Toyota RAV4 2007 price in Nigeria (all trim levels) & review

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Overview of Toyota RAV4 2007

The Toyota RAV4 had the privilege of being the first compact crossover SUV, making its debut in Europe and Japan in 1994, and later proceeding to North America in 1995. The Toyota RAV4 was designed to satisfy consumers and shoppers who have a strong affinity for vehicles with SUV characteristics and fuel efficiency simultaneously.


The RAV4 started the era of SUV

Ranging from 1993 to 2018, the Toyota RAV4 has been divided into 5 generations with the Toyota RAV4 2007 falling under the third generation which offers the car in two versions - the short wheelbase and the long wheelbase. Today, Naijauto won't focus on RAV4 history or development, we will introduce prices of Toyota RAV4 2007 in Nigeria for both brand new and pre-used units.

Toyota Camry 2007 trim levels

The Toyota RAV4 2007 comes in three trims, including Base, Sport, and the Limited model. The features which are made standard or common to all models are the cruise control, adjustable seat, keyless remote locking, 16-inch steel wheels, privacy glass, mp3 power jack.

In addition to all of these features, the Sport model adds an 18-inch alloy wheel, fending flares, quicker steering, a roof rack. While the limited model comes with 17-inch alloy wheels and dual-zone automatic climate control, leather steering wheel, CD changer, power driver seat, and spare tire cover. Note that, the rear entertainment system and the heated seats come exclusively for the limited model.

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Pricing of Toyota RAV4 2007

  • Brand new Toyota RAV4 2007 prices in Nigeria

As the model had been produced over a decade ago as well as upgraded to more modern versions, you won't be able to find exactly a brand new Toyota RAV4 2007 on the market. That's why we just put here the new car prices when the model was first released that year for your reference.

Prices of brand new Toyota RAV4 2007 in Nigeria  
Model Prices
Toyota RAV4 2007 base model ₦7.7 million - ₦9 million
Toyota RAV4 2007 Sport From ₦8.3 million
Toyota RAV4 2007 Limited edition From ₦8.6 million
  • Tokunbo Toyota RAV4 2007 prices in Nigeria

Compared to Naija used cars, buying a Tokunbo Toyota RAV4 2007 seems much better. These cars are often well-maintained though their prices are a bit higher. Please check the table below for foreign used RAV4 prices and note that these prices may change due to currency exchange rate, import tax as well as clearing cost.

Prices of foreign used Toyota RAV4 2007 in Nigeria  
Model Prices
Tokunbo Toyota RAV4 2007 base model ₦2.8 million - ₦3.6 million
Tokunbo Toyota RAV4 2007 Sport ₦2.7 million - ₦3.6 million
Tokunbo Toyota RAV4 2007 Limited edition ₦2.6 million - ₦3.5 million
  • Nigerian used Toyota RAV4 2007 prices in Nigeria

The last option is locally used Toyota RAV4 2007. Buying these cars means you don't need to pay much but you must be careful with the car condition. Always bring a mechanic with you when you come to inspect the car!

Prices of locally used Toyota RAV4 2007 in Nigeria  
Model Prices
Nigerian used Toyota RAV4 2007 base model ₦1.6 million - ₦2.7 million
Nigerian used Toyota RAV4 2007 Sport ₦1.8 million - ₦2.2 million
Nigerian used Toyota RAV4 2007 Limited edition ₦1.7 million - ₦2.1 million

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Toyota RAV4 2007 exterior design

The front end of the Toyota RAV4 2007 is no different from its predecessors although it has been made a little bit rigid. The grille has been made in a more round format with an addition of more symmetrical slits. The headlights are more closed. Fog lamps are more focused and a bit smaller. Its firm stance is as a result of its wide track, giving the vehicle more resistance to rollovers in cases of emergencies.


The Toyota RAV4 is proudly the first SUV to be produced on earth


Its side view exposes sharp square corners, with lines running along the bottom of the doors

The Toyota RAV4 2007's side view exposes sharp square corners, with lines running along the bottom of the doors giving a softer impression visually. In the back, a piece of bumper supports the swing open gate. And under the lower part of the swing gate lays the license plate.


