₦185 million spills turning highway into chaos


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If you run into such money spill, what will you do?

₦185 million causes car crashes. "How exactly does it do that?" Not by improperly poured into urban planning to build unnecessary roads and facilities. The money really blocked the roads, in a literal sense!

First off, let's talk about the car that carried that kind of money. When you have several hundred million in your car, you are either a drug lord or your owner is the bank. In both cases, your car cannot be similar to the ones driving casually on the road of Lagos. It needs to be armoured.


If you have an enormous sum of money, a Brink car is your go-to vehicle

So is it the result of a robbery? It is, ironically, not. The armoured vehicle from the brand Brink is indeed a tough one, which can withstand bullets from automatic and small-scale explosions. But its Achilles heel, the door, experienced a minor faulty and the haps fell out, which let two bags loaded with money drift freely out onto the Jersey Highway.

One bag has nearly 55 million Nairas and the other contains 134 million. The physical sides of those bags are, of course, not large enough to really block the roads. But imagine suddenly half a million dollars in notes flying in front of you, what would be your reaction? The inner struggle is strong with this one.

Even if you are amongst few people who could resist the temptation, the motorists in this case couldn't. They risk their life stopping their cars in the middle of the road and flock out to collect those flying notes. The incident is reported to cause some fender-benders and major roadblocks, by people who were driven by human greed.


It's not the money that caused the blockage, its the human's greed

Apparently, this is not the first scandalous situation of the Brink brand. Not too long ago, more than two hundred millions of Nairas were spilled on a highway, also carried by a Brink amoured car, this time was in Indianapolis, USA. I wonder how the brand would recover from these incidents.

The money was yet to be collected in full. Some people got away with money that's not theirs. The authority is working on camera footages to identify those people and hopefully they can get it back to the bank soon.

Camera footage on this rare case on Jersey highway

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