Toyota Tacoma price in Nigeria & detailed specifications

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1. Overview of Toyota Tacoma

The Toyota Tacoma is a respectable compact pickup truck that has a vast range of different trim levels for buyers to choose from. Car buyers look for this model for its high capability of tackling off-road terrains as well as or even better than cars in the same segment including the Toyota Tundra, Honda Ridgeline, and Hilux pickups. Speaking of pulling and towing, it is there with the best and has always enjoyed a high rating when it comes to reliability.


The Toyota Tacoma is a very respectable one among the pickup trucks

Also, in on-road driving, the Tacoma shows its capability. One of the noticeable things in the Tacoma is that it can go up to 9.4 inches in ground clearance with good construction quality. The Tacoma is a true mid-size. It is versatile, and the different trim levels allow you to configure anything right from the base standard cab truck to a luxurious family truck. However, the downside is that it lacks in cabin quality, which is something Toyota needs to improve on. For those that wish to have the full list of Toyota Tacoma price in Nigeria, this article by will provide what you need to know. You’ll find your answers on it.


The cabin quality is something Toyota needs to improve on

2. Prices of Toyota Tacoma in Nigeria

Just like buying any other car model, the Toyota Tacoma price in Nigeria is a piece of information that will interest Nigerian buyers. Let’s take a look at the list of 2008 – 2019 Toyota Tacoma prices we have compiled from different sources and dealerships online and across the country. These prices are below.

  • Brand new Toyota Tacoma price list in Nigeria

The Toyota Tacoma can be ordered for delivery throughout Nigeria, especially from and in Lagos. The prices of Toyota Tacoma in Nigeria are not really very expensive.

However, from 2016 – 2008, it is very difficult, if not impossible to get them new. So, if you have the mind of getting a new product of that range, 2016 – 2008 backward, you have to take into consideration the second-generation models. In other words, Nigerian used or foreign used Toyota Tacoma is almost the only choice you have.

Price of brand new Toyota Tacoma in Nigeria



Toyota Tacoma 2019

₦16 million - ₦28 million

Toyota Tacoma 2018

₦14 million -₦25 million

Toyota Tacoma 2017

₦12 million - ₦16.5 million

Toyota Tacoma 2016

₦10.5 million - ₦14.5 million

Toyota Tacoma 2015

₦9.4 million - ₦13.3 million

Toyota Tacoma 2014

₦8.8 million - ₦12.7 million

Toyota Tacoma 2013

₦8.2 million - ₦12.1 million

Toyota Tacoma 2012

₦7.6 million - ₦11.5 million

Toyota Tacoma 2011

₦7 million - ₦10.9 million

Toyota Tacoma 2010

₦6.4 million - ₦10.3 million

Toyota Tacoma 2009

₦5.8 million - ₦9.7 million

  • Foreign-used Toyota Tacoma price in Nigeria

The great thing about foreign used units is that prices of Tokunbo cars are moderate, and they have proven to be nearly as reliable as a brand new. However, these prices may vary due to currency exchange rate and custom clearing cost.

Price of foreign-used Toyota Tacoma in Nigeria



Tokunbo Toyota Tacoma 2008

₦4 million - ₦6.5 million

Tokunbo Toyota Tacoma 2009

₦3.5 million - ₦8 million

Tokunbo Toyota Tacoma 2010

₦4 million - ₦6.8 million

Tokunbo Toyota Tacoma 2011

₦5 million - ₦13 million

Tokunbo Toyota Tacoma 2012

₦10.5 million - ₦14.5 million

Tokunbo Toyota Tacoma 2013

₦15 million - ₦16.5 million

Tokunbo Toyota Tacoma 2014

₦16 million - ₦18.7 million

Some wish the Tacoma should have more impressive towing capability as a real full-size pickup

  • Locally-used Toyota Tacoma price in Nigeria

The least expensive option is buying a Nigerian used Tacoma. These car prices depend on the car condition, so you should inspect the car carefully to avoid major problems as well as bargain a better price.

             Price of locally-used Toyota Tacoma in Nigeria



Nigerian-used Toyota Tacoma 2008

₦3.5 million - ₦8.5 million

Nigerian-used Toyota Tacoma 2009

₦3.3 million - ₦7.5 million

Nigerian-used Toyota Tacoma 2010

₦4 million - ₦6 million

Nigerian-used Toyota Tacoma 2011

₦5.5 million - ₦7.2 million

Nigerian-used Toyota Tacoma 2012

₦6.5 million - ₦11 million

Nigerian-used Toyota Tacoma 2013

₦7.5 million - ₦8.8 million

Nigerian-used Toyota Tacoma 2014

₦8.5 million - ₦9.2 million

Nigerian-used Toyota Tacoma 2015

₦9.5 million - ₦13.5 million

Nigerian-used Toyota Tacoma 2016

₦10.2 million - ₦15 million

Nigerian-used Toyota Tacoma 2017

₦12 million - ₦16.5 million

Nigerian-used Toyota Tacoma 2018

₦10 million - ₦19.5 million

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Video: 2008 Toyota Tacoma Review

3. Review and specs of Toyota Tacoma 2008 in Nigeria

In Nigeria, the Hilux by the same manufacturer gathers more attention in the pickup line; however, Toyota Hilux prices are slightly higher than the Toyota Tacoma's, which is a factor that helps draw more buyers to the later. Also worth to note that this does not mean the Tacoma is an inferior brand as it has seen remarkable improvements over the generations. The second-generation Tacoma was manufactured and assembled in Tijuana, Mexico, and Fremont in California, while the plastic beds were made in Mexico. In August 2009, Toyota, however, moved Tacoma’s production to San Antonio in Texas.

