See the moment 11 year-old boy rescued his grandmother by driving her to Hospital in Mercedes car


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One 11-year-old boy from Indianapolis rescued the life of his grandmother by taking the wheel of a Mercedes-Benz car and driving her to the hospital.

Unbelievable? Shocking? We simply have run out of words to describe what happened recently when an 11-year-old boy took the courage to drive his dying grandmother to the hospital and save her life. Guess association of grandmas all over the world might have to give the deserving young hero an award for this bravery.


The 11-year-old PJ Brewer-Laye drove her grandma to the hospital in a Mercedes-Benz car

The boy identified as PJ Brewer-Laye, who is reportedly from Indianapolis in the United States, noticed that Angela, who happens to be his grandma, was feeling weak and dizzy with bad vision, and no grown up was  around to render any help to her. The young boy decided to take the initiative by getting behind the wheel of a German product to take her for urgent medical attention she so needed at that time.

According to reports, when Angela was ill, she decided to lean against the stop sign on the road. She was immediately spotted and helped by her grandson, who at the time was cruising in his go-kart. When the grandma was asked if she could recall the incident, she revealed that she saw a Mercedes-Benz car coming towards her and to her utmost disbelief, she saw her grandson PJ behind the wheel when she looked right into the car.


The grandma identified as Angela couldn't hold her joy as she was rescued by her grandson's heroic act

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The grandma, however, lauded the driving skill of the 11-year-old boy, who, according to her, became very good at driving in such a short while. She expressed her shock on the way the boy was collected and calm during the entire crisis. From what we learnt, the boy also drove her home and pulled into the driveway precisely.

Watch the video below:

11-year-old saves his grandma suffering medical emergency

The recent incident wasn’t the first time PJ would drive a car. He was reported to be driving the car belonging to his grandfather under close supervision. Guess such skill came handy after all at a crucial time.

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