2 policemen lose their lives, 8 get injured in in a Toyota Hilux crash in Ondo state


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Amidst ongoing protests for police reform, two policemen in Ondo State reportedly lost their lives and 8 injured in a recent incident allegedly caused by over-speeding.

While youths in various states across Nigeria are currently protesting against detestable attitudes of most Nigerian police officers, some policemen in Ondo state recently lost their lives while others got injured in a crash that was allegedly caused by over-speeding. Even though this is a very sad incident, it is still very disappointing that many eyewitnesses claim that the officers lost their lives due to reckless driving in a Toyota Hilux truck. Could this be another reason why police reform in Nigeria is highly essential at this point?


An accident allegedly caused by over-speeding kills 2 policemen in Ondo State

According to media sources, two policemen lost their lives while 8 others suffered severe injuries during the accident involving a Toyota Hilux pickup truck belonging to the Nigeria Police Force. Eyewitnesses claim that the police truck was over-speeding and driving recklessly when it suddenly hit a pavement while trying to avoid a bed along the Oba-Ile airport road in Akure, Ondo State. The police truck reportedly somersaulted several times before hitting the pavement, and then finally landed on its head along the road. As of the time of writing this report, the FRSC in Ondo State has confirmed the incident but have not yet given a official detailed report of the incident.

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Meanwhile, if the eye witness’ accounts of the Ondo incident later get confirmed to be true, then it will be very saddening that law enforcement officials behaved in such a careless way. No one would expect the police to still keep at their "bad habits" especially at such a time like this when youths are protesting against police brutality, recklessness and incompetency with a major focus on the SARS department. The ongoing protests have been trending worldwide with the Twitter hashtags #ENDSARS and #SARSMUSTEND. These protests are currently targeted at ending the most allegedly brutal and careless police department called SARS or F-SARS. 

Below is a Twitter video showing the intensity of the ongoing protest against police brutality and recklessness as youths block all major roads in Lagos;

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