11 craziest products made by big automakers


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Selling cars fetches these giants huge profits but it doesn't mean they are not interested in other productions. Some of their non-car products will surprise you, for sure!

From food, wine to aircraft, these famous car brands really know how to utilize their business and diversify their products.

Car manufacturers are, of course, excel at manufacturing cars. Some even built trucks and motorcycles. Many of them are responsible for designing outsourcing products for external customers. But some have expanded their network of products to include everything from sausages, biscuits, motor yachts and jet engines.

Most of these items are not as profitable as the main car brands, and they are often not as attractive as one would expect, and some seem to be separate from the car manufacturer brand they already possess. Here are some of the many extras that come from well-known car brands.

1. Volkswagen sausage

Germans are famous all over the world for their sausages, so it's no surprise that one of the biggest producers in the country, such as Volkswagen, puts sausage production in their investment portfolio.

In fact, Volkswagen has been produced currywurst sausage for more than 45 years since 1973. And with the total sales of 6.8 million links (or 18,000 links per day), they sold more hot dogs than cars in the last year. A team of 30 people is responsible for processing them at a special facility inside a factory in Wolfsburg.

some Volkswagen sausages

More Volkswagen hot dogs are sold than cars in one day

2. Porsche honey

For many car enthusiasts, nothing can be "sweeter" as sliding inside a Porsche, behind the wheel. But this well-known automaker produces something far sweeter. The Porsche factory in Leipzig is home to 3 million honey bees. They live on nearly 40 hectares of land and produce more than 1 ton of hawthorn, lemon, and black locust honey each year.

3 jars of Porsche honey

To maintain its exclusiveness, this product can only be found in Porsche gift shops

This honey is sold to the public, but you will not be able to find it at your regular stores. They only sell them in gift shops at customer care centers, the speed of them getting off the shelf is as fast as the GT3 RS finishing a Nordschleife track.

3. Peugeot pepper grinder

French automaker Peugeot is one of the few companies that make both two-wheelers and four-wheelers. But little is known about their production of pepper grinders. PSP Peugeot SAS is the name of this company, and Peugeot Saveurs is the name of the brand.

some peugeot pepper grinders

Though the pepper company has cut loose from its original brand, it's still owned by the Pegeout family

It grinds everything like pepper, salt, chilies, nutmeg, and coffee. In addition to pepper grinder, the buyer can also buy the following wine-related accessories such as bottle openers, glasses or containers etc.  Although the company is no longer directly related to the manufacturer of the car in the same name, it is still owned by the Peugeot family.

4. Alpina wine

Famous for the ability to modify BMW cars, Alpina also has a side business related to wine. However, they do not produce alcohol themselves. Instead, their supply comes from wine distributors across Europe and extends into the United States and South America.

a bottle of Alpina wine

Aside from creating mesmerizing modifiers for BMW, the Alpina also do business in the wine industry

For more than one-third of a century, Alpina has imported and distributed quality bottles of wine and sold them to gourmet restaurants and bistros in Germany and around the world. The price for a bottle can vary from $5 to $ 1,900 depending on the size and type of wine.

5. Honda lawn mowers

Japanese car manufacturers tend to expand their business to a variety of product lines. Among them, Honda manufactures both passenger cars, pickup trucks, motorcycles, marine engines, human-like robots, and jetliners. They even have a myriad of other electronics including generators, blowers, and lawn mowers.

a Honda lawn mower

Inherited the engine technique from its brand, the Honda's lawnmowers were considered a success

6. Toyota motor yachts

Unlike other domestic rivals, Toyota mainly focuses on the manufacture of passenger cars and trucks, and the spare parts needed to build them. Toyota Marine is currently offering three models of yacht-type sailing boats, all named Ponam, with the dimensions of 8.5m, 9.5m, and 10.6m. They are mainly sold through the agency network in Japan.

a Toyota yacht

There are 3 configurations of Toyota Yacht that you can choose from

7. Tesla solar panel

In the past year, Tesla has dropped the word "Motors" from their names, and the reason is to increase diversity. They do not just make electric motors and vehicles. They also make electrical installations, such as Powerwall Wall Panels and industrial battery clusters, as well as solar panels. So you are not only driving one of their trams, but even your home, business, and local power grid are also provided by Tesla equipment.

some Tesla's roof tiles model

Tesla roof tiles panels come in different shape and sizes

8. Lamborghini tractor

We all know the story: Lamborghini has a starting point as a tractor manufacturing company before entering the supercar industry. But do you know that you can still buy a Lamborghini tractor today?

a Lamborghini tractor

Who says you cannot plough your fields in style?

Ferruccio Lamborghini founded Lamborghini Trattori in 1948, and Automobili Lamborghini in 1963. After a decade of running both companies, he sold an agricultural equipment maker to a company now known as the SDF Group, and the company continued to manufacture tractors under the name Lamborghini with the designs just as rugged and intimidating as the Aventador or Urus.

9. Bentley furniture

Bentley usually manufactures and sells 11,000 vehicles a year. But at the time of the 2009 recession, it sold only 3,600 units, less than half of what it had sold the previous year. So to keep the company going, the skilled craftsmen in Crewe started making home furnishings, at the same level of standard as the company's car interiors.

a living room with Bentley products

The Bentley furniture is just as sophisticated and elegant as their cars' interior design

To this day, the automaker still offers Bentley Home Furniture product line. Nonetheless, with the majority of skilled craftsmen currently being busy with Continental and Bentayga production, the company has teamed up with Luxury Living Group to produce sofas, chairs, tables, beds, and more.

10. Saab fighter jets

Remember the time when Saab sold the car under the slogan "born from jets"? That is in fact not an exaggeration. Until the demerger in 1968, the manufacturer was part of the same Saab AB group that built jet aircraft such as JAS 39 Gripen, which had become the backbone of the Airforce from Sweden to South Africa. Although the operation was closed several years ago, Saab AB still produced aircraft and other military hardware.

a saab fighter jet

SAAB still produces state-of-the-art fighter jet until this very day

11. Rolls-Royce aircraft engine

Saab is not the only car manufacturer with a history in the aviation industry, Rolls-Royce has also built aircraft engines. This car and aerospace company belongs to one big entity, since its inception in 1906 until 1973 when its manufacturing division (including the Bentley brand) was split off, then sold in 1980 for the Vickers. In 1998, Volkswagen acquired Bentley, and BMW acquired Rolls-Royce.

Meanwhile, the aviation department, now known as Rolls-Royce Holdings, has grown to become one of the largest aircraft engine manufacturers in the world.

a roll royce jet engine

Roll Royce Holdings is one of the big names in the aircraft engine industry

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