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Welcome to the page for Kia Rio cars on, your trusted page when it comes to buying and selling cars in Nigeria. The detailed information you need to know, ranging from price to specifications of different models of the Kia Rio for sale will be explained here. 

Kia Rio for sale in Nigeria: Is it a good Car?

The 2019 version of the Kia Rio is quite better when compact cars are being considered. The production of the Kia Rio 2016, Kia Rio 2017 and Kia Rio 2018 model years body styles featured a hatchback and sedan with petrol and diesel engines, and now the 2019 Kia Rio is part of the fourth generation introduced in 2017. For the 2019 version of this car, you get to pay less for the latest car. The car is extremely affordable, features a 1.6litre four-cylinder engine, six-speed automatic transmission and is available in both hatchback and sedan body styles. It also comes with a long-duration warranty, proof of its lasting reliability. Thus, the 2019 Kia Rio can be regarded as a great option for car lovers, especially when the price is being considered.

One of the most formidable competitors of the Kia Rio is the Toyota Yaris, which has Mazda platform and good safety features. The Rio also rivals the Honda Fit which has started to show its age but is still very popular, thanks to its flexible interior and good handling quality.


Kia Rio Front-Side View

Kia Rio: Versions & Fuel Economy

The Kia Rio is sold in two distinct trim levels which shall be discussed in the table below.


Version Name

Fuel Consumption

Brand New Price 


Kia Rio LX for sale

24 - 36 MPG

₦5000000 - ₦7000000


Kia Rio S for sale

26 - 36 MPG

₦5000000 - ₦7000000

Kia Rio Interior

The interior features of the Kia Rio include a four-zone automatic climate control, an adaptive air suspension, LED lights, heated and power-folding mirrors, head-up display, side assist, Pre Sense Basic and Rea, rear cross-traffic assist and wireless smartphone charging. 


Kia Rio Dashboard

Kia Rio Exterior

For the body features of the Kia Rio, the body design is not so different from the 2018 model as it was recently redesigned. However, its mature styling makes it outsmart its competitors. It comes in two body styles, a hatchback and sedan. The Kia Rio measures 4,065 mm in length, 1,725 mm in width and 1,450 mm in height with a 2,580 mm wheelbase.

Kia Rio Pros and Cons

Owning a Kia Rio comes with its own advantages and little challenges, most of which shall be listed below.


  • Affordable Market value
  • Spacious Interior
  • Long warranty
  • Sharp and quality handling


  • Very few options
  • Unimpressive safety technology

Kia Rio Price in Nigeria

The price of Kia Rio in Nigeria ranges from ₦400,00 to ₦9,500,000. 

Tokunbo Kia Rio price in Nigeria

Kia Rio 2014                                                     ₦2,500,000

Nigerian-used Kia Rio price in Nigeria

  • Kia Rio 2012                                                      ₦880,000 - ₦3,000,000

  • Kia Rio 2013                                                      ₦880,000 - ₦2,500,000

  • Kia Rio 2018                                                      ₦4,400,000 - ₦4,800,000

  • Kia Rio 2010                                                      ₦700,000 - ₦1,200,000

  • Kia Rio 2014                                                      ₦1,250,000 - ₦2,650,000

  • Kia Rio 2005                                                      ₦400,000 - ₦600,000

Which are the cheapest Kia Rio for sale in Nigeria?

The most affordable Kia Rio for sale in Nigeria include the Kia Rio 2013 and Kia Rio 2005. These models and their price list are presented in the table below.

 No.  Cheapest Kia Rio for sale Tokunbo prices  Nigerian-used prices 
 1  Kia Rio 2013  -  From ₦920,000
 2  Kia Rio 2015  -  From ₦650,000

How and where to buy and sell Kia Rio for sale online?

If you are looking to buy a cheap Kia Rio for sale in Nigeria, do check out the compiled information on problems, specifications, reviews, pictures and safety tips for buying cars online on before making any form of transaction. In our cars for sale section, there are a lot of Kia Rio for sale in Abuja, Lagos and other states for you to choose from.

Furthermore, car dealers/owners can also advertise their used Kia Rio for sale on our website and stand a good chance of selling their cars shortly. serves as a solution for anyone who wants to sell their cars online. To be more specific, you can advertise your Kia Rio on our website by posting a listing in a favourable position on it. To do this, the steps are very simple. Just choose one of our three listing packages and do according to the guidelines. But before putting it on sale, do not forget to make sure that your car is in perfect condition by repairing it of any damage and cleaning it carefully. After that, just wait at home for the potential customers to contact you so that you can discuss further and do the transaction together.

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