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Cars have become necessities in today's world. Over the years, the automotive industry has created automotive technologies to create vehicles that have continued to break the bounds of what was previously considered possible. One such vehicle is the Toyota Starlet. The specs of this car and the Toyota Starlet Price in Nigeria makes this car a very popular car for most first-time car lovers in the country.


A car like The Toyota Starlet will always appeal to Nigerians

As the years go by, the automakers update their car models, making adjustments from the last model, and adding new features to produce a better version of the model. Usually, the models are produced in series that become available over a period of time.

In this article, we are going to consider a peculiar series from one of the car manufacturers of Japan, Toyota, known as the Toyota Starlet. Precisely, we will do a Toyota Starlet review and also consider what the average Toyota Starlet price in Nigeria could be.

1. History of the Toyota Starlet

Toyota Starlets are subcompact cars manufactured by Toyota between 1973 and 1999 and released in phases spanning five generations. This model was manufactured to replace the Toyota Publica and then proceeded to be one of the biggest cars of Japan thanks to its impressive car layouts.

2. Toyota Starlet: Exterior review

The Starlet series' exterior came in different car body styles depending on the Toyota starlet models and generation. The first generation, which is the Toyota starlet old model, had options of a 2-door coupe, a 4-door sedan, or a 3-door station wagon. The second till the fifth generation had hatchbacks options, among other styles. Also, the third generation of the Toyota Starlet were majorly front-wheel-drive vehicles while the others came in four-wheel drive, front-wheel drive, among others. The Starlet series was clearly a diversified one.


The exterior of the Toyota starlet was suited to the lifestyle then, simple and clean

3. Toyota Starlet: Interior review

The interior of the Toyota Starlet is quite eye-catching. The floor mats are the Rubbertite Custom-fit all-weather protection type. They are able to deal with all forms of dirt and still maintain their stunning look. And they come in various colors, to suit each customer's taste.


The Starlet interior was simple but very comfortable for a car in its class. Sport models had extra features

The seat covers come in three forms: the leather seat, the fabric or cloth seat, and the camo seat. All are very durable, staying a long time before wear. They come in various colors and designs to suit your needs. The steering wheels come in wooden forms. They are comfortable to use, and smooth when driving. The car's wheels are efficient for racing, for long-distance traveling, and day to day driving. Perfect for each need.

4. Toyota Starlet: Engine and Performance review

The car engine specification changes across generations but in an average Starlet, you shouldn't expect to find anything shy of a 4E-F (in-line, 4-cylinder, 1.3-liter) which is the base engine of the series. This comes with a maximum power output of 82ps at 6,400rpm and a maximum torque of 11.2kg-m at 3,600rpm.


It had powerful engines that were also fuel-efficient!

This engine has achieved the highest fuel economy rating for its class―20.5km/l under 10-mode fuel consumption. It consumes less fuel but works just as fine as any car should. For Nigerian roads, this car would perform excellently well. You could liken this performance to that of the Toyota Camry 2005 model in Nigeria.

5. Toyota Starlet: Technology review

The Starlet doesn't have very high-end vehicle technology. The dashboard of the car is well equipped with the air vents, the air conditioning controls, an electric cigarette lighter, a disk player, and other necessities.

While the Starlet series are primarily motor vehicles that are for private transport, Toyota introduced the Starlet Glanza as a sports version of the fifth-generation series. The Glanza S was powered by the 1331 cc 4E-FE while the Glanza V on the other hand was powered by the turbocharged 1331 cc 4E-FTE. The 4E-FE engine used in the Glanza S generated about 85 PS (63 kW; 84 hp) which was enough to propel the car from 0–100 km/h in 11.9 seconds.

While the last release of the Glanza model was in 1996, the "Glanza" model was reintroduced much recently in 2019 for the variant of the Indian market Suzuki Baleno.

Here is the gt turbo, have you seen it around?

There was also the GT Turbo. This model was described as the high-performance model for the 4th generation of the Toyota Starlet. It is worth mentioning because it is still very common in Nigeria until today. It also has a large fan base in the Toyota community.

6. Toyota Starlet price in Nigeria

Considering the Starlet's excellent fuel economy and its decent features, a Toyota Starlet sale should actually be happening more often than they are. You might want to consider checking out car retailers with Toyota Starlet on sale. While there might not be so many Toyota Starlet for sale in Lagos or Toyota Starlet for sale in Nigeria generally because its production is out of phase. You might be lucky to come across one that would suit all your needs. You are unlikely to find a brand new Starlet since Toyota has stopped producing them since the 1990s obviously, but you should be able to find a Toyota Starlet used for sale.

Like other Toyota car prices in Nigeria, the price of the Toyota Starlet is very affordable. The Toyota Starlet price averages between ₦400,000 and ₦850,000. The exact price would depend on the model you are buying and how neat and roadworthy the car is. A Toyota Starlet Turbo for sale would likely go for around ₦500,000 depending on the condition of the vehicle.


In conclusion, the Toyota Starlet is a relatively good car, considering its efficiency, its aptness, its neatness, its moderate price, and a whole lot more. As a matter of fact, from the 90s to this period, the testimony of the users of the starlet has always been that the car is dependable. Think about it, a car that was manufactured in the 70s and can still be found on the road. Surely, it was built to last. 

To see more facts about the Toyota Starlet, check this video out:

Feature: Old-school Toyota Starlet

If you need a vehicle for a transport business or one to lease out at little or no cost, the Starlet is the right car for you. If you are after a car that would work for you for your money, the Toyota Starlet seems a good choice. Toyota Starlet Price in Nigeria makes it affordable for most people.

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