome feel of the vehicle.


There is more to say about the 2019 mustang Bullit, though, maybe I should write a review on it!

4. 2019 Audi A6

The 2019 Audi A6 is one of the best looking cars of the year and it is based on the Prologue concept which was introduced in 2014.

The A6 combines luxury and performance and is renowned for its stylish design, as well as an excellent driving experience.

The front was completely redesigned; it has a wider and lower intimidating front grille, coupled with new LED lights that are really, really nice.

If you observe closely, the lines on the Audi A6 are now sharper, and then the rear has a little more curve to it so that airflow is enhanced.

The taillights are also new, and boy, they are magnificent.

Audi paid more attention to their design in the A6, and while a lot of features look like the A7 or A8, you cannot dispute the awesomeness of the A6.

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The 2019 Audi A6 is a good looking car, anytime any day!

5. 2019 Lexus UX

Lexus also made its debut into the luxury SUV category with this one and I think they got it right, especially with the luxury part. By the way, UX means Urban Crossover.

The 2019 Lexus UX features an ultra-new design, with the signature spindle grille, wide, low, wild!

It is the sort of car that makes an entrance by just showing up.

The completely redesigned headlamps are awesome and the Lexus UX is noted to have taut body lines all through. It also has nice curves at the back and great taillight design.

The design exudes a whole lot of confidence. This car has an awesome exterior design.


The 2019 Lexus UX, a work of art

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We have seen 5 of the cars in 2019 that I think had some of the best exterior designs. The list is not exhaustive, definitely, but I believe this 5 should enter any list that you wanna create.

So, let the automobile brands keep evolving and taking our breaths away with these amazing designs, we would never be tired of seeing them!

We hope you have enjoyed our article above on the 2019 cars with best exterior designs. See more similar posts on Naijauto.com!

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