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Looks like you are searching for a Ford Edge 2014? Search no more, Naijauto – the leading online marketplace of cars for sale - is the last stop on your long journey.

First off, let us compliment you on your choice, 2014 model is amongst the best members of the Ford Edge lineup. Not only because of the classy design and impressive power figures, but also because the price is very reasonable, partly due to the wide availability of Ford Edge 2014 in Nigeria. For a clearer idea of how its price is like, please visit Ford Edge price.

Here at, we offer a whole array of 2014 Ford Edge regardless of condition, from tokunbo, Nigerian used and even brand new cars, all at affordable prices. We also encourage the owners to provide as many model pictures as possible so you can see its condition the most clearly, from exterior to interior.

And should you have any questions about the maintenance needs of the car, visit our Car Review category for a compiled customer and expert reviews of most common Ford Edge 2014 problems and how to take care of it.
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