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If you are searching for the Lexus ES 300, you are in the right place as this page provides you with a wide range of Lexus ES 300 for sale on Naijauto. In the following session, you will be provided with a review of the car including some of its outstanding features, its pros and cons as well as some of its mechanical features. Moreover, we will also inform you of the Lexus ES 300 price in Nigeria and the location to purchase a Lexus ES 300 for sale in Nigeria.

Lexus ES 300 Nigeria: Is it a good car?

Lexus ES 300 quick review

The Lexus ES 300 is a spacious car, a well-built midsize sedan which is a value for money with a top-notch cabin, good handling and riding quality and a refined motor. It is also highly reliable and requires low maintenance cost.

lexus es300 front three quarters

The Lexus ES 300 is a good and popular car in Nigeria.

The Lexus ES 300 receives its power from a 3.0-litre V6 motor which can produce 210 HP against 220 pound feet and is mated to a 5-speed AT. The fuel mileage is reported to be 25 - 29 mpg. 

The standard features equipped on the Lexus ES 300 include alloy wheels, full power accessories, automatic dual-zone temperature control, electrically adjusted front seats, eight-speaker cassette stereo, walnut interior trim, antilock brake, etc. In the meanwhile, the leather upholstery and CD player are optional. Some of its most outstanding designing features include outdated bonnet shape, bulbous-eyed headlamps and incongruous lines.

lexus es 300 interior

The car is also equipped with a wide range of top-notch features.

The Lexus ES 300 measures 4,885 mm in length, 1,810 mm in width and 1,455 mm in height with a 2,720 mm wheelbase. The car has a starting price of $41,810 (price in the US excluding the import tax).

Lexus ES 300 pros and cons


  • Many convenience and luxury features
  • Advanced safety features
  • Decent riding quality
  • Smooth and silent V6
  • Great reliability


  • Desired features are expensive
  • Lack of split-folding rear seat
  • Less powerful than rivals

The Lexus ES 300 competes against the Acura RLX which is as luxurious and better at handling than the ES. The Kia Cadenza and Buick Lacrosse are premium entries from the automakers but are great in value. The Volvo S90 is the most beautiful, distinctive and luxurious of all cars although its price is not too high.

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What is the updated Lexus ES 300 price in Nigeria?

The Lexus ES 300 car price in Nigeria ranges from ₦1,450,000 to ₦1,600,000. Refer to the table below for the detailed prices of some of the most popular Lexus ES 300 models in Nigeria for both of its Tokunbo and Nigerian-used versions. 

 No.  Lexus ES 300 most popular models Tokunbo prices  Nigerian-used prices 
 1  Lexus ES 300 2004  ₦1,700,009  ₦1,600,000
 2  Lexus ES 300 2003  -  ₦1,450,000

Where and how to buy and sell Lexus ES 300 for sale in Nigeria?

The Lexus ES 300 is a popular car in Nigeria so it is not difficult to find one Lexus ES 300 sale in the Nigerian auto market. However, to purchase a Lexus ES 300 nowadays, there is no need to go to a physical market to look for one in person like before. All you need to do is to access, one of the leading online auto portals nowadays. This auto platform simplifies the car selling and buying process by connecting the buyers and sellers together.

To buy cars on, you just need to access the Cars for sale section where numerous cars are offered including the Lexus ES 300 for sale in Nigeria. Using our user-friendly filtering tool, you can find a wide array of Lexus ES 300 for sale on our website. All you need to do then is to find your favourite one, find the contact information of the seller/dealer in the listing, contact him/her and do the money transactions by yourself.

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