[Photos] 2 confirmed dead, property and cars destroyed in Moniya fire outbreak in Ibadan


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Fire outbreak in popular Moniya motor park in Ibadan has led to two deaths while several properties, shops, and vehicles were razed to ashes.

Last weekend must have been a very sad one for residents and shop owners affected by the recent fire outbreak at the famous “Moniya” motor park in the capital city of Oyo State, Ibadan. Reports reaching us claim that 2 people were confirmed dead from the incident caused by a fuel-laden tanker that suddenly caught fire which later burnt several shops, properties, and vehicles to ashes.


fuel-laden tanker causes fire outbreak that razed several properties and led to 2 deaths in Ibadan, Oyo state

The COVID-19 pandemic alone is causing serious disruptions in most business activities in Nigeria, not even think of incidents of fire outbreak at such a time like this. Less than a month ago, we reported a fire outbreak in Lagos Airport Hotel that destroyed a Toyota Bus, Honda car, and Cadillac Escalade SUV. Just two weeks after that incident, we published a second report and video revealing moment when a man pretending to help allegedly steals a Range Rover SUV during another fire incident in Lagos. It’s so saddening to hear of such reports at this delicate time.

Last weekend again, we got a new report of another fire outbreak in Ibadan, Oyo state that was even more devastating, to say the least. The incident reportedly led to two deaths and the total destruction of several properties and cars beyond repair.


A fire caused by fuel tanker destroy shops and several vehicles parked along the road in Moniya motor park, Ibadan

According to eyewitnesses account, this horrible incident started when a fuel-laden tanker skidded and sparked a fire which later caused havoc to the popular motor park. The eyewitnesses said that when the tanker skidded, a loud blast was heard and then followed by a huge mix of smoke and fire which made residents, commuters and traders scamper for safety as the inferno intensified.

It was also stated in the reports that the Oyo state firefighters later arrived at the scene to put out the fire after about 35minutes that the fire started.

Below is a video recorded from the scene of the fire incident;

Moniya, Ibadan market on fire, see how people are running for their lives

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