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You are currently searching for options on Cars for sale in Lagos, we've got you covered at Naijauto, the leading platform in Nigeria for buying and selling of Nigerian Used Cars and Tokunbo Cars from trusted dealers in Nigeria. Here, you shall read a basic guide and information to help you buy a car in Lagos online easily.

Cars for sale in Lagos: Overview

The biggest Car market in Lagos is situated in Berger, Apapa and it remains the largest car depot in Nigeria. It also ranks as the second-largest physical market depot in West Africa, making it a direct stop for a lot of tokunbo cars being shipped into the country. In this market, buyers are offered a lot of options on display, where they can choose from. 

Also situated in Lagos is Seme Border, a massive settlement in Badagry Lagos, an entry and exit point to and fro the Republic of Benin. This place is well known for its easy importation of goods, cars in this case, into Lagos. Thus, it becomes an easy affair for Lagosians to get the cars of their choice with little stress, and at low cost. 

The common ways an average Lagosian likes to make their car transactions safely is to buy cars available for sale by owner or the ones for sale by trusted dealers. You can also be sure that, just like any Nigerian buyer, Lagos buyers are also very interested in is cheap and affordable prices for cars. Check the information below to view full details.

Most Popular Car Brands for Sale in Lagos

Below, you will find a list of popular brand models that are available for sale in Lagos, based on the buying behaviour of Lagosians, together with the number of listings available for each brand model on


Popular car brand for sale in Lagos

Number of Listings


Toyota Camry



Toyota Corolla



Toyota Highlander



Toyota Sienna



Toyota Venza



Toyota RAV4



Honda Accord



Honda Pilot



Lexus RS



Lexus ES


Updated car price in Lagos

Having viewed the most popular car brand models available for sale in Lagos in the above list, for your ease, we have compiled a list of the most popular brand models year for sale including their minimum car prices in Lagos. View below.


Brand & Model Year for sale in Lagos

Minimum Price (₦)


Toyota Camry 2008



Toyota Corolla 2006



Toyota Sienna 2005 



Toyota Highlander 2008



Toyota Venza 2010



Toyota RAV4 2008



Honda Accord 2008



Hona Pilot 2007



Lexus RS 2005



Lexus ES 2008


Which are the cheapest cars for sale in Lagos?

The cheapest cars in Lagos include the Volkswagen Golf, Mazda 626, Nissan Altima, Nissan Primera and Chevrolet Optra. Refer to the table below for a detailed price list of these models.


Cheapest cars for sale in Lagos 

Tokunbo prices 

Nigerian-used prices 


 Volkswagen Golf


 From ₦380,000


 Mazda 626


 From ₦430,000


 Nissan Altima


 From ₦480,000


 Nissan Primera


 From ₦499,999


 Chevrolet Optra


 From ₦500,000

Which are the cheapest cars for sale in Lagos?

The most affordable cars for sale in Lagos include the Toyota Camry 2001, Toyota Sienna 2006, Toyota Camry 1996 and Honda Accord 2003. Look at the table below for a detailed price list of these cars in Nigeria.

 No. Cheapest cars for sale in Lagos  Tokunbo prices  Nigerian-used prices
 1  Toyota Camry 2001  -  From ₦850
 2  Toyota Sienna 2006  -  From ₦1,600
 3  Toyota Camry 1996  -  From ₦290,000 
 4  Toyota Corolla 1997  -  From ₦400,000
 5  Honda Accord 2003  -  From ₦490,000 One of the leading car selling & buying platforms in Nigeria

If you need to choose from the collection of cars in Lagos for sale, then you can trust, a platform you can get used cars for sale not only in Lagos but also in Ikeja, Apapa, Berger and other locations at cheap prices. provides the sellers with a platform to advertise their car at a low rate and the buyers with a market to look for their favourite cars. Furthermore, we also offer car enthusiasts with updated news about the Nigerian auto industry.

Otherwise, you can go directly to the dealerships to look for your favourite cars in person. There are numerous car dealerships in Lagos. Some of the most major ones are listed below.

  • Tejude Motors

  • God's Will Car Dealer Limited

  • Cars45 Inspection Centre, Magodo

  • Banix Motors

  • Cheki Car Centre Ltd

  • Globe Motors

Tips to buy and sell cars for sale in Lagos

Buying a cheap car in Lagos instead of a brand-new one is usually associated with some risks such as uncertain car history, repaired accidented cars, higher price due to fluctuations in foreign currencies, custom-related risks, etc. To minimize these risks, it is necessary that you bear the following tips in mind. Although the tips may slightly vary, depending on states, these general ones can be adopted all over Nigeria.


Researching here means getting the information about your favourite cars not only from the Internet but also from your friends, neighbours and mechanic. On, we also have a car buying tips and advice section, which offers you many pieces of advice.

Determining your price range

It can be done based on your preferences and budget.

Carefully checking everything

After you have chosen the car for you, always check to make sure that all the information is the same as what is advertised. Car scams are quite popular in Nigeria so please be careful.

Ensuring that paperwork is sufficient

Make sure that your chosen car's paperwork is sufficient so that the future problems with Customs and Police can be avoided.

You can also sell your car in a much quicker and comfortable way with the help of online auto portals in Nigeria, one of them is Now, you can advertise your car on after filling in some information to post a listing on the website. There are three listing packages with very affordable prices for you to choose from. After posting a listing on our website, all you need to do is to wait for the potential customers to contact you and you can do the transaction by yourselves. However, bear in mind the necessity to make sure that your car is in a perfect condition so that it can be more attractive to customers.

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