Toyota Jeeps prices in Nigeria (RAV4, Highlander, 4Runner, Sequoia & Land Cruiser)

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1. Overview of Toyota Jeeps in Nigeria

Right from its earliest introduction to date, the Toyota brand has had real success in the Nigerian market and remains the biggest auto brand around. Their offerings have warmed the heart of Nigerians, especially as they are durable and economical. One class of their vehicles, the Jeeps, remains a category king in the Nigerian auto industry. This article by will highlight the major Toyota Jeeps prices in Nigeria and we're sure you'll enjoy the read.

Toyota Jeep models included in this post are Toyota RAV4, Toyota Highlander, Toyota 4RunnerToyota Sequoia, and Toyota Land Cruiser.

Please note that all brand new prices in the lists below are MSRP which means Manufacturer's suggested retail price. This doesn't include delivery fees, import tax or clearing cost to Nigeria. The actual price you may have to pay to get a new car shipped to your house in Nigeria can double or even triple the MSRP.


Such Toyota Jeeps as Highlander or 4Runner are all welcome in Nigeria

2. Toyota RAV4 prices in Nigeria & buying guide

It’s no news that Nigeria has the largest market in Africa. So when Toyota launched its debut models in Nigeria in the early 20s, Nigerians greeted the RAV4 with joy. And since then, Toyota has recorded massive sales, while at the same time meeting the desire for luxe cars.

Evaluation of Toyota RAV4
 Advantages  Disadvantages
  • Excellent ride quality
  • Roomy interior
  • Easy-to-use controls
  • Standard driver assist features
  • Copious cargo and passenger seats
  • Off-road capability
  • Dull steering
  • Acceleration is below the average
  • The front passenger seat is largely unaccommodating
  • Noisy engine


Toyota has recorded massive sales of the RAV4 in Nigeria

2.1. Prices of Toyota RAV4 in Nigeria

Below are the prices of new and used Toyota RAV4 in Nigeria. The latest model, 2019 Toyota RAV4 will be featured in separate section later.

    Prices of Toyota RAV4 Jeep in Nigeria
 Model  MSRP*  Tokunbo price  Nigerian used price
 Toyota RAV4 2012  7.7 million – 8.7 million  3.1 million – 4.8 million  1.5 million – 3 million 
 Toyota RAV4 2013  8.8 million – 10.8 million  5.8 million - 8.5 million  4.6 million –  5.1 million
Toyota RAV4 2014 8.5 million – 11 million 5.5 million - 9.5 million 4.2 million - 6.5 million
Toyota RAV4 2015 8.8 million – 11.4 million 7 million - 12.5 million 4.9 million – 9 million
Toyota RAV4 2016 8.8 million – 12.1 million 6.3 million - 14 million 5.3 million  – 9 million
Toyota RAV4 2017 10.8 million – 13.4 million 8 million - 16 million 6.8 million - 12.5 million
Toyota RAV4 2018 9.2 million – 13.4 million 9 million - 22 million 11 million - 13 million

*MSRP: Manufacturer's retail price list, excluding delivery fees, import tax or clearing cost.

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2.2. What to look out for when buying used Toyota RAV4

  • Safety

Safety is one thing to look out for, if you’re considering a used RAV4. The RAV4 has been pretty long in the market, and that also means that with every generation comes a new set of safety features. So, you’d need to check depending on the configurations you need. You wouldn’t buy a 2nd generation and expect that it’d come with safety features as say, a third. So, if you’d prefer one that has the latest safety features, then you should go for the latest generation.

  • Usage

Another thing to consider is usage. You’ll need to check that the car has no damage from any offroading venture, as this would affect performance. You should also look out for rust, because a body that’s free from oxidation is set to run faster, and will be sound in all key areas.

  • Mileage

Miles count too! A RAV4 with a low mileage will give you so much value for your money, and are worth the extra pay. So, when buying, you should check that the alleged mileage matches what the car was initially built with. Just so you don’t end up paying extra for what you thought you had!

Last tip? Get your used RAV4 from a reputable Toyota dealer to mollify any risk involved.

