This 1993 Ford Bronco is priced at ₦279 million!


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Do you know what are the factors that surge the price of a car up? Scarcity? Engine performance? In this case, it's because of its notorious owner!

What is the most expensive car that you've heard of? We bet it's either one of those super luxurious cars that only high-powered officials and millionaires possess, or those that are favored by speeders. Or both. All of them are praised, endorsed and priced at a number that 99% of us commoners wouldn't even care to think about buying.


Roll-Royce Phantom is one of the most expensive cars in Nigeria

It is understandable as all of those cars are manufactured by the most famous car makers in the whole world, whose state-of-the-art technology and exceptional craftsmanship are blended in each of their products.  Some cars, on the other hand, were valued by the status of their owners. For instance, if Madonna, Beyonce or Justin Bieber like a particular model, no matter how cheap it's original is, chances are it will be resold at a much higher price than yours, if you happen to drive one!

Now, let's talk about our vehicle, its seemingly unreasonable price is actually understandable if you look at its history. It has a reputation of being used by one of the notorious killers, O.J Simpson. 


This used Ford Bronco was assessed at a higher price than a brand new Roll-Royce!

Though this is not a particularly pleasant memory to recall, the fact that it drew attention from more than 95 million people when he was arrested while trying to escape in this car has certainly surged its price up. The car was later bought by a man called Mike Gilbert at $75,000 (N27 millions).

The case quickly faded when O.J Simpson went to jail. Only until recently when O.J has been granted parole, he made headlines again, and Mike did not miss the chance to make some cash. With the attention once again high from the public, he was confident to sell it with price ranging from $750,000 to $1,000,000 (N270 million to N363 million)!


Now that O.J Simpson is out, Mike expects to make a mini fortune out of this situation

To date, someone has proposed another price much lower than his expectations, N90 million. Mike refused. Maybe he had planned to pass this to his great-great-grandchildren? Who knows, but he's surely an ambitious man. 

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