14 facts about Gokada motorbike hailing service that you should know


Posted by: Oluwaseun Solomon

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How well do you even know the Gokada bike hailing service that is changing the face of 2-wheeled transport in Lagos? See our own top 14 facts about Gokada here!

Have you been using the Gokada motorcycle hailing service like some of our team members here in Naijauto.com?

It is sometimes funny how we Nigerians just jump on a newly introduced service without even asking many questions or even bothering to make enough background research to gain knowledge of why such service has been launched or what brought about the whole idea in the first place.

Gokada is indeed one of the best things that have happened to Lagos lately and it's undeniably such a brilliant idea for two-wheeled transport in Lagos so far.

So, researching more about a service sometimes doesn’t necessarily have to be for bad reasons rather it can be for the good purpose of understanding it and how it can even be improved in the future if one ever gets the chance.


Gokada has made a tremendous breakthrough and revolution in two-wheeled transport in Lagos

Below we have highlighted and discussed briefly each of our own top 14 things that we believe everyone in Nigeria should know about Gokada even if you don’t patronize them;

  1. Gokada can be described as an on-demand transportation company that was founded in the year 2017 by some brilliant Nigerian entrepreneurs. It is simply a motorcycle or two-wheeled hailing service with its headquarters located in Lagos, Nigeria.
  2. The CEO and founder of Gokada go by the name Deji Oduntan. He once gave insight into the company’s success by saying;
    "bikers with the Gokada now complete approximately 5,000 rides on a daily basis."
  3. All Gokada drivers/bikers are well trained, experienced, verified, and cautious. As a matter of fact, each of the drivers is made to pass through the Gokada Driver Training School where they are properly re-taught the right and safest ways to drive around Lagos streets when conveying a passenger.
  4. Gokada actually travels 26 Km/h during normal traffic while vehicles in Lagos only travel at a 13 Km/h average speed.
  5. Gokada bikes are specified to be all above 200cc, unlike the regular Okadas that we usually see on the streets. What this means is that the Gokada bikes are legally allowed to travel on any major highways, bridges, and roads.
    “That one mean say, you fit journey from Lagos mainland to Island with Gokada without any wahala” – Naijauto
  6. Accessing this hailing service requires that a rider download and install the Gokada mobile App to their Android or IOS-based smartphones, sign up on the App using a valid phone number, input preferred pick-up location and then, request for a ride.


The Gokada Mobile App makes accessing the hailing service much easier and faster

  1. Each rider is allowed to request a Gokada ride from a nearby driver/biker and once the ride request is confirmed, the mobile App will show the verified driver’s details including photo, name and bike details to the rider. After this, the driver will place a call to the rider to confirm the posted request and the desired destination.
  2. Only cash is allowed currently as a payment method.
  3. In a clear and precise format, this is how Gokada works;
    - You open the mobile App, punch in your desired pick up location and then tap on “request ride”
    - A nearby verified Gokada driver will put a call through to you confirming your posted request and your desired destination
    - The driver/biker arrives your pick up location within minutes, gives you the proper hair net and passenger helmet and you just hop on the Gokada bike. From there, just enjoy the ride and pay when you reach your destination
  4. All Gokada drivers are mandated to always wear a safety helmet as well as carry one extra helmet for their passenger too. These Gokada helmets are DOT certified by the United States Department of Transportation. They are crafted such that each of them can withstand any type of forces during a possible motorcycle accident scenario.
  5. Gokada has plans to set a standard in terms of ride-hailing services all over Nigeria and also Africa at large. They announced that they will start by first adding over 5,000 more motorcycles in Lagos later this year.
  6. Gokada celebrated its 1-year anniversary just in February this year with the launch of their new headquarters.
  7. After one year of good service, drivers are given the privilege to own their bikes through Gokada. Most drivers claim that with this ride-hailing company, Gokada, they earn two times more than their regular income.
  8. Gokada impressively supports its drivers with health services, recreational services, and pension plans. Isn’t that just amazing?

There is definitely no doubt that Gokada and other ride-hailing services are the future of the popular 2-wheeled transport in Nigeria. Spot Gokada, Take a ride…

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Oluwaseun Solomon
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