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Honda City 2004 for sale in Nigeria

  • honda
  • City
  • 2004 - 2004
  • Sharp used black 2004 Honda City sedan car at attractive price

    Condition: Used
    Transmission: Manual
    117999 Km
    Nigerian used clean Honda City
    in a perfect condition.
    Buy and drive.
    Neat interior 
    Never crashed once
    windows and mirrors in good condition
    Engine is very sound,
    transmission is working perfectly,

    Honda City in Nigeria are plenty but how can you find the ideal car with best prices among thousands of cars for sale on the market?

    We’re glad you’ve come here - with advanced search tools to facilitate your car buying in the most convenient way. Please select in each criterion the type of car you want, including your dream car color, your favored car body style or an affordable price range, then the website will automatically filter exact results with those requirements for you.

    To buy Honda City 2004 in Nigeria, regardless of Tokunbo or Nigerian used units, please set “Used” in condition box. Nonetheless, second-hand 2004 Honda City models may not present full features as in new. This can be easily seen in used interior or the increasing frequency of problems when driving these pre-owned.

    Used 2004 City cars can also fall short of your expectations regarding its appearance. If you think the cars shouldn’t be too different from model pictures on the Internet, you should definitely go for a brand new item.

    What’s more, find on our website latest price of Honda City before calling the sellers for a bargain! Not all the price proposed by sellers are reliable, so you need to be critical and firm when negotiating.