10 most breathtaking routes in Africa


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The say “Happiness is not a destination but the journey itself” totally applies to this case, when you driving your car through these 10 magnificent drives in Africa.

People usually call attention to wildlife as it comes to talk about Africa. Yet only the real globetrotter understands that the breathtaking beauty of this continent lays on the journey and marvelous routes but not tourist destinations. They actually do make a unique charming Africa in their own way. Hence, for individuals planning a trip around Africa on their cars, please mark these must-go drives on your map and experience an unforgettable travel.

African Gorgeous Drives: Innumerable Entrancing Roads

With Naijauto.com, go around 10 winding routes in that continent, then you can set out on a real adventure to create remarkable commemorations.

1. Valley of Thousand Hills

The beautiful rural land comes into sight just after around 30 minutes driving northwest from Durban. As the name speaks for itself, Valley of Thousand Hills is covered by spectacular hills and cliffs which rise from Umgeni River’s bank and stretch to endless. Particularly, plain and smooth-to-drive roads there will bring you wonderful journeys.


Valley of Thousand Hills must be somewhere to stay wild

2. Maloti Route 26

Starting in Harrismith, the breathtaking Maloti Route covers a long distance of the Eastern Free State, goes through a vast area of South Africa, from Eastern Cap to Orange River, and then the Wild Coast. Although there are some certain potholes on this 280-km-long route, stunning views, and more especially, the culture will totally release travelers from such discomfort.

3. Midlands Meander

Located between the Drakensberg and Pietermaritzburg, Midlands Meander in Kwazulu Natal, South Africa would offer you an awesome weekend. The 80-km-long drive goes across exquisite terrains including rocky cliffs, grassy plains, forests, streams, farms, and villages, and such peaceful landscapes perfectly can soothe any hurt soul.


Would you travel on such ways in Midlands Meander in the autumn?

4. Panorama Route

You absolutely have a chance to let your hair down when driving along the Panorama Route in South Africa. Situated at the central Blyde River Canyon, one of the largest canyons of the world, the Route offers you a journey through dramatic terrains: magnificent mountain peaks, cliff faces, dozens of waterfalls, forests, and raging rivers. And of course, it’s advisable that you enjoy the trip in the daytime.

Video: The Panorama Route

5. Eight Mountain Passes

It has to say nowhere else better than Eight Mountain Passes in Eastern Cape to discover the stunning wild beauty of Drakensberg. And to complete such a slow drive between Elliott and Lady Grey, individuals must have great patience and adventure spirit.


Hey adventurers! Would you dare to challenge yourself with such passes?

It can’t come without mentioning other well-known passes including the Otto Du Plessis Pass, Barkly Pass, Bastervoetpad, Carlisleshoek, Bistone Pass, Lundean’s Nek, Joubert’s Pass, and especially Naude’s Nek – the highest drive of the country.

6. Gauteng to Hartbeespoort Dam

For big fans of road trips, the Hartebeespoort Dam’s Saloon Route 66 is definitely a delicious perquisite. In fact, curving roads from Johannesburg to beautiful Hartebeespoort would offer you a journey of relaxation and challenges.

From Cedar Road, you can easily enter the drive with any vehicle.

7. Clarence Drive Route 44

After having experienced some mountain passes, now you can take yourself to Clarence Drive Route 44 - the 21-km-long coastal drive stretching between the Bett’s Bay and Gordon’s Bay. The breathtaking wild turquoise view of the Cape coastline, especially 77 curves and four 150-degree bends would never disappoint even the choosiest individuals.


You would never be disappointed with this stunning view from on Clarence Drive Route 44

8. Namaqualand

Nothing would be more romantic than spending your honeymoon in Namaqualand – the home of endless chrysanthemum fields. In around three months starting from July, Namaqualand would cover itself with a gorgeous new colorful coat made of over 400 different kinds of flowers, thanks to the heavy rain during the winter.  


 “Flowers roads” are the best description for Namaqualand

To best enjoy the stunning landscapes there, we highly recommend you drive towards the route from the North, then slowly to the South as that would offer you a more comfortable ride and beautiful landscapes.

9. Garden Route (from Cape Town to Port Elizabeth)

This stunning drive could never tantalize you, or even any first-time visitor as the traffic there is of great comfort. You drive from Cape Town but the actual adventure of Garden route would start only when you reach the Mossel Bay.

To avoid missing wonderful outlooks, you could park your car by the roadsides and then enjoy the sun-kissed flag beaches. Additionally, you would have a chance to leave your footsteps on stunning hiking trails and suspension bridge connecting different towns together.


Just take your car and drive on the Garden Route right now!

10. Chapman’s Peak Drive

Located between the Hoot Bay and Noordhoek beach, it includes a route of 9km long with 114 magnificent curves. From the car doors, you can overlook a beautiful blue beach on one side and the other side are magnificent rock cliffs. Well, it comes with no word to describe such beauty, so watch the video and get the feeling by yourself:

Video: The world's most beautiful driving road - Chapman's Peak Drive, Cape Town.

However, the road becomes famous among visitors as due to its leading-edge as well as the construction processes. As for both African and international people traveling to Cape Town, the drive provides consolidated traffic controls, accident management system as well as state-of-the-art measures which can help to mitigate rock falls. Moreover, the natural cut-half tunnels could prevent drivers’ safety unexpected rock falls.

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