Toyota Prado 2019 price in Nigeria & buying notes (Update in 2020)

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1. Overview of Toyota Prado 2019 in Nigeria

The Toyota brand is referred to as the Japanese Toyota automobile company that is responsible for producing Toyota cars worldwide. They produce over 80 percent of vehicles used by Nigerians due to the high standard and reliability of their products both for commercial use and private use. The automaker goes a long way to understand the Nigerian environment and its economy, and design features that are suitable for the country in their products; the spare parts for maintaining Toyota cars are also very much available in the Nigerian market. They also own the Lexus brand which functions as their subsidiary for luxury car production, it provides the market with the more expensive specifications of Toyota brand. In Nigeria, a Toyota vehicle should function properly with good maintenance for about 25 years or maybe more.

The Nigerian environment provides more reasons for car owners, drivers and families to always include an SUV in their garage, because a trip to an area with poor road networks may arise at some point. Land Cruiser Prado is a full-size 4WD SUV manufactured by the Japanese automobile company, Toyota; they produce vehicles according to generations with improvements in body specification, featured components and sometimes, engine performances than the predecessors.

The Toyota Prado 2019 price in Nigeria shows that this vehicle is a fourth generation of the Land Cruiser Prado line of production; it was manufactured on Toyota’s J150 platform. The fourth generation of the Prado started in October 2009 and has been in production till the 2019 model which was produced in five-door and three-door designs. The five-door versions that are most commonly seen in the market since customers would mostly want to carry more than one or two passengers with this kind of vehicle.

2. Trim levels of Toyota Prado 2019

The Japanese automakers designed many unique specifications in the Land Cruiser Prado according to different trims. The different versions of this vehicle are fundamentally similar but their slightly different features make up the following trims; 

  • Toyota Prado 2019 GX

  • Toyota Prado 2019 GX L

  • Toyota Prado 2019 VX

The trims are available to assist the customer to go for specific features of the SUV at a good Toyota Prado 2019 price in Nigeria.

3. Prices of Toyota Prado 2019 in Nigeria

Good news is you can buy either a brand new or used Toyota Prado 2019 in Nigeria. However, this model is not yet available as locally used models since owners still enjoy the luxury in their new SUVs. The prices of brand new and Tokunbo units are rather expensive though. Check them below!

3.1. Brand new Toyota Prado 2019 price in Nigeria

The brand new price of the 2019 Toyota Prado varies on the specific trims and at different dealerships. These starting prices are manufacturer's suggested retail prices, excluding such pop-up fees as delivery cost. That's why you need to check with the car seller thoroughly about the total payment you have to make.

  Brand new Toyota Prado 2019 price in Nigeria
 Trim level  Price
Toyota Prado 2019 GX  From ₦29 million
Toyota Prado 2019 GX L  From ₦34 million
Toyota Prado 2019 VX  From ₦37 million

3.2. Foreign used Toyota Prado 2019 price in Nigeria

The foreign used model of Toyota Prado 2019 have slightly lower price tag; compare the prices below with the brand new prices.

Again, these prices may vary at different dealers and be subject to changes due to currency exchange rate, custom clearing cost or shipping fees.

  Foreign used Toyota Prado 2019 price in Nigeria
 Model Price
 Toyota Prado 2019 GX ₦17 million - ₦22 million
 Toyota Prado 2019 GX L ₦19 million - ₦25 million
 Toyota Prado 2019 VX ₦23 million - ₦28 million

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The amazing introduction video of Toyota Prado 2019

4. Exterior & Interior Design of Toyota Prado 2019

The Toyota Land Cruiser Prado is designed as a 5-door SUV with advanced 4WD, featuring an impressive solid design, powerful grille, LED taillights and Led lighting. It is also designed with auto heated and dimming side mirrors, a rear door liftgate with remote, wiper de-icer, and a moonroof.


It is obvious how bold and strong this Prado SUV stands

The 2019 Toyota Prado has an outstanding interior that differentiates it from the previous generation, the dashboard is designed with air conditioning vent and panel control buttons, the touchscreen at the center of the dashboard which serves as an entertainment player or driver-assist display screen. It has outstanding features and technology like complete leather seats, air-conditioning system, and about 14 JBL speakers which are distributed all around the luxury styled cabin.


Step inside this gallant SUV and conquer the road


The comfort at the rear seats hold proper luxury

>>> Given the design and performance of Prado, we understand why Anambra lawmakers asked for Toyota Prado SUVs, not Innoson vehicles

5. Specs & performance of Toyota Prado 2019

5.1. Toyota Prado 2019 engine performance

The 2019 Prado is designed with a robust 5.7-liter V8 gas engine, producing an output of 381 horsepower that makes the SUV accelerate from 0-100 km/h in up to 7.0 seconds. The engine is paired to an eight-speed automatic transmission system with a top speed of 220 km/h, an All-Wheel-Drivetrain, and fuel tank capacity of 138 liters. This vehicle features a Skid plates, Rigid frame, double-wishbone hydraulic suspension system with huge sway bars to maintain an excellent articulation of wheel on a rough terrain and keep the vehicle stable in corners.

