₦136b-worth jewelries fell out of Russian plane


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The Nimbus Airlines AN-12 spewed tons of gold, diamonds and platinum out of its cargo hold.

Report said that the incident occurred at Yakutsk airport of Yakutia or the Sakha Republic’s capital.

The Russian cargo plane had a part of its door ripped to open when it was taking off, reaching a considerable height already. This caused all precious jewelries spilt out of the airplane. Some bars of gold were even thrown 26 km away from the airport.

ripped off plane door

A part of plane was ripped off

Right after the incident, police officers had sealed off the surrounding to search for valuable jewels and metals while the one in charge of regulating takeoffs was immediately detained for further investigation.

As far as we know, the cargo was properties of Chukota Mining and Geological company whose shares with Canadian Kinross Gold are up to 75%. Authorities also doubted this was an intentional plan though evidence was not clearly seen.

plane accident

gold threw out of plane

plane accident

More photos of the once-in-a-lifetime incident

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