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The Toyota Previa, an egg-shaped minivan got its name from the Spanish word for preview "Previa" that Toyota fully developed in 1990 to majorly test new features for its other future minivans like the Sienna.

The Toyota Previa was the first minivan to offer a passenger airbag, it is a car that has broken standards for minivans over the years and if you might take notice, the Toyota Previa price in Nigeria just like every other minivan is in between the costs of sedans and SUVs, which made it very favourable minivan alongside its cousin Sienna in the country.


Egg-shaped Toyota Previa minivan

As mentioned above, the Previa was produced from 1990 but got discontinued in the USA automotive industry in 1997 and was later replaced by the Toyota Sienna. So why is the Previa a special multi-purpose vehicle to own and drive in Nigeria? All that and more will be looked at in this Toyota Previa car review.


The first Previa design used to be common in Nigeria

Exterior of the Toyota Previa

First-generation Toyota Previa (XR10, XR20)

The first generation of the Previa was produced from 1990 till 1999with an egg shape appearance that made it appear bigger than its rival minivans like the Dodge Caravan. The design of the first generation is straightforward, and that's why it is a good regular minivan to own in Nigeria. 

The body is smooth all around with one sliding door on the right-hand side as the only entrance to the rear compartment of the van that comfortably seats 5 people and two in front. The engine is also located under the front seats and not under the small bonnet in front. 

Second-generation Toyota Previa (XR30, XR40)

The second generation of the Previa was produced between 2000 and 2005, coming with a longer wheelbase and it was wider compared to the first generation.


Second generation Previa with two sliding doors was better 

The headlights and taillights are more rounded on the XR30 Previa with the sliding doors on both sides of the car for easier access. There was a facelift in 2003 that had a modified headlight design, and aerodynamic lines appeared around the formerly smooth Previa. 

Third-generation Toyota Previa ( XR50)

This is the present-generation Previa that was introduced from 2007, with a full exterior redesign that made it look so much like a slimmer Toyota Sienna. the third generation Toyota Previa has a large V-shaped grille and headlights, adorned with a lot of aerodynamic lines and vents all around to stress the beauty of the overall exterior apprerance. The whole machince is seated on a set of 16 inches alloy rims.


Sideview of the Previa

These are the Toyota Previa model years, most Toyota Previa vans for sale in Nigeria are mostly bought for family use because of how user-friendly the car is. Watch this short in-depth review of the 2018 Toyota Previa here :

Interior of the Toyota Previa

The interior of the Previa used steering mounted gear shifter in the first generation, then a dash-mounted gear shifter across the remaining year models to date. This is just to maximize the volume of interior space for driver and passenger utility in front.


Interior space of the Previa minivan 

The Toyota Previa for sale has two rows of seats at the rear compartment. The Previa can either be a seven-seater or eight-seater van. If you come across a Toyota Previa 8 seater in for sale in Nigeria, please buy it immediately because it is very hard to come across in the country.

Behind the two rows of seats is a trunk space for cargo and the good thing about the Previa is that you can fold out all seats in the rear to create more space for cargo from the rear.


Creating more space in the rear side

The Previa provides ample leg and headroom to make it very comfortable for you on long-distance trips thanks to the flat floor design. The seats are made from soft fabrics and there is an option of leather for the upper trim levels. I repeat, the Toyota Previa is very family-oriented.

Technology & Features of the Toyota Previa

The dashboard of the Previa used to be angled towards the driver until 2007 when the infotainment was placed at the center of the dashboard and the instrument cluster was placed in a long semi-circular manner further back on the dashboard.


Old interior of the manual transmission Previa before the 2005 model

The 2018 Previa has a very simple cockpit design. A wide horizontal 7 inches multimedia screen and the climate controls just arranged below is also in a horizontal position. The instrument cluster is just placed behind the steering, making it very user friendly.

The infotainment is where locates the Bluetooth connectivity for mobile devices and navigation for drivers. Passengers enjoy rear air conditioner and USB charging ports at the rear while the two sliding doors for the rear are electronically controlled by a button and there is an optional moon/panoramic sliding roof. How comfy it is!


The new Toyota Previa interior, very simple and beautiful

The new model Toyota Previa is also available in a hybrid trim that comes with the standard 2.4-liter engine, two electromotors under the hood with 13 kW to the front wheel unit and 18 kW to the rear wheel unit, delivering a total of 200 horsepower. This figure is really good for a hybrid minivan like the Previa.

How fast is the Toyota Previa?

The Previa is a low power-driven car. The first generation Previa is available as a rear-wheel-drive and four-wheel-drive layout for better traction and the four-cylinder engine is positioned in the middle of the car, located somewhere beneath the front seats, delivering a maximum 132hp at 5000 RPM.

The second-generation Previa has a front-engine and front-wheel-drive setup. It uses a standard 2.4L four-cylinder engine paired to a 4-speed automatic transmission and an optional manual drive that is scarce in Nigeria. This produces a maximum of 156hp at 5600 RPM.


