2 car accident victims survive intact after the SUV somersaulted several times


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The diesel spills caused the car to veer to the side of the road.

A miracle has been narrated by this own witness who with her friend got involved in a grave accident but remained a whole without any injury.

A post of an accident on Instagram

Instagram post by user @mynnahclarke

It was shared on the private Instagram user @mynnahclarke. The accident happened on the Lagos-Ibadan express road where diesel spill covers part of the road surface causing the driver to lose control over her car. It, afterward, rolled severely to the side of the road with both the front and rear gruesomely deformed.

As you can see from the photos below, the Kia SUV went absolutely unfunctional after the wreckage but, shockingly, the 2 occupants were safe.

the deformed victim car

The diesel spills caused the car to veer to the side of the road

the victim car from behind

Somersaulting several times deformed the car

people gather at the broken car

People converged to help rescue the occupants

the car is broken totally

And found out both of the people inside kept intact after the dreadful accident

the car and the debris after a crash

The car would need tremendous servicing before being able to run again

the victim car with its rear deformed

The rear tire on the right even separated from the wheel

The entire story @mynnahclarke shares is:

My first post is to thank My Father in heaven.

"I'm still in awe of His mercy, His goodness and favour.

Wednesday morning, 20th June 2018, roughly between 9:36 - 9:52am, We skidded off Lagos-Ibadan express road at a curve where a tanker had spilled diesel on the road. This car hit the side of the road, went up in the air and somersaulted over four times.

The Lord indeed sent His Angels to take charge over me, to keep me, in their hands He bare me up, lest I dash my foot against a stone.

You spoke to me and I listened! I called on You in trouble and You answered! How you love me so? You gave me a second chance in life.... I'm testifying of Your goodness. You saved me and my colleague/friend - Sola, we are alive, no broken bones, no injuries, no internal bleeding, hale and hearty, All complete!

Lord Jesus I bow before to you and say THANK YOU!

I am God's Masterpiece! Yes I am!”

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