10 things you probably do not know about Honda


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V-tech engines have been one of the most important milestones in the car tech until today. Honda was the first company using it in producing vehicles, and then all the rest car manufacturers followed this trend. Click to read more info!

The dream and aspiration of an automotive genius, started by taking a single step. Soichiro Honda, an ordinary mechanic began the journey of one of the most used and accepted vehicles in the world. The noble history of the Honda brand began in 1946 and the rest is cut edge and redefining cars that you will definitely love having in your garage.

10 mind-blowing facts about Honda

  1. Back in 1959, the America Honda Electric motor, a single subset of Honda Engine Company had been opened in the USA. Honda Motor unit Company took on become the leader in the motorbike industry after which Honda opened up many workplaces in many countries on the planet. From 1961 to 1969, Honda companies were opened in the UK, North America, Germany, Belgium and Australia.
  2. During the essential oil crisis from the year, 1973, Honda released the first Social car that was a fuel-efficient car. The individual driving the vehicle also experienced the option to select from leaded energy or the unleaded one according to availability. The flexibleness made it probably the most desirable car at that time.
  3. The founder Soichiro Honda got the powerful reputation to be a man of great taste. He had eyes for exotic and beautiful things. He was an extremely stylish guy that compensated a great deal of focus on his look. Interestingly, Leader Soichiro was nicknamed “Mr. Thunder” by the company’s employees regarding his legendarily hot mood. However, everybody who knew him would agree, which despite almost all his strictness, the creator of the Honda Motor was really diligent and fair in the eyes of his subordinates.

    Honda CR-V

    The cutting edge in Honda design is a force to reckon with in automobile world

  4. The Japanese carmaker introduced Honda Accord in 1976. Since its launch, this product has always been the best seller in the class globally. This design turned to become extremely rewarding: the company sold a lot more than 8 million vehicles in the USA only.
  5. Within English, the term “Accord” indicates agreement, tranquility and mutual knowing. The Accord has received many car awards and Honda has produced 9 generations of the model till date.
  6. An additional fascinating reality about Honda that you might not really know is the fact that V-tech motors have been among the important milestones in the production of high tech vehicle to date.

    Honda Civic

    V-tech motors have been among the important milestones in the production of high tech vehicle to date

  7. Honda is not just into vehicles and motorbikes production. The company also produces unique equipment, as well as marine gear. Honda is definitely an ecologically conscious company: just about all Honda services are known for their own high environmental safety tradition.
  8. Do you know that “The power of dreams” is the recognized slogan in the Honda brand name? This is why there is no limitation with the company. They have also spent heavily within the health field. This was apparent in Honda’s therapeutic “Walking Assist Gadget,” that works with the movement to be able to help the disabled walk again. Light-weight, easy to use, and also surprisingly thin, this device provides those who are not able to move very easily a chance to turn out to be mobile yet again. It actually has Wireless Bluetooth connectivity therefore doctors may track some sort of patient’s improvement and any kind of potential dangers or problems that might show up.

    Honda Pilot

    The power of dreams” is the recognized slogan in the Honda brand name

  9. In 2005, throughout the EAA Air flow Venture airshow in the United States, Honda jumped surprises upon its enthusiasts by entering the actual aircraft creation market. Japan company introduced its initial aircraft, the sunshine twin-engine company jet, called the Honda HA-420 HondaJet.
  10. The Honda FCX is the first hydrogen-fueled automobile that released water and never hydrogen. After more investigation and advancement, the company is actually planning to release another greater version on the FCX back in 2018 which will be totally emissions free.
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