In the back a piece of bumper supports the swing open gate

Toyota RAV4 2007 interior highlights

The Toyota RAV4 2007 has an amazing interior but only offers little differences with regard to its predecessors. Its styling actually offers something fresh and new compared to the interior of the 2006 model. The front seats are sufficiently supportive, with decent thigh supports and average bolsters. The adjustable seat height means drivers of different sizes can find it comfortable and a good fit. Also, the low sloping hood and the height of the seat means there is increased visibility for the driver.

Third-row seats come with additional room owing to the 104.7-inch wheelbase. Compared to previous models the second-row seats have approximately six inches added to its legroom. The headroom of the second-row seat also increased considerably while the front row lost few inches.


The Toyota RAV4 2007 offers a standard seating of 5

Changes to the placement of gauges have not been made, making it familiar for any who has ever owned a RAV4.  Materials made to cover the interior are of very high quality. The same theme is common to all three models with contrasting but complementary colors. The brushed trim elements made of metals are run along each side of the climate control panels and the stereo, moving around the shift gate and the door handle.


The 6-gen RAV4 front seats are height-adjustable

Storage areas have been made abundant. Beyond the doors are map pockets which are well fixed, net pouches are available on the front seatbacks.

Toyota RAV4 2007 engine performance & fuel economy

The most noticeable change is the stability of the vehicle as a result of its wider track and extended wheelbase. In the sport model, there is an increase in stability over smoothness. Under-steering has been noticed especially during aggressive turns although the general response to steering is excellent.

A 2.4 liter, four-cylinder engine is common to all trims/ models delivering a 166hp. And also 165 lb-ft of torque, which is made elective. The automatic transmission is standard in all trims, with the four-cylinder getting paired with the four-speed automatic, while the V6 has been given the 5-speed unit. The RAV4 has a 4WD lock mode that makes the front/rear power divide at 50/50 which is very efficient when driving in snow.


It comes with the 4WD lock mode that assists with driving on the snow-covered road

The 4-cylinder Toyota RAV4 has been classified as one of the best non-hybrid SUV when it comes to mileage ratings with the 2.4L 4-cylinder AWD Toyota RAV4 rated at 20 mpg city and 25 mpg highway.

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Toyota RAV4 2007 safety & general evaluation

With the curtain and side-impact airbags made available for all trims/models, the Toyota RAV4 2007 provides an increase in head protection in case of emergencies such as a rollover. Other amazing safety features include the anti-lock brakes, child safety locks, traction controls, daytime running lights, and electronic stability control.


Head and shoulder protection is enhanced by curtain and side-impact airbags

Below is our general evaluation of Toyota RAV4 2007. Please take it into serious consideration before buying a RAV4 2007 model!

Pros & cons of Toyota RAV4 2007
 Advantages Disadvantages
Has a good gas mileage Has noisy brakes
A powerful V6 Sudden acceleration
Increased reliability Reduction in smooth suspension
Provision of comfortable seats Low-quality audio system
Has a smooth ride Uncomfortable opening of rear doors

All in all, some of these drawbacks cannot stop the Toyota RAV4 2007 one of the best cars for Nigeria, so if you really want a cool ride in your days of university, buying a RAV4 2007 is not a bad idea.

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Toyota RAV4 2007 maintenance tips

It is necessary to regularly maintain a vehicle as this would increase its longevity and reliability. Here are some of the basic maintenance tips to follow:


Periodic maintenance is always the guarantee for a long-lasting vehicle

For the best car maintenance instructions, please download user manuals for the Toyota RAV4 2007 here!

Toyota RAV4 2007 buying notes

Regarding the places where you can buy used 2007 RAV4, you may visit these dealerships or online market places in Nigeria. They sure have both Tokunbo and Nigerian used cars for you to choose from!

  • Tejude motors, Lagos
  • Cars inspection center, Magoo, Lagos state
  •, Lagos


When it comes to alternatives for Toyota RAV4 2007, you may check some of its rivals.

The RAV4 has been recommended for its handling although the Mazda CX-7 is ahead of it in this regard. The Toyota RAV4 2007 is a versatile vehicle suitable for all sorts of people, singles, couples, average families, etc. Other options including the CX-7 worth considering are the Honda CR-V, Hyundai Santa Fe, Ford Escape, Chevrolet Equinox, Mitsubishi Outlander.

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