2.3. Toyota RAV4 2019 brief review & prices

The 2019 Toyota RAV4 introduces a fashion that’s unlike the regular. Much so that statistics report that it ranks top in the best selling SUVs in America. It comes with a truck full of lushness, offering quality in key areas. The RAV4 for 2019 gets new features like a more refined all-wheel drive system; and with it, off-roading drive functions. The powertrains get an upgrade as well. On the inside, the RAV4 welcomes all in with high-end functionality and class. On the plus side, it’s got a colourful trim, a panoramic sunroof, ventilated front seats, heated rear seats, an 8inch infotainment screen, Apple Carplay, a host of driver assist features and lots more.

What’s not likeable for a car of that calibre? Well, the leather’s not genuine. The SofTex vinyl gets a substitute, and it isn’t satisfying. Cargo capacity isn’t what you’d expect (pretty low!). Wireless charging is not standard, so is Android Auto. The SUV is not as roomy and that’s something to gripe on about. Rear seat leg room isn’t as fab either! Regardless of all these, the RAV4 is a good buy, and that owes to Toyota’s reliability and sales value over the years. So these shouldn’t put you off.

2019 Toyota RAV4 prices in Nigeria  
Trim level MSRP* in Naira
Toyota RAV4 LE 9.2 million
Toyota RAV4 XLE 10.4 million
Toyota RAV4 XLE Premium 11.2 million
Toyota RAV4 Adventure 11.9 million
Toyota RAV4 Limited 12.6 million


2019 Toyota RAV4 maintains the model's best selling SUV title

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3. Toyota Highlander Jeep prices in Nigeria & buying guide

The Toyota Highlander is popular in Nigeria, and that owes to its adaptable nature. In terms of price, the Highlander is affordable. On the matters of subject and safety, the car is a true stunner. We're not just talking about recent models. In fact, we're fixated more on past models, and how the car has proved itself from thence.

Evaluation of Toyota Highlander Jeep
 Advantages  Disadvantages
  • Standard high-end safety features
  • Great fuel economy with a whacking V6 engine
  • Quiet and smooth ride
  • Controls may require an extended reach time
  • Apple Carplay and Android Auto are not standard
  • The base four-cylinder engine performance is disappointing
  • Third row seat is not as roomy


2019 Highlander comes with comfortable seating, lots of standard safety features

3.1. Prices of Toyota Highlander in Nigeria

Please check below the brand new, Tokunbo and locally used prices of Toyota Highlander Jeep in Nigerian naira. Prices may vary in each situation due to related factors.

    Prices of Toyota Highlander Jeep in Nigeria
 Model  MSRP*  Tokunbo price  Nigerian used price
Toyota Highlander 2012  10.4 million – 16.2 million  5.2 million - 8.2 million  3.5 million - 5.5 million
Toyota Highlander 2013  10 million – 15.5 million  5.8 million - 14.5 million  3.7 million - 6 million
Toyota Highlander 2014 10.8 million – 15.1 million 7.8 million - 14.8 million 5.5 million - 10 million
Toyota Highlander 2015 10.9 million – 11.5 million 10 million - 17.3 million 5.8 million - 12.8 million
Toyota Highlander 2016 10.8 million – 16.2 million 10.7 million - 17.8 million 7.9 million - 16.5 million
Toyota Highlander 2017 8.3 million – 12.7 million 13.5 million - 26 million 14.8 million - 16 million
Toyota Highlander 2018 9.4 million – 14.2 million 18.5 million - 27 million 12 million - 25 million

>>> You can refer to detailed review of some Highlander models as follow: Toyota Highlander 2005Toyota Highlander 2006 and Toyota Highlander 2008

3.2. What to look out for when buying used Toyota Highlander

  • Check the engine

Engines are super expensive. In buying used, you should check that the engine is in good condition, so you wouldn’t have to break the bank to get a new one.

  • Check for rusts

These are inevitable. You should keep your roving eyes everywhere. Whether it’s the bottom, exhaust, mufflers, or radiators; you should check that these are free from dents or rusts.

  • Confirm that standard safety features are there

Check that basic driver assist features are working properly. Features like horn, wipers, brakes, headlights etc., should be double checked for your own safety.

  • Thoroughly inspect the interior

You should check that the interior is truly spick and span. Look out for any holes, leaks or worn out parts. Otherwise when there’s a downpour, the rains may just seep in.

