Check out this ₦200m bulletproof Toyota SUV impounded by Nigeria Customs


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Check out a recent video of Nigeria Customs officers revealing how they got hold of an illegally smuggled ₦200million bulletproof Toyota Land Cruiser SUV.

A new video report we got over the cause of the week shows a top Nigerian Customs officer revealing how his men got hold of a bulletproof 2019 Toyota Land Cruiser SUV from smugglers at one of Nigeria’s land border. This impounded bulletproof is said to worth over ₦200million excluding taxes and import duties.


Nigerian Customs impounds a bulletproof 2019 Toyota Land Cruiser SUV worth ₦200million

This new report is actually coming barely 2 days after the Nigeria Customs reported that it seized a Lamborghini supercar and a Rolls-Royce car which were imported illegally to evade import duty payment. It seems Nigerian car smugglers are currently on a rampage this new rainy season.

According to reports, the Nigerian Customs uploaded a video on its official Facebook page on Monday 6th of July 2020 which shows a bulletproof 2019 Toyota Land Cruiser SUV seized from smugglers.

In this video, the Customs boss took time to explain how such a bulletproof vehicle could increase or encourage more complicated crimes if it was being imported by criminals. He mentioned in the video how the smuggler left the ₦200millon vehicle and ran away before Custom officers could get hold of him. Also, he stated that no one came back to claim the expensive vehicle until now.

Below is the video the NCS boss talking about the seized bulletproof SUV:

  ₦200million bulletproof Toyota SUV impounded by Nigeria Customs

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Many people sometimes wonder why smugglers take such high risk just to evade taxes when importing vehicles. Well, just like the NCS boss mentioned in the above video; a duty paid value of 70% of the original worth of imported items is currently being charged by the Nigeria Custom. To give you a clearer picture, 70% DPV that is expected to be paid on the seized ₦200million SUV is actually a whopping ₦140million. Yes, quite shocking, isn’t it?

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