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You’re looking through results for Lexus for sale. This page provides you with a wide range of used Lexus cars for sale in Nigeria with their price, conditions, positions the seller's details, etc. The following section will provide you with some information on this luxury automaker, some of its most popular models and their prices.

Lexus for sale in Nigeria: Is Lexus a good car?

Lexus is the Luxury Vehicle Division of the Toyota Brand. The Lexus brand has appeared in over 70 nations and territories all over the world and become the best-selling high-end car brand in its home market. It is one of the most awarded car brands and offers seamless driving, high-quality comfort, and has good resale value. 

Lexus was established at around the same time as some of the Japanese competitors established their Infinity and Acura luxury divisions. Lexus rooted from a corporate project which is aimed to develop a new premium sedan named F1. After that, SUVs, convertibles, coupes and sedans are added to the lineup of the division.

Not until 2005 did Lexus exist as a brand in Japan. All vehicles which are internationally marketed as Lexus from 1989 to 2005 were launched in Japan under Toyota brand and an equivalent name. It was in 2007 that Lexus released its own F marque which introduced the ISF sport sedan before the LFA supercar in 2009.

Lexus cars are mainly manufactured in Japan with plants located in Kyūshū and Chūbu regions. After a corporate reorganization from 2001 to 2005, Lexus started to operate its own manufacturing, engineering and design centres.

Since 2000s, Lexus sales have been increased outside its largest market, the USA. Dealerships of Lexus were established in Japan in 2005, which helped it become the first Japanese luxury automaker to launch a car in its home country. Since then, Lexus has expanded its presence to Southeast Asia, Latin America, Europe, etc. and has been a pioneer of hybrid cars in numerous auto markets.

Lexus cars for sale in Nigeria: Popular Lexus Models in Nigeria

Some of its most renowned & popular lineups can be named as the Lexus RX, Lexus ES, Lexus GX, etc. The most sought after of the Lexus Brand is the Lexus RX models each comes with their unique design, features, and price. Lexus RX has gone through 4 generations: the first was in compact size while the other three fell into the mid-size category. All the models employ front-engine layout mated to either front-wheel-drive or four-wheel drive. Below is a list of the most Lexus cars in Nigeria with their listings on


Version Name

Number of listings


Lexus RX 2010 



Lexus RX 2005



Lexus RX 2006



Lexus ES 2008



Lexus ES 2009



Lexus ES 2004



Lexus GX 2006



Lexus GX 2011


Updated Lexus Price of an in Nigeria

The price of Lexus in Nigeria ranges from nearly ₦21 million for the Lexus CT to over ₦30 million for the Lexus LFA Nurburgring. However, these are the cars in the USA with their brand-new car prices. The table below will provide you with some of the most popular Lexus cars for sale in Nigeria with their Tokunbo and Nigerian-used prices on


 Brand models

 Tokunbo Prices

Nigerian-used prices


 Lexus RS

 ₦4,400,000 - ₦4,500,000

 ₦800,000 - ₦23,500,000


 Lexus ES

 ₦1,550,000 - ₦7,800,000

 ₦1,420,000 - ₦26,000,000


 Lexus GX

 ₦6,500,000- ₦7,800,000

 ₦2,200,000 - ₦34,000,000


 Lexus IS

 ₦4,550,000 - ₦10,000,000

 ₦2,200,000- ₦10,000,000


 Lexus GS

 ₦1,450,000 - ₦2,950,000

 ₦750,000 - ₦6,000,000


 Lexus RX 350

 ₦2,100,000 - ₦10,700,000

 ₦5,100,000 - ₦10,700,000


 Lexus LX

 ₦1,350,000 - ₦48,000,000

 ₦1,350,000-  ₦75,000,000


 Lexus ES 350

 ₦4,500,000 - ₦5,500,000

 ₦2,000,000 - ₦2,600,000

What are the cheapest Lexus cars for sale in Nigeria?

The cheapest cars for sale in Nigeria include the Lexus IS, Lexus ES, Lexus RX and the Lexus GX. You can find the prices of these cars in the table below.

 No.  Cheapest Lexus cars for sale in Nigeria Tokunbo prices   Nigerian-used prices
 1  Lexus IS From 





 2  Lexus ES  -  From 


 3  Lexus RX   From 




 4  Lexus GX  From 




How to sell Lexus cars in Nigeria more quickly?

To sell Lexus cars in Nigeria more quickly, you have to follow this to-do list: 

  • Repair

  • Cleaning

  • Replacements

  • Documentation

  • Minimum price

  • Location

This helps make sure that your car is in the best condition. 

Nowadays, you do not have to have your cars sold by car dealerss. You just need to stay at home and advertise your cars with, one of the leading auto portals in Nigeria. With just a few clicks of mouse, you can:

  • Sign up

  • Choose section

  • Provide information

  • Upload car images

  • Provide Extra information

After that, you just need to wait for the customers to contact you to discuss and do the transaction by yourselves.

To discover more, read this article: Simple steps to sell car in Nigeria the quickest Trusted Location to buy Lexus for sale in Nigeria

To help your job of buying a Lexus brand new and Lexus cars for sale used more seamless, in the car for sale section, gathers a variety of cheap Lexus for sale in Nigeria & reference articles related to Lexus prices including price of Lexus cars, tips, and advice on buying & selling process as well as advanced search function to filter the latest Lexus cars, Tokunbo (foreign used) Lexus cars or Nigerian (locally) used cars. 

Feel free to use the search box on and pick your dream Lexus car from one of our verified dealers or sellers according to their models, prices, locations, years, transmission options, fuel mileage, body types and colours, etc.

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