9 astonishing car facts that are little known


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Interesting stories about car brands will be unveiled in this article.

1. 70% of Roll Royce cars are still in the use

Out of all the vehicles ever produced by Roll-Royce, more than 70 percent of them are still operable and running on the road every day. That should tell you something about the quality of their products One more interesting fact is Roll-Royce is actually owned by BMW in an agreed take-over, where Roll-Royce agreed to the BMW's terms, instead of Volkswagen, even though the offer from Volk was relatively higher.

a Roll Royce

70% of cars that ever been produced by Roll Royce are still operable

2. Formula 1 cars are safer than ordinary cars

One would think that the race cars in the formula 1 tracks possess the safest and most advanced airbag in the world, given how lightning fast they are. On the contrary, it actually has NO airbag, due to its specialized design where the driver's head sticks out of the "cabin" and a safety mechanism that allows the driver's head to never hit any hard component in the car.

3. It takes 50 engineers 5 years to build a Veyron's transmission

How much did it take for engineers at the Bugatti company to develop the transmission of the Bugatti Veyron? 2 or 3 years? In fact, it took them 5 years and a whopping 50 engineers working day and night to complete.


This monster could be able to accelerate from zero to 100 km/h in matters of seconds

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4. Roll Royce's interior is made from the skin of 15 cows

With great price come greater design and details. The out of this world leather design in a Rolls Royce Phantom was the combination of the skins of 15 different cows.

5. A jet's fuel tank has enough fuel for a car to travel 4 times around the world

A Jumbo Jet is amongst the vehicles with the biggest fuel tank, it can carry an unbelievable amount of fuel. To give you an analogy, A regular 4-wheel vehicle could travel around the world if equipped with the Jet's fuel tank.  

6. Porsche 911 has abandoned its original name for Peugeot

The name Porche 911 was originally called 901 but later stripped away the zero in the middle due to a complaint from Peugeot, acclaiming the right to the zero in the middle of any 3-digit number in any car's name. To solve this, Porsche simply replaced the zero with "1", hence the name "911".

a Porsche 911

The story behind the name "911" is rather humorous

7. The worst traffic jam in the history is a 119 mile-long line of vehicles

What was your worst traffic jam? 3, 4 or 10 kilometers long and several hours in the rain? Well, you should feel less annoyed being in one after you know about the longest traffic line ever. The number is 110 miles. Yes, 110 miles straight line full of cars from Lyon to France as the result of thousands of vacationers coming back to the homes after a ski vacation.

8. Mc Laren F1 engine bay is gold-plated for cooling purpose

The space inside the engine of a McLaren F1 is overgilded since this is the material that reflects heat most effectively. Now we know why it's so expensive (just kidding, it's only a small fraction in the sum total).

9. Roll Royce's hood ornament has an official name

The Symbolic stature of Roll Royce, the Spirit of Ecstasy was born from a troubled relationship between one of the first founder of Roll Royce, Montagu, and his secretary. He ordered an artist to make a statue of her, and later on, the second version of that statue became the symbol of Roll Royce.

The symbol of Ecstasy

The symbol of the elegant Roll Royce has a rather trivial origin

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