There was a minor facelift from the 2009 model involving a slightly improved grille. They came handy with new LED taillamps, TRD Off-road on the X-Runner and smoked headlamp trim on TRD Sport models. Also, two ceiling speakers and backup monitors were made available and four different exterior colors were added to these. In 2012, styling features were improved in the front bumper, headlights, grille, and hood. Also, nicer interior styling and a shark fish looking antenna made for the satellite radio Sirius XM was added. It was in this same 2009 that Tacoma began to include Toyota’s Star Safety System like Vehicle Stability Control as well as traction control.


The Tacoma is known for its ruggedness

To secure your notion of going for the Tacoma for safety reasons, you should be aware that the car has won an award for its active head restraints in "Top Safety Pick" at the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety test. For the 2016 model, an Atkinson cycle 3.5 liter V-6 came with direct and port injection, which boosted the fuel economy; the year after that, the TRD Pro trim level was introduced and it was aimed at off-roaders; tor 2018, an automatic emergency braking was introduced; and in 2019, the TRD Pro edition had Fox shocks that enable the high-speed capability for off-roads.


The Toyota Tacoma has seen some improvements in features

  • Specifications of the 2008 Toyota Tacoma

Below are detailed specifications of Toyota Tacoma 2008 - the typical representative of Tacoma lineup.

  • Petrol engine type
  • 5-speed automatic transmission
  • Four-wheel drive
  • V6 cylinder
  • 18 combined mpg
  • 5 total seating
  • Automatic locking hubs
  • Manual Hi-lo- gear selection
  • Part-time 4WD
  • 336/420 mi range in miles
  • EPA Mileage Estimation for both city and highway at 16/20 mpg
  • 21-gallon fuel tank capacity
  • 266 ft-lbs@ 400 rpm
  • 4.0Lbase engine size
  • 236 horsepower@5200 rpm
  • 40.7 ft turning circle
  • 24 valves
  • Double head cam
  • Electronic brakeforce distribution
  • Front seatbelt
  • 4 wheel ABS
  • Back door child safety locks
  • Back drum brakes and ventilated disc
  • Engine immobilizer
  • Back center 3-point belt
  • Deactivation switch for passenger airbag
  • Emergency assist for braking
  • Back height headrests that are adjustable
  • Two fore headrests
  • Three back headrests
  • Monitor for tire pressure
  • Mast antenna
  • AM/FM Stereo
  • 6 total speakers


Toyota Tacoma 2008 has the adequate tech for its year model

  • Toyota Tacoma Pros and Cons

Having involved in the heated debate on the best pickup trick we can find in Nigeria, the Toyota Tacoma proves it a heavy-weight contender with the versatility not all models in the same class could go head to head. It's got respects from drivers for reliability in the long term while power has been always its pride. The car helps its owner to have things to show off with a proud list of safety features. But everything got its flaws and buying the Toyota Tacoma requires your empathy with these listed down below too.


The interior is claimed to provide not really much room

Advantages of Toyota Tacoma:

  • Reliable
  • Affordable for the base model
  • Great for hauling and towing
  • Powerful with V6 engine
  • Rugged and tough
  • Bold looking
  • Great for on and off-road
  • Well designed
  • Smart cargo space

Disadvantages of Toyota Tacoma:

  • Fuel-consuming
  • Not really roomy
  • 4-cylinder
  • NHTSA 4-star overall

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4. About Toyota brand in Nigeria

Toyota, as one of the leading car manufacturers in the world and with a vision of "bringing the joy and freedom of movement to all", has spent its years in the auto industry to prove the value it deserves. In Nigeria, Toyota cars dominate the roads thanks to its reliable and affordable cars, which see the Camry and Corolla always on the top and the most sought-after models on the market. With the ease of car parts and maintenance cost, Toyota owners spare no sweet every time their cars break down or need periodic check-up by mechanics.


Toyota is the leading auto brand in Nigeria, constituting most cars on our roads

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5. Conclusion

Now that you have quite a catch on the Toyota Tacoma, what you love about and what you don't. If you are going to buy the car, don't forget to use our powerful search engine on for cars for sale available in all parts of Nigeria. Thanks for reading our article on the Toyota Tacoma price in Nigeria. See you in other price articles!

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