Toyota Venza prices in Nigeria (Update in 2020)

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Let's check out our article for the up-to-date price of Toyota Venza in Nigeria, covering its brand new, foreign used and locally used units.

If you are seeking a car that isn’t too big or bulky but still outstanding and elegant, the Toyota Venza is one of the best choices for you. In fact, this car has become more and more popular in our country, so its spare parts are also widely available. Also, since most Nigerian mechanics are quite familiar with Toyota cars so you don’t have to worry about repairing or servicing your Venza in case of need.

If you are wondering “How much is Toyota Venza in Nigeria?”, then you found the right article! will provide you a comprehensive list of Toyota Venza prices in Nigeria, covering all models through different years.

1. About Toyota Venza

Unfortunately, the Toyota Venza is no longer offered in brand new units because it was phased out in 2017 and the US-spec unit was discontinued since 2015. According to the Japanese car manufacturer, the reason for the canceled production is due to changing customer preferences and decreasing demand and sales.

Toyota Venza angular front

Unfortunately, the Toyota Venza is now not offered with any brand new unit because it was phased out in 2017

However, in Nigerian market, used cars is much more popular than brand new units, so it is pretty much definite that used Venzas are still available on the market for at least 10 to 15 years ahead. So now, let’s check out the up-to-date prices of this mid-size sport utility vehicle.

2016 Toyota Venza Review

2. Foreign-used (tokunbo) Toyota Venza price in Nigeria

The prices of tokunbo Toyota Venza in Nigeria are ranging from N6,000,000 to N14,000,000. Please refer to the below table for an idea of how much a Venza of a specific production year might reasonably cost in Nigeria.

  Foreign-used Toyota Venza price list in Nigeria
Production year Price in Naira
Tokunbo Toyota Venza 2009 price N6,000,000 – N7,200,000 
Tokunbo Toyota Venza 2010 price N6,200,000 – N7,800,000 
Tokunbo Toyota Venza 2011 price N6,500,000 – N8,200,000 
Tokunbo Toyota Venza 2012 price N7,300,000 – N8,500,000 
Tokunbo Toyota Venza 2013 price N7,500,000 – N10,000,000 
Tokunbo Toyota Venza 2015 price N12,000,000 – N14,000,000 
Tokunbo Toyota Venza 2016 price N12,500,000 – N15,000,000 
Tokunbo Toyota Venza 2017 price N12,700,000 – N16,300,000 
Tokunbo Toyota Venza 2018 price N13,000,000 – N18,000,000 
Tokunbo Toyota Venza 2019 price To be updating...

It should be noted that there isn’t an exact and fixed number for the prices because the used car's pricing varies according to different versions, whether or not the car has defects, mileage, etc. That is why a 2011 model can be priced at N8,000,000 while a 2012 model could sell for N7,600,000 if the former has better mileage and condition.

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3. Locally used Toyota Venza price in Nigeria

It is widely known that Nigerian-used cars are considerably less expensive than foreign-used (tokunbo) units. This is because most of the Nigerian-used cars were bought as foreign-used ones, so other than the time they had been used elsewhere abroad, they served on Nigerian roads for another period of time. So a lower price is expected. A typical locally used vehicle is priced from 60 to 80% of its tokunbo price. And the Toyota Venza is not an exception. Let’s take a look at the used Toyota Venza prices in Nigeria.

  Locally used Toyota Venza price list in Nigeria
Production year

Price in Naira

Nigerian used Toyota Venza 2009 price N3,600,000 – N5,800,000
Nigerian used Toyota Venza 2010 price N3,800,000 – N6,300,000
Nigerian used Toyota Venza 2011 price N4,000,000 – N6,600,000
Nigerian used Toyota Venza 2012 price N4,400,000 – N6,800,000
Nigerian used Toyota Venza 2013 price N4,500,000 – N8,000,000
Nigerian used Toyota Venza 2015 price N7,200,000 – N11,500,000

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4. Some things you need to know about the Toyota Venza

If you are looking for a similar car to the Honda Crosstour from your favourite Toyota brand, then look no further than this Venza. It is a beautiful wagon that shares many design features with its sedan sibling - Toyota Camry. The car can ferry up to 5 passengers by either a front-wheel-drive or all-wheel-drive system.

The Toyota Venza of more recent production years comes available in 3 versions including the XLE, LE and Limited variant. The entry-level LE gets power driver seat, Bluetooth satellite radio, USB port, touchscreen infotainment interface, reverse camera and alloy wheels.

Toyota Venza side view

The Toyota Venza can be rated at the same segment with the Honda Crosstour

The XLE variant comes equipped with Entune smartphone integrated system of Toyota, leather upholstery, heated front seats, ignition and keyless entry.

The Limited adds a navigation system, xenon headlamps, upgraded audio system and a panoramic sunroof.

Speaking of the car’s performance, it doesn't exactly offer sporty driving experience but its handling capability is excellent, especially on curvy roads. On the expressway, it is generally comfortable and its fuel economy is also superb, especially the one with the four-cylinder powertrain option.

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Toyota Venza on the road

Its handling capability is excellent, especially on curvy roads

5. Toyota Venza pros and cons

5.1. Pros of Toyota Venza

  • Impressive fuel economy and versatility: As mentioned before, the vehicle is amazingly versatile and also offers excellent fuel economy.
  • Beautiful design: The Toyota Venza comes with an eye-catching and elegant look. 
  • Lots of storage space: the Toyota Venza offers a lot of storage space here and there inside so you can keep a bunch of your stuff on the go while enjoying an organized cabin.

Toyota Venza angular rear

The Toyota Venza comes with an eye-catching style with an aggressive yet elegant look

  • Advanced features: The car also gets some advanced features including vehicle stability control, hill-start control, automatic locking retractors, smart stop tech, brake assist, anti-lock braking, 7 standard airbags and tire pressure monitoring system.

5.2. Cons of Toyota Venza

  • Not impressive ground clearance: Actually, the Venza is not a car that really stands off the ground, so if high ground clearance is your strong preference, you might want to look for another model.
  • Mediocre off-roading ability: It is technically built as a wagon, not an SUV. So, it’s not as rough as the 4Runner, Highlander, Prado and some others. This doesn’t mean that the Venza isn’t powerful but in off-road and bumpy terrains, it would be better to choose other Toyota sport utility vehicles.
  • Not too large cabin: The Toyota Venza isn’t offered a 3rd-row seat. So if you want a real spacious cabin, you can consider a Highlander or others.

Toyota Venza interior

The Toyota Venza isn’t offered a 3rd-row seat

  • Expensive spare parts: Although the Venza’s spare parts are widely available, they are still quite costly. This is also an important issue to consider before making a final deal for the Toyota Venza.

With all the above insight, we hope you have got an idea of the Prices of Toyota Venza in Nigeria. Stay tuned for prices of more hot car models on

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