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This page aims at showing you numerous Honda CR-V options available for sale in Nigeria on Naijauto, together with a handful of information you will definitely need to help you decide to buy a Honda CR-V for sale. The following session will provide you with a review of the Honda CR-V, some of its most popular model years and trusted locations to buy and sell used Honda CR-V for sale in Nigeria.

Honda CR-V for sale in Nigeria: Is it a good car?

If there is any latest car that pleases the car lovers so much, it is this Honda CR-V model which was last designed after the 2017 model. Little wonder, it is currently one of the best-selling cars in 2019. Even though the 2018 Honda CR-V model and even the 2017 Honda CR-V model all emerged as the best-selling cars of the previous years, they still lack some important features embedded in the upgrade.

Except for the base trim, its safety features for crash and accident avoidance is top-notch. All trim levels feature a super-strong L4 petrol engine, automatic transmission, and front-wheel drive. The masses rushing to get this car cannot be mistaken, the Honda CR-V is one of the best cars from the Honda company. Read other Honda CR-V Reviews on Naijauto and visit the listing page of Honda cars for sale for more options.

The Honda CR-V competes against the Toyota RAV4 which has a decent longevity and quality. Another competitor against the CR-V is the Kia Sportage which is now equipped with many modern technologies and features as well as an AWD.


Honda CR-V Front View

Honda CR-V: Versions & Fuel Economy

Four different versions are particular to the Honda CR-V car, you may refer to the table below to check their fuel consumption and market values.


Version Name

Fuel Consumption

Brand New Price 


Honda CR-V LX

25 - 31 MPG

₦8000000 - ₦10000000


Honda CR-V EX

27 - 33 MPG

₦9000000 - ₦11000000


Honda CR-V EXL

27 - 33 MPG

₦10000000 - ₦12000000


Honda CR-V Touring

27 - 33 MPG

₦11000000 - ₦13000000

Honda CR-V Interior and Exterior

Honda CR-V Interior

The standard interior amenities for the Honda CR-V are the major reasons this car remains a bestseller. They include fold-flat 0/40 back seats, comfortable for adults and tall people, Blind Spot Information System with Cross Traffic Monitor, smartphone integration, power-adjustable driver seats, premium audio systems, and Honda Satellite navigation systems. All these features are embedded in the Honda CR-V based on trim levels.


Honda CR-V Dashboard

Honda CR-V Exterior

Unlike the interior features, the outer body of the Honda CR-V remains unchanged compared to the 2017 earlier version. It basically comes with new headlights, new fog lights, custom grilles, roof racks, wind deflectors and can come with vertical doors, premium features loved by users worldwide. The Honda CR-V measures 4,623 mm L x 1,855 mm W x 1,679 mm H.

Honda CR-V Problems

Check the list below for the potential benefits you will get and the potential challenges you may face if you choose to buy a Honda CR-V for sale.


  • Efficient acceleration from turbocharged engines
  • Spacious interior with enough space for cargo.
  • Comfortable ride and sharp handling
  • A lot of storage areas
  • Updated body and technology


  • The inefficient engine on the LX trim

Honda CR-V Price in Nigeria

The price of Honda CR-V in Nigeria ranges from ₦880,000 to ₦7,000,000. Below is a table which listed some popular Honda CR-V model years and their prices on


Brand Model Year

Tokunbo prices


Nigerian-used prices


Honda CR-V 2002




Honda CR-V 2008

₦2,580,000 - ₦2,580,000

₦1,650,000 - ₦3,100,000


Honda CR-V 2005


₦899,999 - ₦899,999


Honda CR-V 2006




Honda CR-V 2007




Honda CR-V 2016


₦7,000,000 - ₦8,500,000

Which are the cheapest Honda CR-V for sale in Nigeria?

The most affordable Honda CR-V for sale in Nigeria include the Honda CR-V 2008, Honda CR-V 2011, Honda CR-V 2004 and Honda CR-V 2007. Refer to the table below for the price list of these models.

 No. Cheapest Honda CR-V  Tokunbo prices  Nigerian-used prices 
 1  Honda CR-V 2008  -  From ₦1,550,000
 2  Honda CR-V 2011  -  From ₦1,380,000
 3  Honda CR-V 2004  -  From ₦1,700,000
 4  Honda CR-V 2007  -  From ₦2,500,000 A leading platform for Honda CR-V for sale online buying and selling

For your ease and safety, if you are considering buying a used Honda CR-V, you can contact the trusted dealers on Naijauto who only sell at verified prices and read up on the safety tips for buying cars online before any transaction. offers a cars for sale section in which there are numerous Honda CR-V on for sale in Abuja, Lagos and many other cities in Nigeria.

Moreover, you can also have your car advertised on our website for only a small fee by posting a listing of your car in our Cars for sale section. After that, you just need to stay at home and wait for the potential customers to contact you and then you can discuss further. Nevertheless, do not forget to repair all the damage on the car to take beautiful pictures of it and prepare all the necessary car documents to attract the customers' attention.

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