Toyota Camry 2012 prices in Nigeria (Updated 2020) – Good value for money

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The article includes the latest updates on Toyota Camry 2012 prices in Nigeria. Beside the Corolla, Toyota Camry top the list of bestsellers in Nigerian auto market. Check it out!

1. About Toyota Camry 2012

Replacing popular XV40 series, Toyota Camry 2012 (XV50) is the seventh generation of Toyota Camry line-up, built as a mid-size car with front engine and front-wheel drive layout.

The model is also known as Daihatsu Altis in Japan and Toyota Aurion in Australia. In Nigeria, we coin it “Camry Muscle” – exactly as its body style and durability.

red Toyota Camry 2012 on road

Toyota Camry 2012 is named Camry Muscle in Nigeria

“Muscle” 2012 was first released in Japan and the US with 2 powertrain options: 2.5L 2AR-FE four-cylinder and 3.5L 2GR-FE V6 engine.

This XV50 is the very first Camry model in the US does not come with a manual transmission. Particularly, the SE variants offers paddle shifters for manual shifts while Camry hybrid models employ CVT.

Recognizing its heat in the automotive industry, Toyota Camry 2012 was announced exclusive to Toyota Corolla Store chains only with the aim to collect all profits from XV50 sales in Japan.

With Toyota Camry's overwhelmed popularity among Nigerian car enthusiasts, how much are Toyota Camry 2012 prices in Nigeria is one of the most asked questions we receive. If you are one of those people, scroll down and read on.

2. Toyota Camry 2012 prices in Nigeria

So how much is a Toyota Camry 2012 in Nigeria? Toyota Camry 2012 prices in Nigeria range from ₦2.5 million - ₦6 million depending on the condition. Brand new Toyota Camry 2012 are very rare, costing above ₦8 million. Check out details below:

Toyota Camry 2012 price in Nigeria
 N/O Condition Price
 1  Tokunbo Toyota Camry 2012 price in Nigeria  ₦3 million – ₦6 million
 2  Nigerian-used Toyota Camry 2012 price in Nigeria  ₦2.5 million - ₦3.7 million
 3  Brand New Toyota Camry 2012 price in Nigeria  Above ₦8 million

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3. Toyota Camry 2012 reviews

3.1. Experts’ reviews

Critical reviews over the model are omnipresent in all auto markets, but just presents below the most reliable evaluations on Toyota Camry 2012 from reputable voices in the vehicle industry.

On one of the leading pages for car reviews  –, Toyota Camry 2012 is praised for its remarkable durability and reliability. Major changes have been added to this car, upgrading its interiors and safety while its outer package remains as dependable as previous generations.

Toyota Camry 2012 interiors

Toyota Camry 2012 interiors receive good words from global critics

Inside the model, more space is spared for rear legroom, a newly designed touchscreen electronics interface as well as more hi-tech devices are installed to assist its driver.

To ensure the handling dynamics, Toyota has also shown arduous efforts to improve suspension system. However, the numb steering, then somehow disconnected feel is witnesses while driving a Camry Muscle 2012.

In general, Edmunds recommends Toyota Camry model year 2012 as a sensible choice for mid-size family sedans. Other competitive rivals include Honda Accord, Mazda 3 or Hyundai Sonata.

Another source of critics come from the US car news which synthesizes comments from experienced car drivers. All interviewed reviewers confirm the Muscle’s fuel economy and respectable ability of acceleration either on streets or on highways. Though V6 engine seems to be more powerful, the 4-cylinder one is more favoured by general customers. Especially, these automobiles indicate an excellent EPA-estimated record of 25/35 mpg city/highway.

silver Toyota Camry model year 2012

EPA index of Camry Muscle lifts it to green vehicles level

Test drivers also compliment Camry Muscle for its riding comfort and handling ability. A lot of added interior features are listed such as moon roof, leather upholstery, dual-zone automatic climate control, navigation system, Bluetooth phone connectivity and a lot more. Apparently, all Toyota vehicles are getting closer to at least entry-level luxury product line. 

For an in-depth review of the Toyota Camry, please refer to Toyota Camry 2010 model: Price, XLE & SE variants, Specs, Problems & More.

3.2. Consumer reports

Looking through typical auto forums and online discussions around Toyota Camry 2012, there’re some worth-considering feedbacks from customers who used to or are driving these cars of Japan. Below are several comments for your reference:

  • Username: Tony

This car is an affordable and reliable means to get from point A to point B. I've had the car for 2 years and I've put 40,000 miles on (currently at 130,000 mile)…Outside of regular maintenance I have only had one very minor repair to do- it was a valve in the vacuum system. At 130,000 the car feels confident and solid, starts well every time, acceleration is adequate although nothing to brag about. During the summer months I average about 29mpg- mainly highway millage…. I'm confident putting my newborn in the car, insurance is low, and I'll definitely buy again. I've had just about every brand - now I stick with Toyota.

  • Username: Tiger

Stylish car with the silver color. Quite comfortable for a car, and this is from driving a Lexus SUV for 14 years. Handles like a dream. Very quick acceleration with the 6cyl.

Toyota Camry 2012 hybrid model

Most consumer reports reaffirm Camry Muscle’s merits

  • Username: ST B

My first Toyota, fell in love with it, rides so smooth, well maintained for an older car!

  • Username: Mayra Roman

Not too quiet inside, takes longer to heat up inside on the cold weather. Other than that its been Great!

  • Username: Cassia Nunes

Nobody can beat this car, it's literally a work horse!! Great fuel efficiency I'm getting average 29m/g city unbelievable. I love my car. I'm planing to go bigger but can't find any midsize or large suv that will meet my expectations with gas consumption like this car.

(Extracted from: Toyota Camry 2012 customer reviews on

All things considered, our answer is Yes. Camry 2012 is totally worth your investment. Regarding users’ experience, despite minor noise inside, everything is just beyond expectations for these affordable front-wheel-drive vehicles.

Toyota Camry 2012 Review - Best-seller improved

4. Verdict

From the styling design with silver painted wheels and smoked taillights to sophisticated blue accents in the cabin equipped with convenient gadgets, you can hardly ask for more from the Toyota Camry. Let alone the fact that this product is categorized as partial zero-emissions vehicles for its outstanding EPA statistics, it is a practical and cost-effective car for the general public.

Above is updated Toyota Camry 2012 prices in Nigeria. For more comprehensive lists of car prices in Nigeria, please click here.

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