05 astonishing facts about the interior of a Bentley


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A team of 120 seamstresses is in charge of stitching and embroidering Bentley's interior leather trim!

All of the leather interior details in every Bentley requires virtually countless hours of manual labor, with extremely talented and dedicated tailors focusing solely on one task that is to make an interior as equally impressive as the brand name and its breath-taking speed.

If you do not already know this, June 13 is called the official Sewing Machine Day in the US, and Bentley decided to celebrate this exciting day by sharing five special facts about their skilled tailors who are responsible for sewing the interior of the cockpit of their luxury cars. We hope that after reading this piece of information, perhaps we will understand more about the value of each Bentley and know that the value of a Bentley is more than its impressive bodywork and horsepower.

1. 2.8 km of sewn in a Continental GT

Each new Bentley coupe contains nearly 3 km of sutures and requires nine Nordic cowhides to form. The person who prepares each piece of skin will sew the first lines on the face from the upside down, so everyone can know who is responsible for picking that piece of skin.

someone sewing a Bentley Continental GT's leather piece

3 kilometer-worth of sewing pattern should tell you something about its intricacy 

2. 120 people in sewing team

A team of tailors in the town of Crewe, England, has 120 seamstresses, who are in charge of stitching and embroidering Bentley's interior leather trim. Some of them have been working at the Bentle's facilities for over 40 years.

5 men and women in a sweing facilities

The interior of a Bentley is the work of many talented sewers working day and night

3. Special teams handle the Mulliner personalization requirements

Mullier is Bentley's personalized interior unit, and a special group of tailors is assigned to handle these requests. Mulliner's sophisticated designs can sometimes contain up to 500,000 separate stitches and it often takes several days of laborious hours to complete.

a Bentley Continental GT's seat with the word Mulliner on it

Bently has a special team for special request, the Mulliner team


4. Accurate calculations are of utmost importance

When cutting the skin, the tailor's team not only has to measure the proper lengths, sizes, and depth of the skin, they also have to consider the possibility of having complex seams that can shrink the skin. For example, a complex embroidery can cause a piece of skin to twist up to 12%.

someone calculating something

the original piece of skin can shrink up to 10 percent of its original surface area

5. The complexity of the diamond-in-diamond design

The Bentley Continental GT's chassis carries a decorative pattern that Bentley calls diamond-in-diamond motifs, a mixture of sewing and embroidery. The machine will make 712 stitches for each diamond shape on the inside. And to complete the entire interior, the company needs 7 hours of labor and other 300,000 stitches.

Bentley Continental GT's diamond in diamond pattern

There are a whopping 300,000 thousand stitches in a Bentley's interior

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