The Toyota Previa since long has been known for not cool in speed

The present generation Previa has two engine options for its front-wheel and all-wheel-drive setup. A 2.4L 4-cylinder in-line 16-valve DOHC engine with VVT-i technology that manages the fuel consumption according to performance, paired to a 6-speed automatic transmission or a 7-speed CVT transmission for a smoother drive. There is also a more speed option that uses a 3.5-liter V6 engine. 

The Previa is not for speeding at all, unlike the Toyota Sienna. The Previa is a minivan for city driving. Disappointingly, the Previa sprints from 0 to 60 mph in almost 11 seconds which is very slow compared to its rivals.

Fuel consumption of the Toyota Previa

Fuel consumption of the Toyota Previa model years

Year Models

Fuel consumption per 100 Km

Engine size

 1990-1997  11.6 liter  2.4 Liter four cylinder
 2000-2003 9.5 liter
 2004-2005 9.4 liter
2007-2015 10 liter
2016-2019 8.9 liter

The Previa has seen great improvement in fuel consumption successively over the years. This minivan is clearly here to help you save money as you drive it daily. Now that the petrol price in Nigeria has dropped, it would even be more enjoyable owning a Previa.

Prices of the Toyota Previa in Nigeria

The Toyota Previa 2002 model to 2005 model in Nigeria can only be purchased as foreign used and locally used with a lot of mileage because it has gone out of production for a long time.

The 2007 - 2015 Previa can also not be gotten brand new. You can get foreign used and locally used in Nigeria models but with lower mileage.

The Toyota Previa 8 seater 2017, 2018, 2019 models can still be bought brand new but not in Nigerian dealerships because they are scarce. We all know that car prices in Nigeria increase with the dollar rise; It is best to buy the new model years from Nigerian car importers on-demand because it is not a regular car that everyone needs to have.

7.1. Prices of foreign used Toyota Previa in Nigeria

Prices of Foreign Used Toyota Previa In Nigeria
Model year  Price in Naira
Tokunbo Toyota Previa 1995-2000 price ₦1850000 - ₦2000000
Tokunbo Toyota Previa 2002 price

₦2000000 - ₦2300000

Tokunbo Toyota Previa 2005 price ₦2000000 - ₦3000000
Tokunbo Toyota Previa 2010 price ₦4200000 - ₦5000000
Tokunbo Toyota Previa 2011 price ₦4500000 - ₦5200000
Tokunbo Toyota Previa 2015 price ₦7o00000 - ₦9300000
Tokunbo Toyota Previa 2016 price ₦8000000 - ₦1000000
Tokunbo Toyota Previa 2019 price ₦9500000 - ₦1250000

7.2. Prices of locally used Toyota Previa in Nigeria

Prices of Foreign Used Toyota Previa In Nigeria  
Model year  Price in Naira
Used Toyota Previa 1995-2000 price ₦800000 - ₦1200000
Used  Toyota Previa 2004 price ₦1500000 - ₦2500000
Used  Toyota Previa 2006 price ₦2000000 - ₦3000000
Used  Toyota Previa 2010 price ₦3000000 - ₦4000000
Used  Toyota Previa 2014 price ₦4000000 - ₦5500000
Used  Toyota Previa 2015 price ₦4200000 - ₦6000000
Used  Toyota Previa 2016 price ₦6000000 - ₦7500000
Used Toyota Previa 2018 price ₦9500000 - ₦9500000

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Safety & Driver assistance features of the Previa

The Previa has always had passenger and driver airbags since its production in 1997, making it very safe during a collision on all sides, for the passengers and driver. The 2018 Previa has a smart key entry and also a push to start button for ignition.


A question mark is put on the car handling when at high speed

The Previa assists drivers when reversing with a reverse sensor that beeps when the car is about to collide with an obstacle, just for safety. It is also equipped with traction control.

The Previa has very bad handling at sharp turns because of the way it is built. A minivan has a high center of gravity and is not stable on roads at high speeds.

Pros & Cons of the new model Toyota Previa

So we recap down below the pros and cons of the Toyota Previa, you should consider all of the listed aspects before heading to our cars for sale page and see thousands of verified car listings on the site!

9.1. Pros of the Toyota Previa

  • A low fuel consumption minivan, good as a commercial vehicle

  • Streamlined body design for easy driving

  • Plenty of interior space for passenger/cargo

  • Four-wheel drive layout capable of moving the van as an off-road vehicle

9.2. Cons of the Toyota Previa

  • Slow acceleration compared to rivals

  • New model prices are on the high side

  • Very bad handling at corners due to shape


Who should buy this car?

The Toyota Previa is a low maintenance minivan that is ideal for moving many people at the same time especially families. It is a family-oriented land vehicle and just like every other new model Toyota cars on sale in Nigeria, it has no traditional problem like every car of Japan being used in Nigeria.

In general, the new design looks very classy and modern with state-of-the-art automotive technologies. The Previa is also very good for transporting any type of manufactured goods/products because of the option of maximizing the rear compartment space. It can easily be an off-road vehicle because of the four-wheel-drive layout on the first generation and latest year models.

All things considered, saying the Toyota Previa is the best low-cost minivan by Toyota is never an exaggeration. Naijauto.com hopes that our article about the prices of Toyota Previa in Nigeria will be helpful for all car lovers in our shores and you can also check the newest cars price here.

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