[VIDEO] 17 people killed in a boat accident in the US


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The tragic accident took a woman her husband, 3 kids and 5 relatives. RIP.

Not very long ago, a tragic happened on the lake of Missouri, leading to at least 17 confirmed deaths and many missing. The tragic soon reached the POTUS, Donald Trump and he soon issued an official comment on the problem through a tweet.

The rather small boat could not sustain the strong winds of the storm

The victim family

The victim family of ten lost nine in the accident

the victim family in a picture taken just before the deathly ride

They were smiling in a picture taken just before they board the deathly boat

This started from a tour called Ride the Ducks, which is specialized in carrying passengers, mostly tourists on the lake of Missouri, Arkansas for sightseeing and chilling. The name of the tour was from the shape of the boat, which is a hybrid, duck-shaped boat that can operate both on land and in the water.

At first, the tour started like usual and without any signs of danger. The first few minutes went by and the wind started to pick up and the size of the duck boat was not sufficient to run under the condition. If only they knew that it's a sign for an upcoming storm, they would be able to make it out of the lake.


This vehicle could be able to operate inland and in bodies of water

Out of 31 people, only 7 were found and currently in a life-and-death situation, 17 were confirmed dead and the rest is still nowhere to be found; the boat captain and the security ( a retired officer) included. 

The families of these missing people are devastated as the condition of their loved ones is still unknown and the finding mission was temporarily postponed for half a day, while another boat of the same company going on the same date made it safe and sound to the lakefront. 

About safety measures, one police officer commented that life jackets were present on the boat at the time, but whether they actually put them on or how effective they are against the storm remains unknown. The search is still on progress but the hope is slim since the lake is 12-meter deep and is too wide for anyone without a life jacket to survive after such a long time.


The mother company of the vehicle was involved in deadly accidents before

The footage when the accident happened

The footage when the accident happened

This tragic is one of its kind in Missouri, but the company that builds the duck was involved in a deadly accident before that killed 5. The company admitted their failure to comply with US transportation rules and was fined N365 million after.

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