10 little known facts about the Volkswagen Beetle


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The Volkswagen Beetle was the best selling model in the 40s with an astonishing market share of 40%.

To be honest, the news of the Volkswagen Beetle to be discontinued has shed tears on true fans of the iconic model.

And we, at Naijauto.com, think it’s time to honor one of the most dreamt-of cars. Check out 10 facts about the Volkswagen Beetle you should know.

1. Adolf Hitler, the godfather of the Volkswagen Beetle

The notorious leader asked the German brand to produce a car for German families. That was the beginning of the people’s car’s story.

2. Ferdinand Porsche, founder of Porsche made it

It was Hitler again who gave his credit to Ferdinand Porsche to build this car.

angular front of a blue Volkswagen Beetle

The Volkswagen Beetle used to be a dream car every one wish to have

3. Longest production

The Volkswagen Beetle was in production from 1938 to 2018. No other models ever reached this long span of production.

4. A slew of nicknames

Here in Nigeria, we have a nickname for it, Ijapa (Tortoise). You may not know there are other nicknames for it in different countries as well.

The French batch it with the name Coccinelle (Ladybug). The Italian use Maggiolino to call it which also meaning Beetle. In Bolivia, people call the Volkswagen Beetle the Peta (Turtle) while Kodak (frog) is used in Indonesia.

5. First design belonging to an 18-year-old student

It was a Hungarian teenager named Bela Barenyi who bought in the first design in 1925.

Video: Volkswagen Beetle: Old v New Comparison | CarAdvice

6. The initial name

In fact, it was first called Volkswagen Type 1 instead of Beetle like we are accustomed to.

7. Only two assembly plants in Africa

Yes, only two. One in our capital Lagos and the other in Uitenhage, South Africa.

A really old Volkswagen Beetle that wear NO 5564R number plate

Various nicknames have been coined for the Beetle

8. Its size

Funny enough, the size of the Volkswagen Beetle fit the size of the blue whale’s heart.

9. Best-selling car with an appalling figure

The Volkswagen Beetle became the best-selling model in the decade in 1950 with a shocking market share of 40%.

A 1949 Volkswagen Beetle running on roads

This was the best selling model in the 40s with the market share of up to 40%

10. Remarkable milestone

It was in 1955 that Volkswagen released its millionth unit of the Beetle.

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