3.3. Toyota Highlander 2019 brief review & prices

The Highlander is the ultimate three-row family vehicle. It's got comfortable seating, lots of standard safety features, a whacking V6 engine and a flawless reputation for value and reliability. Thanks to its weight, the jeep is the perfect car to move around in town, this it does with just the right amount of grace and style. But it's got its bad sides. The third row and cargo area are both limited to a small space area. The infotainment system does not give the options of Apple Carplay and Android Auto. The base four-cylinder engine lacks courage, while on the road. And that's not all.

Nonetheless, the 2019 Highlander offers a suite of delightful options just the same way, and was actually intended for the perfect family. So, if you're the family get-together kind of person, the Highlander's ready to serve.

2019 Toyota Highlander prices in Nigeria  
 Trim level  MSRP in Naira
 Toyota Highlander LE  11.4 million
 Toyota Highlander LE Plus  13.7 million
Toyota Highlander XLE 14.8 million
Toyota Highlander SE 15.4 million
Toyota Highlander Limited 15.9 million
Toyota Highlander Limited Platinum 16.6 million


2019 HighLander LE Base Trim cost about N11.4 million

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4. Toyota 4Runner prices in Nigeria & buying guide

The 4Runner jeep has earned its reputation for being firm and competent. And that’s the reason why at a time the jeep was owned by every Tom, Dick and Harry in Nigeria. You can trust that it’s no different for the latest generations because the car retains its solid ground.

Evaluation of Toyota 4Runner
Advantages Disadvantages
  • An unmatched off-road capability
  • Numerous configurations that suit buyers and are worth the price
  • Smooth acceleration
  • Improved, stable handling
  • There’s plenty of space for cargo
  • Lacks the state-of-the-art driver safety features
  • V6 engine is not fuel-efficient
  • Entry and Egress is not as graceful
  • Ride quality is lacking, compared to other SUVs


Toyota 4Runner is an ideal car for Nigerian terrains

4.1. Prices of Toyota 4Runner in Nigeria

You will find in the table below the new and used Toyota 4Runner prices in Nigeria. The latest price tag of the 2019 model is included in later section.

Prices of Toyota 4Runner Jeep in Nigeria
 Model  MSRP*  Tokunbo price  Nigerian used price
Toyota 4Runner 2012  11.5 million – 16.6 million 9.8 million - 15 million 6 million - 10 million
Toyota 4Runner 2013  11.4 million– 14.8 million 8.5 million - 14 million 7.5 million - 12.5 million
Toyota 4Runner 2014 12.1 million – 15.2 million 9 million - 17.5 million 9 million - 12 million
Toyota 4Runner 2015 11.9 million – 15.1 million 8.8 million - 22 million 9.7 million - 13 million
Toyota 4Runner 2016 10.5 million – 16 million 12 million - 19.5 million 7 million - 12 million
Toyota 4Runner 2017 11.5 million – 15.7 million 16 million - 21.2 million 10 million - 15 million
Toyota 4Runner 2018 12.4 million – 15.8 million 19 million - 22 million 12 million - 18.5 million

>>> Check the older version of 4Runner here: Toyota 4Runner 2005 model: Price in Nigeria, Interior, Owners manual & More (Update in 2019)

4.2. What to look out for when buying used Toyota 4Runner

  • Tire problems

No matter how you look at it, off-roading though attractive, wears out the 4runners’ tires. Tires are often expensive to replace. So it’d be best to check that the tire is in good condition before sealing the deal. Ensure that the tread is not worn out. Also check the sidewalls for any signs. Don’t forget to look out for inconsistencies in tread path across every tire. That’s because these can point to suspension or steering. So, you’d need to be 100% certain.

  • Body damage

Cars with off-roading abilities are common with dents and scratches, and that’s inevitable. On your part, what you should do is to inspect the lower part of the vehicle and be sure that you’re not missing out on any scratch.

  • Check the undercarriage

Off-roading involves driving over rough terrains and rocks. Be it minor or major damages, the undercarriage bears the brunt. So, if you’re considering purchasing a used 4runner, you should check that the fuel tank is not dented, the exhaust pipes are not damaged, and the chassis is immune from dents.

  • Examine the dash for cracks

4runners produced within 2003- 2009 often suffered a crack or melt to the dashboard. And it was a widespread problem at the time. Todays’ models however, tell a different story, and the ones that experienced such have been fixed. Nonetheless, you should still check if you’re buying from that generation.

