15 interesting facts about Rolls-Royce that will definitely wow you


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There was a time when the brand produced fastest models which conquered all the territories of land, water, and air.

This time, let us bring to you cool facts about the luxury brand Roll-Royce.


The brand was established in 1906 by two founders Charles S. Rolls and Frederick H. Royce, which somehow reveals the origin of the brand name.

Portraits of Rolls and Royce

 Two founders of Rolls-Royce, Charles S. Rolls,and Frederick H. Royce


In the same year of foundation, the company made a new record of a vehicle that ran non-stop for an astounding 24,000 km, shuttling between London and Glasgow 27 times.


Though making his name in the car industry, Charles S. Rolls was passionate about planes. He was also one of the first British to be killed in a flight accident happened on 12 July 1910.


There was a time when the brand produced fastest models which conquered all the territories of land, water, and air.

  • In 1931, their R airplane engine equipped in the Supermarine S6B helped the plane reach 400 mph. There was nothing on the planet able to overtake that speed then.
  • In the early 1930s, a record was set by Rolls-Royce when their engine put out 300 mph.
  • Another milestone was made in the 1930s when a boat from the brand gained the fastest speed on water. The “fast and furious” was then driven by Sir Henry Segrave.

Also check out other brands’ cool facts:


The British government nationalized the company in 1971.


Figures show that around 65% of all ever-produced Rolls-Royce are still running today. The fact is just to show how durable a Rolls-Royce can be.


The company once was bought by BMW in 1988 and earlier by Vickers in 1980.

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Two months is the shortest time possible for the carmaker to make a Phantom in which all the alloy parts (around 300) and aluminum sections (about 200) are welded by hand.


Powered by a V-12 engine, the Phantom can accelerate from rest to 100 kmph in only 5.9s.


“The Spirit of Ecstasy” put on the hood was inspired by a real woman named Eleanor Thornton who was in a romantic relationship with a well-off man. He, then, asked the company to model her on it. The initial sculptures of it was made with her finger in the mouth.

The Spirit of Ecstasy

The initial sculptures of the Spirit of Ecstasy made it with her finger in the mouth


The U.S used to exchange their nuclear reactors (to reinforce British submarines) for Rolls Royce.


The company keeps going with their R&D and surprising their fans with powerful engines which have been used in British Harriers, Boeing 777’s, Gulfstreams and the legendary Concorde.


Don’t be staggered to know this stunning fact: The adjustable shock absorber was invented by Royce on his own deathbed.


There were only 18 Phantom IV ever produced. The reason behind it was it was for only heads of states.

Rolls-Royce Phantom IV

There were only 18 Phantom IV ever came out


They ornament their Wraith with more than 1,600 hand-placed fibre optic lights making the car occupants a true galaxy-like experience.

I guess that’s enough for you to know and love more about the iconic brand Rolls-Royce.

Rolls-Royce Wraith

Rolls-Royce ornament their Wraith with more than 1,600 hand-placed  fibre  optic lights

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