The fuel consumption rate of this 2019 Land Cruiser Prado is estimated at 15 mpg for combination or cities and highways.


The heavy duty powerhouse for the rugged SUV

5.2. Toyota Prado 2019 safety & other specifications

The safety features of the 2019 Toyota Prado are approved with 5-star level of the Australian New Car Assessment Program (ANCAP); they include adequate airbags and seatbelts for every individual in the vehicle, electronic stability control, electric brake distribution (EBS) and antilock brake system (ABS).

The 2019 model of the Toyota Prado has these following specifications;

2019 Toyota Prado Specifications

Engine  V8 Petrol/ Diesel engine
Transmission 8-speed transmission system includes automatic or manual
Drivetrain 4-wheel drive
Off-road Kinetic Dynamic Suspension system
Traction control Multi-terrain selector
Access Keyless entry
Driving Assistance Blindspot monitors, rear and front parking sensors with camera
Entertainment and Navigation 10.1 inches display screen with 14 JBL speakers

6. Pros and cons of Toyota Prado 2019

When it comes to Toyota brand, there are certainly more pros than cons. However, it depends on your budget and demands to decide whether you should buy this car or not. Below are some brief points for your quick reference.

6.1. ​​​Advantages of Toyota Prado 2019

These are the attributes that make the Toyota Prado a highly recommended SUV in the Nigerian automobile market;

  • It has top ranking off-road ability with a powerful V8 engine

  • This SUV is very safe to drive and explore all road types

  • Comfortable seats with enough front and rear legroom inside the SUV

  • Be sure to enjoy good steering handling

  • It has about 25 years of lifespan

  • It has a creative body style design

  • Impressive space for cargo


Toyota Prado 2019 design ensures its driver a comfortable seat

6.2. Disadvantages of Toyota Prado 2019

Now, here are the things to address personally before deciding to own the 2019 Toyota Prado;

  • Poor fuel economy

  • Difficult access to the third-row seat which has insufficient legroom

  • It may not allow connection to some smart devices with a slow infotainment system.

7. Notes when buying Toyota Prado 2019 in Nigeria

7.1. Where to buy 2019 Toyota Prado in Nigeria

The 2019 Toyota Prado is currently available for sales in Toyota dealers and distributors like;

  • Jamil Motors - Lagos and Port Harcourt

  • Elizade Nigeria Limited

  • Kojo Motors Limited

  • R.T. Briscoe Plc

  • Metropolitan Motors Limited

  • Mandalas Enterprises Ltd

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A variety of new or used Toyota Prado 2019 are available on Naijauto

You can also purchase Toyota Prado 2019 online on these marketplaces:






It is important to buy this durable vehicle from trustworthy owners, and always consult the expertise of a technician who specializes in the maintenance of Toyota vehicles.

7.2. Things to look for when buying used Toyota Prado 2019 in Nigeria

The excitement of clearly understanding this vehicle is great as customers go ahead to learn facts about the Toyota Prado 2019. These hints below should guide your next buy;

  • Inspect the interior for complete functioning controls, especially how the 10.1 inches display works

  • Make sure to confirm the warranty of the vehicle on purchase since it is well within the period of coverage.

  • Confirm that the vehicle has not been involved in an accident by checking the chassis and frames for recent weld joints.

  • Take an advanced technologist with you to observe the warning messages, safety features like airbags, and driving experience of the Prado SUV

The body would probably appear neat and attractive, but do not ignore a thorough inspection because of the exterior appearance of this vehicle. We will recommend a 2019 Toyota Prado VX trim because it is available only in automatic transmissions, and has more electronic drive supports; this choice fits the urban lifestyle perfectly.

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8. Conclusion

The 2019 Toyota Land Cruiser  Prado is one of a kind in the SUV line; a vehicle with an outstanding exterior body design which has all the top features of its predecessors and extra features that makes it stronger. It also has excellent off-road abilities, multiple safety features and beats its competitors to the durability test. Below are some of the competitors;

  • 2019 Land Rover Range Rover

  • 2018 Mercedez Benz GLS 550

  • 2019 Ford Explorer

It is a good recommendation for establishments and private owners; for construction companies, there will still be a lot of value left in the Toyota Prado 2019 price in Nigeria after every hectic project. Make sure to visit our car listing section to find the best SUVs for all-round use.

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