4.3.Toyota 4Runner 2019 brief review & prices

The Toyota 4Runner gets even more popular with time, and sells exponentially with every creation that’s launched into the market. And it’s no different for 2019. The irresistible kind, the SUV is what most SUV lovers would rather opt in for. Of itself, the 4runner is rugged in every way. The bonnet comes packed with a 4.0 liter V6 engine, delivering a smashing 270hp. Talk more of the five speed automatic transmission that allows for an insane acceleration up to 60mph in less than 8 seconds. Rad!

Around the edges, the SUV is rough. What’s commendable is its rugged, off-road ability. Its truck-like build, copious ground clearance and legitimate hardware all play roles to distinguish the family-friendly SUV from competitors in its class.The cabin is fantabulous, and makes for easy use with its large buttons that specifies which dial goes for which function. What’s more? Driving experience is not as cumbersome as you’d expect from truck-like, off-road SUVs.

With these, it’s not totally safe to say that the Toyota 4runner is the perfect car. That’s because it suffers huge drawbacks. First, it lacks the accident-avoidance technology that’s common in other Toyota models. Second, the jeep cannot match the on-road high-class style and fuel economy that most crossover SUVs are usually built with. That said, if you think you can live with the disadvantages, then just go for it. The 4runner will definitely prove that it’s not ‘4runner’ for nothing.

>>> See full pics and specs of this car here: Toyota RAV4 2019 premiered at 2018 New York Auto Show

  2019 Toyota 4Runner prices in Nigeria
 Trim level  MSRP in Naira
 Toyota 4runner SR5  13 million
 Toyota 4runner SR5 Premium  14 million
Toyota 4runner TRD Off-Road 12.7 million
Toyota 4runner TRD Off-Road Premium 14.6 million
Toyota 4runner TRD Pro 16.9 million
Toyota 4runner Limited 16.5 million
Toyota 4runner Limited Nightshade 17 million


The 4runner jeep has earned its reputation for being firm and competent

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5. Toyota Sequoia prices in Nigeria & buying guide

Just like other Toyota Jeeps, Toyota Sequoia is highly embraced for its reliability and handling performance. Check our brief evaluation of Toyota Sequoia in the table below!

Evaluation of Toyota Sequoia  
 Advantages  Disadvantages
  •  Cargo area is the pride and joy of this SUV
  • Over bumps, ride quality is amazing
  • Seating arrangement is relatively flexible, even allowing for up to 8 passengers
  • The Sequoia is a true born King at off-roading
  •  Fuel economy is very poor
  • The touchscreen is not robust, and outdated
  • Controls are hard to reach


You can think of some modifications to transform your Sequoia like this

5.1. Prices of Toyota Sequoia in Nigeria

We include below the brand new, foreign used and locally used prices of Toyota Sequoia in Nigeria for your reference. Please note these numbers may vary at dealerships as well as some other fees related.

When buying a used Toyota Sequoia, please refer back to other tips of buying any used Jeep model. You should always inspect the vehicle carefully inside out to avoid any trouble, as well as test drive the car to grab an overview of its performance on road.

    Prices of Toyota Sequoia Jeep in Nigeria
Model MSRP* Tokunbo price Nigerian used price 
Toyota Sequoia 2012 15.1 million – 18.7 million  6.5 million - 11.5 million  5 million - 7 million
Toyota Sequoia 2013 15.5 million – 18.9 million  8.7 million - 13.5 million  6 million - 7.8 million
Toyota Sequoia 2014 15.7 million – 52.5 million 11 million - 15 million 7.2 million - 9.5 million
Toyota Sequoia 2015 16.2 million – 22.4 million 11.2 million - 16.5 million 7.5 million - 12 million
Toyota Sequoia 2016 16.6 million – 20.5 million N/A N/A
Toyota Sequoia 2017 16.8 million – 20.3 million N/A N/A
Toyota Sequoia 2018 17.9 million – 21.3 million N/A N/A

5.2. 2019 Toyota Sequoia brief review

The 2019 Toyota Sequoia is built with a truck-like structure that’s based upon most traditional SUVs. The Sequoia seats seven, but an eight-seat configuration is also available. There’s ample space, lots of nooks and crannies to stock up on your favorite road-trip conveniences. More than that, when you fold the second and third-row seats, cargo space triples. Though installed with a standard rear wheel drive, a four wheel drive is also an option. Indulge in the latter and you get an off-road capability that’s completely competent.

