1954 Taylor Aerocar flying car set for auction in January


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Did you know that flying cars were produced in the early 1950s? One of them will be auctioned in January. Check out its features and auction details!

Despite so much advancement in automobile technology, flying cars are still rare. But surprisingly, such a car was produced as far back as 1954. Yes, you read right.


Front of the car is so portable and understated

The one-of-a-kind car was designed by Engineer Moulton Taylor in 1949. Having received good feedback, a few units were manufactured in the 1950s. These cars are treasured due to their rarity. However, a lucky buyer will get the chance to acquire of them come January 2020 at the Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale auction.

A two-seater, only two people can be accommodated in the aero car. It has a four-cylinder Lycoming 0-320 engine that is horizontally opposed. This is complemented with a manual transmission of 3 speeds. The front wheels are driven on the road. But on air, it uses an aft-located propeller. When driven in the streets, it detaches the propeller, fuselage and wings to allow free movement. The detached features are conveyed in a trailer right behind the car.


The propeller, wings and fuselage tag along in a truck when driven

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A vehicle with both road and air capacity is not the norm. Understandably, one might be afraid to fly in it. But the records are positive. The aero car has covered 781 hours in the air and 15,000 miles on the road. It also has the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) certification as a vehicle with both road and air capacities. So, you have nothing to be afraid of.


The aero car looks like an aircraft in the air

Automobile enthusiasts are gearing up for the January auction. Some hopefuls are looking to take it home. The auction will be a no-reserve. Although the take-home price cannot be ascertained at the moment, the aero car was once put up for sale at a Minnesota museum at the rate of $895,000 (324.4 million).

Riding this aero car in Nigeria would be awesome, right?

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