Do you know 10 biggest names in the airline industry?


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Once in a while, we take a break from reporting cars and try something a bit higher above the ground. Dig in to see 10 biggest names in the airline industry!

On, we cover every wheeled and engined machine, and airplanes indeed fall into that category. Today, we’ll dig deeper into the airline industry by talking about the number of airplanes and also flights that they manage to operate every year. 

If you were given a guess, which country do you think that own the greatest number of aircraft? It’s very likely that you’d guess America, and that’s very true. Statistics show that the top 4 airlines in the U.S own in a total of more than 2500 planes. In comparison, the top 3 in China own nearly 1600 planes. In Africa, Nigeria’s biggest airline company own more than twenty airplanes, around one-fifth of the largest on in Africa, the Ethiopia Airline.

Now, because the devil is in the details, let’s proceed to the list of 10 airlines with the greatest number of airlines:

Rank 1: American Airlines

This corporation owns nearly a thousand aircraft and carries passengers directly to more than 3 hundred destinations. The brands are mostly from Boeing and Airbus.


This is the biggest airline in the U.S

Rank 2 and 3: The Delta Airline and United Airlines

Equally impressive, those two carriers also operate flights to over 300 locations on this planet earth and possesses nearly 900 airplanes. It’s notable that though United Airlines own around 100 fewer planes than the Delta but fly to 20 more locations.

Rank 4: The Southwest Airlines (America)

Only fly to almost a hundred destinations, but this airline is known for its favor over the Boeing 737 since this is the only model it makes use of.


Southwest Airlines only operate in around 100 destinations worldwide

Rank 5: China Southern Airlines

The airline owns over 6 hundred planes and flies to more than two hundred destinations all over the world.

Rank 6: China Eastern Airlines

Come very close to China Southern Airlines, the airline operate more than 5 hundred planes and fly to more than 2 hundred locations.


With more than 500 planes, Eastern Airlines operate between 200 locations

Rank 7,8 and 9: Ryanair (Ireland), Air China and FedEx Express (America)

All 3 operate around 4 hundred airplanes and fly to more than 200 hundred locations around the globe.

A brief history of the airline industry

Rank 10: Turkish Airlines

Despite having only 330 planes, Turkish Airlines flies to disproportionately more number of locations, 304, compared to other airlines.


Turkish airline has the greatest number of destinations, proportional to the number of possessed airplanes

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