Toyota Sienna 2012 price in Nigeria & maintenance tips

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Toyota Sienna 2012 Overview

In the world of family cars, the Toyota Sienna is always given a firm place as one of the most talked-about options for buyers to choose from. One of the key characters that make the car model stand out is the variety of sizes to match the tastes and room customers are seeking.

Among model years that have drawn success to the line, the Toyota Sienna 2012 is the one that cannot be missed. The 2012 model year belongs to the 5th generation which offers a V6 and 4-cylinder engine options, guaranteeing potent power and high fuel economy.

With up to 5 trim levels each serving your priority, you just can't leave without thinking much about buying this perfect family car model. And if you're looking for some of the most realistic Toyota Sienna 2012 price in Nigeria, review and used car buying guide, have got all you need right here and even more


One of the biggest contenders in the family car community

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Toyota Sienna 2012 trim levels

As mentioned earlier, the Toyota Sienna 2012 comes in 5 trims that include:

  • Toyota Sienna 2012 base model
  • Toyota Sienna 2012 Limited
  • Toyota Sienna 2012 LE
  • Toyota Sienna 2012 XLE
  • Toyota Sienna 2012 SE

The LE and Limited are the most common on this side of the world. In contrast, the SE is sportier, capable of taking up to 8 passengers and coming with a top-notch entertainment system hosting, for example, a split screen video monitor.

Aside from the Limited, LE and XLE which have all-wheel drive options, the others only offer front-wheel-drive.

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Toyota Sienna 2012 prices in Nigeria

You are unlikely to find a brand new Toyota Sienna 2012 for sale on Nigerian market now but the latest 2019 model instead. However, we still put the new prices here when the 2012 model was first released for your reference.

Brand new Toyota Sienna 2012 price in Nigeria

Model Price
Brand new Toyota Sienna 2012 base

From ₦7,750,000

Brand new Toyota Sienna 2012 LE and XLE

From ₦8,600,000

Brand new Toyota Sienna 2012 Limited and SE 

From ₦11,520,000

It's best if you can buy a well-maintained Tokunbo Toyota Sienna 2012 because its condition is much better than a Naija used unit. However, prices of foreign used Toyota Sienna 2012 are much higher than their locally used counterparts. You should be aware that these prices may vary because of currency exchange rate, clearing cost and import tax.

Foreign used Toyota Sienna 2012 prices in Nigeria 

Model Price 

Tokunbo Toyota Sienna 2012 base

₦5,800,000 - ₦7,000,000

Tokunbo Toyota Sienna 2012 LE

₦6,800,000 - ₦8,000,000

Tokunbo Toyota Sienna 2012 XLE

₦6,800,000 - ₦8,000,000

Tokunbo Toyota Sienna 2012 Limited

₦7,200,000 - ₦11,000,000

Tokunbo Toyota Sienna 2012 SE

₦7,200,000 - ₦11,000,000

The last option is buying a locally used Toyota Sienna 2012 in Nigeria. These cars are often cheap but their condition can't be compared to the Tokunbo because Naija drivers don't have a good maintenance habit. That's why the prices of Nigerian used Sienna may vary due to each car condition and mileage.

Locally used Toyota Sienna 2012 prices in Nigeria

Model Price

Nigerian used 2012 Toyota Sienna base

₦3,700,000 - ₦5,500,000

Nigerian used 2012 Toyota Sienna LE

₦3,800,000 - ₦6,200,000

Nigerian used 2012 Toyota Sienna XLE

₦3,800,000 - ₦6,200,000

Nigerian used 2012 Toyota Sienna Limited

₦4,000,000 - ₦8,000,000

Nigerian used 2012 Toyota Sienna SE

₦4,000,000 - ₦8,000,000

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Toyota Sienna 2012 fuel economy & performance

When it comes to engine performance, the Toyota Sienna 2012 doesn't do badly at all. All trims come with 3.5-liter V6 engine with 245 ib-feet of torque and 266 horsepower. The base and LE trims, however, come with an optional 2.7 liter inline 4 cylinder engine with 186 ib-feet of torque and 187 HP.

The V6 has more power and speed so if that's what you seek, any of the trims are good. This engine can go from 0 - 60 miles per hour in less than 8 seconds. But you also know this will tell on the fuel economy. The inline-4 engine has a rating of 25 miles per gallon on the highway and 19 mpg in the city, while the V6 has 24 mpg and 18 mpg on the highway and in the city respectively. So if you wish to save a bit more fuel (a norm with drivers that have a family), go for the 2.7-liter engine.


Though the van seems a bit low, it does not hinder its speed

Toyota Sienna 2012 exterior & interior

We already talked about the availability of all-wheel and front-wheel drive. It's also worthy to note that the SE trim of the 2012 Toyota Sienna also has reclining seats.

The base trim comes with DVD player and aux, a sound system with 4 speakers, cruise control, telescoping steering wheel, triple-zone air conditioning, power windows and accessories, larger wheelbase and 17-inch alloy wheels. The LE, on the other hand, has all these, but also an 8-way driver seat, power slide doors, satellite radio, floor and overhead consoles, heated side mirrors, auto-dimming mirrors for rearview and more power accessories.


The interior of the Toyota Sienna 2012 is quite attractive

The SE and XLE come tinted tail and headlights, fog lights, climate control, leather upholstery, firm suspensions, a power liftgate, power steering, power seats, sunroof and more.

The most expensive on the trims, Limited, comes with a 10 speaker surround system, power-folding seats, driver memory settings, keyless entry and ignition, parking sensors and more features to add to all that can be seen in the lower trims. Traction and stability control, airbags and anti-lock brakes ensure your safety. So knowing what to expect in each trim will make it easy for you to make an informed decision.


Very spacious room inside the Toyota Sienna 2012

Toyota Sienna 2012 pros & cons analysis

The pros of having a Toyota Sienna 2012 are enormous. From enjoying power accessories to passenger room and cargo space, there's a lot more that will keep attracted to the ride.

On the contrary, there are wind and road noise which might make many drivers falter to decide on buying this car. Some people also complained about transmission issues after driving the car for a while. Plus, the mpg rating is also one many people aren't so excited about but all in all its a great ride. Good thing is, the cost of fixing the said issues isn't much of a burden. With a few thousands of naira and routine maintenance, you won't have much to worry about.


This utility van is worth every naira

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Used Toyota Sienna 2012 car maintenance & buying tips

When buying a used Toyota Sienna 2012, the major things to look out for are the transmission malfunctions and road noise. If they are too bad then you might want to avoid the car. Fixing it will dig too deep into your savings and you wouldn't want that.

Furthermore, just a few people have witnessed blue smoke. If you do, don't buy the car. Asides these, test drive the vehicle and have your trusted mechanic look at it before you purchase. As for maintenance, routine check and ensuring oil levels are up, are all you need. Change engine oil after 5,000 - 7,000 miles. Change the air and oil filter too. Look out for leaks.

Video: 2012 Toyota Sienna Test Drive & Van Review

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That said the Toyota Sienna 2012 is an affordable minivan that is easy to maintain. Its rivals like the Honda Odyssey, Chrysler Pacifica, and Kia Sedona, however, don't match the space it does. The Honda can compete in engine performance though. But if you seek fuel economy, room, and easy handling, stick with the Toyota Sienna 2012.

You have just read our article on the Toyota Sienna 2012 price in Nigeria and its review. You can find more articles like this in our Car Price section, and Car Reviews Also, stay tuned with for the latest car news!

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