8 less-known facts about the brand Maybach


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We all know that Maybach is a luxury car brand, but what else is there? Check out this article to know 8 more facts about the brand and its most expensive car!

To car enthusiast around the world, Maybach is not an unfamiliar name. From the blue-collar, office workers to bosses and managers... no matter what type of car they are driving, they all express similar admiration when they hear the word "Maybach". The full name of the brand is "Maybach Motorenbau". It was established in Germany by Wilhelm Maybach and his son, then handed over to Daimler-Benz in a take-over. 

Today, Naijauto.com will offer to you some of the most famous facts about these luxury vehicles that only the well-off could purchase:


Maybach owner once participated in the development of the first Mercedez cars in 1900. He parted way with Mercedez and founded his own company 7 years later and gave birth to the first Maybach in 1921.

a black Maybach

The first Maybach was created in 1921 by a Mercedez's former employee


The Nazis was actually one of the organizations that benefit from the Maybach's engine technology. They used it in their tanks that fought in the World War 2.


It is said that Mercedez purchased Maybach so that they would have a counterbalance with other vehicles in the luxury segment such as Roll Royce, while their other models compete with their counterparts from BMW and Audi.

World's Most Expensive Car: $12.8 Million Rolls Royce Sweptail


The title of the most expensive car in the world once belonged to the Maybach Exelero ($8 million ~ N3 billion). It was later surpassed by the Rolls Royce Sweptail by more than 5 million. Fortunately, the brand still holds the record for the heaviest car ever produced, with 2.8 metric tons in weight and stretching over 6 meters.

a Maybach Exelero

Maybach used to be the most expensive car on earth


Mercedez follows a "one man - one engine" very rigorously, which is the philosophy behind every Maybach engine. Only one mechanic is responsible for one Maybach engine and his name is then engraved onto the engine. 


Though saving fuel is certainly not the first reason why someone buys a Maybach, the brand still produces a solar panel that comprises 30 cells. The power generated from this will be used to operate the AC system.

a roof panel of a Maybach

Maybach offers a solar panel to promote the use of eco-friendly transport


The Mercedez producing least noise is actually the Maybach S600 due to many components made up of sound absorbing materials around the car.


Due to its distinctive market segment, Maybach's sales figures went down badly and had no other choice but to be taken over by Mercedes. Mercedes finished purchasing Maybach in 2014 and turn it into a subsidiary.

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