18-year-old boy is rewarded ₦53m Porsche GT3 by his billionaire daddy for passing exams


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It’s absolutely true that hard work pays off. This 18-year-old boy who receives ₦53m Porsche GT3 from his father is well rewarded for his academic efforts.

Matana Robert Junior Gumede, son of the South African billionaire, Robert Gumede has turned to 18 years old and passed his matric exams. For that reason, his billionaire father decided to present him a ₦53m Porsche GT3 as a reward. Here Naijauto.com informs you about this news. 


Gumede Jr. was so happy to receive the Porsche GT3 from his father

Video: WATCH: Robert Gumede gifts his son a Porsche for passing matric

This video above went viral on social platforms through his brother’s Twitter account. Themba Gumede wrote on the post:

So as a family we decided to fool my little brother and made him believe that he got the Boxster S. Yes he was happy... But wait and see his reaction to what we ACTUALLY him.

Proud of you little bro! 

Source: Twitter account @ThembaGumede_


The video was shared on his brother account on Twitter

Initially, the youngster was taken to the Porsche Boxster S, then they drove his gift to him. The boy got excited, jumped up and down, and immediately ran to his vehicle.

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The billionaire daddy was very careful as choosing the gift for his son

This yellow Porsche GT3 is among the highest performance versions of the Porsche 911 division. It gains power from a six-cylinder engine, accelerates to 100km/h from a standstill in only 3.9s, and has the starting price of $143,600 (~₦53 million).

Robert Gumede is well-known for founding the Gijima Technologies which supplies people in Southern Africa with infrastructure configuration, application services, and end-to-end managed outsource services. The company earns him billions of Naira and makes him one among the most generous philanthropists in his country. So, there comes no surprise as he gifted his son such an expensive car like this.

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