The upgraded suspension makes for better handling and a high level of performance over tough roads. That’s on the TRD sport package though. Functionality is the major theme in the Sequoia; however its drawbacks cannot be ignored. The V8 engine is not a efficient. The infotainment system lacks full smartphone integration capability.Regardless of these, the Toyota Sequoia delivers exceptionally, soliciting its passengers with a great sense of appeal.

2019 Toyota Sequoia prices in Nigeria  
 Trim level  MSRP in Naira
 Toyota Sequoia Base SR5  17.7 million

Toyota Sequoia TRD Sport Limited

 20.7 million
Toyota Sequoia TRD Sport Platinum 24.5 million


The 2019 Toyota Sequoia is built on a truck-like Platform

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6. Toyota Land Cruiser prices in Nigeria & buying guide

The last name to be featured on our list of Toyota Jeeps prices in Nigeria today is Toyota Land Cruiser. When mentioning this big guy, you shouldn't question much about its performance off road, but you need to be careful with its fuel consumption. Anyway, this is our brief evaluation of this model, check out!

Evaluation of Toyota Land Cruiser  
Advantages Disadvantages
  •  Impressive off-road ability
  • Ride quality is comfortable
  • Has a way of announcing its presence while on the road
  •  The third row seats are far from comfy and lack space
  • Fuel economy is poor
  • Smartphone connectivity is restricted


Having a bulletproof Toyota Land Cruiser is the dream of all drivers in Nigeria

6.1. Prices of Toyota Land Cruiser in Nigeria

The table below shows you brand new, Tokunbo and Nigerian used prices of Toyota Land Cruiser in naira. These figures may change due to several factors such as delivery fees or currency exchange rates.

   Prices of Toyota Land Cruiser in Nigeria
Model MSRP* Tokunbo price Nigerian used price
 Toyota Land Cruiser 2012 22.4 million 13.7 million - 25.5 million 8.3 million - 40 million
 Toyota Land Cruiser 2013 28.2 million 18 million - 76 million 12.5 million - 45.5 million
Toyota Land Cruiser 2014 28.8 million 18.5 million - 50 million 12.5 million - 47 million
Toyota Land Cruiser 2015 29.2 million 23 million - 67 million 16.5 million - 37 million
Toyota Land Cruiser 2016 30.6 million 17.7 million - 75 million 20 million - 55 million
Toyota Land Cruiser 2017 22.6 million - 25.3 million 17.5 million - 70 million 23 million - 42 million
Toyota Land Cruiser 2018 30.5 million 28.5 million - 85 million 20 million - 45 million

6.2. What to look out for when buying used Toyota Land Cruiser

  • The engine

When buying used, you would want to check the engine first. You wouldn’t want to spend a fortune on a car, and have to replace the engine afterwards. So, before taking a pick, you should check that there are no leakages, water stains or squeaks.  That’s because these could be pointers to a declining turbocharger.

  • The drivetrain

You wouldn't be able to guarantee that the four wheel system is working fine, except when it exercises its function off-road. On that note, you should play away the switches. In your little venture, check that the shift quality is suave. Don't forget to check the engagement is natural, and appears unforced.

6.3. 2019 Toyota Land Cruiser brief review & prices

‘On-road manners’ is the major characteristic of the 2019 Land Cruiser, a far cry from the old, rugged Toyota Land Cruisers we’ve come to know. Today, the Land Cruiser is a huge blockbuster, making quite the grand appearance on the road. Thanks to its truck-like construction, four-wheel drive, its defiant off-road software, and the last but not the least powerful V8 engine. What’s not to like? Through the city and on the highway, it’s estimated at 15mpg combined. That’s not grand. Even worse is its slow, weighty steering that makes it difficult to journey through the city and maneuver through parking lots.

Alas! The interior’s got some compensation. The front passengers get a tidbit of luxury and worthwhile ergonomics. The rear passengers are even more blessed (although the seats are pretty low). However, these are things to manage, if you’re looking for fine, abundance luxury and creature comforts. These are the Land Cruisers’ super powers.

2019 Toyota Land Cruiser prices in Nigeria  
 Trim level  MSRP in Naira
2019 Toyota Land Cruiser V8 4dr 4x4 30.7 million


Toyota Land Cruiser has a way of announcing its presence with a grandness

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7. Conclusion

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