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Lexus ES 350 for sale in Nigeria

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  • ES 350 is presenting to you the list of Lexus ES 350 for sale in Nigeria with various options of variants, colors and pricing. Should you want to look through all Lexus cars or other cars for sale online, please use our advanced searching tool on the left to filter for desired units.

Back to Lexus ES 350, this is surely among the top-favoured cars in our country with luxury styling design and impressive on-road performance, just like many other Lexus for sale in the market.

Lexus ES 350 belongs to the fifth generation of Lexus ES lineup, featuring Toyota K Platform similar to Toyota Camry (or also known as Orobo, Muscle, Big Daddy or Long John in Nigeria). Its two predecessors are Lexus ES 300 and Lexus ES 330, which also gained widespread recognition for their durability and user-friendliness.

Inherited almost all merits from these 2 models, Lexus ES 350 interior and engine is renowned for the comfort and soft ride despite its sporty performance. With a 3.5L V6 engine mated to a 6-speed automatic transmission, ES 350 can reach up to 268 hp at max while remaining quiet during acceleration. That’s the reason why to buy a Lexus ES 350 in Nigeria is the target of many car drivers.

Besides, this model promises to bring the best driving experience to its customers with roomy cabin and comfy seats that can be adjusted easily. An 8-inch infotainment is also a highlight in its improvement for driver’s relaxation.

Wondering if you can afford a Lexus? Check out the Lexus ES 350 price in Nigeria with vivid model pictures and specifications then decide! You should consider all Lexus price in Nigeria as well. When done, don’t forget to move back and enjoy various Tokunbo and Nigerian used ES 350 for sale on Brand new Lexus ES 350 might be harder to find than foreign used unit but still available on our website too. Also, contacts of sellers are just right there for you to email or make an immediate phone call!