Toyota Highlander Prices in Nigeria (Update in 2020)

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Let's check out our article about the up-to-date Toyota Highlander prices in Nigeria, covering its brand new, foreign used and locally used units.

The ​​Toyota Highlander is a name that you can’t skip when it comes to the best SUVs on the auto market. It was launched in late 2000 and immediately become one of the best-selling models of Toyota. It is developed from the same car platform as the Toyota Camry.

In Nigeria, the Highlander has been welcomed enthusiastically and obviously become one of the most favorite SUVs on our shores.  

Like other Toyota vehicles for sale, the Highlander's spare parts are easy to find and also have affordable prices. This thanks to its popularity in the automotive industry. Its newest 2018 model has received more awesomeness and sophistication to its already striking look.

Toyota Highlander on the road

In Nigeria, the Highlander has been welcomed enthusiastically

Now, let’s check the up-to-date Toyota Highlander prices in Nigeria, conducted by

1. Prices of brand new Toyota Highlander in Nigeria

The Toyota Highlander has been still available with brand new units. So you can easily drive home an all-new Highland, especially models from 2010 to 2018. You can buy via international distributors or Toyota companies worldwide.

Toyota Highlander on the road

The Toyota Highlander has been still available with brand new units

Although the all-new Toyota Highlander’s prices are influenced by fluctuating tariff and customs fees, clearance and currency exchange rate, buyers can still purchase one from N20 million to N28 million, depending on which version you will get and its clearance charges. The newest 2018 model is priced from N30 million to N32 million, consisting of clearance settlements and customs charges.

2. Foreign-Used Toyota Highlander prices in Nigeria

If your budget is not generous enough to get a brand new Highlander, buying a tokunbo unit is not a bad idea. A tokunbo Toyota Highlander may not be as fresh and shiny as an all-new unit, it still retains the excellence of the brand.

In fact, the total sales of tokunbo Highlander in Nigeria is much higher than that of brand-new models. This is mainly because of their ease in buying, more affordable prices and also freshness and well maintenance.

Toyota Highlander angular front

In fact, the total sales of tokunbo Highlander in Nigeria is much higher than that of brand-new models

Most versions of the Highlander are sold in the foreign used auto market. Except for the 2018 model year which hasn’t released worldwide, the foreign-used Highlander can be easily bought from car distributors and dealers all over the world.

The foreign used Toyota Highlander prices vary because of some certain factors including fuel mileage, the vehicle's state and the year of production (model).

Let’s check out the prices of different models of Tokunbo Toyota Highlander in Nigeria:

 Foreign-Used Toyota Highlander price list in Nigeria
Model Prices in Naira
Tokunbo Toyota Highlander 2001 price N3 million – N3.2 million
Tokunbo Toyota Highlander 2002 price N3 million – N3.3 million
Tokunbo Toyota Highlander 2003 price N3.1 million – N3.4 million
Tokunbo Toyota Highlander 2004 price N3 million – N3.7 million
Tokunbo Toyota Highlander 2005 price N3.4 million – N3.8 million
Tokunbo Toyota Highlander 2006 price N3.6 million – N4 million
Tokunbo Toyota Highlander 2007 price N3.9 million – N4.2 million
Tokunbo Toyota Highlander 2008 price N4.5 million – N6 million
Tokunbo Toyota Highlander 2009 price N4.8 million – N7 million
Tokunbo Toyota Highlander 2010 price N5 million – N8 million
Tokunbo Toyota Highlander 2011 price N7.5 million – N9 Million
Tokunbo Toyota Highlander 2012 price N8 million – N10 Million
Tokunbo Toyota Highlander 2013 price N8 million – N13 Million
Tokunbo Toyota Highlander 2014 price N10 Million – N15 Million
Tokunbo Toyota Highlander 2015 price N14 Million – N17 Million
Tokunbo Toyota Highlander 2016 price N16 Million – N19 Million

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3. Locally used Toyota Highlander prices in Nigeria

Actually, Nigerian used Highlander are usually less expensive than tokunbo units. Although the Nigerian used model seems to lose its general freshness, its quality is often at a good level. That is one of the strong points of this type of car.

Remember that the prices depend on the car’s condition, fuel mileage, neatness and version.

Take a look at the list below to know Locally used Toyota Highlander average prices for its various versions.

 Locally used Toyota Highlander price list in Nigeria
Model Prices in Naira
Nigerian used Toyota Highlander 2001 price N1.7 million – N1.8 million
Nigerian used Toyota Highlander 2002 price N1.6 million – N1.8 million
Nigerian used Toyota Highlander 2003 price N1.7 million – N9 million
Nigerian used Toyota Highlander 2004 price N1.8 million – N2 million
Nigerian used Toyota Highlander 2005 price N2 million – N2.2 million
Nigerian used Toyota Highlander 2006 price N2.2 million – N2.8 million
Nigerian used Toyota Highlander 2007 price N2.5 million – N3.5 million
Nigerian used Toyota Highlander 2008 price N3.8 million – N5.5 million
Nigerian used Toyota Highlander 2009 price N3.8 million – N5.5 million
Nigerian used Toyota Highlander 2010 price N3.8 million – N5.5 million
Nigerian used Toyota Highlander 2011 price N3.8 million – N5.5 million
Nigerian used Toyota Highlander 2012 price N3.8 million – N5.5 million
Nigerian used Toyota Highlander 2013 price N6 million – N7 million
Nigerian used Toyota Highlander 2014 price N6.5 million – N8.5 million
Nigerian used Toyota Highlander 2015 price N7 million – N9 million
Nigerian used Toyota Highlander 2016 price N8 million – N10 million

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4. Something you should know about the Toyota Highlander

Toyota Highlander is a 3-row crossover which is capable of providing everything you might expect for a SUV car for sale in Nigeria. This Toyota model boasts one of the most beautiful cabins in its segment with a great luxury and spaciousness.

The Highlander has a total of 6 versions in its lineup including the Limited Platinum, Limited, SE, XLE, LE Plus and LE. It can load up to 8 people with ease, along with an excellent handling capability.

The newest Toyota Highlander models come equipped with essential features consisting of an 8-inch touchscreen, integrated navigation, automatic climate control, USB ports, voice recognition and Bluetooth phone pairing.

2016 Toyota Highlander - Review and Road Test

Toyota Highlander seats

It can load up to 8 people with ease, along with an excellent handling capability

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5. Toyota Highlander pros and con

5.1. Pros of the Toyota Highlander

  • Great fuel efficiency

If you are seeking an SUV that comes with a friendly fuel mileage, the newest Toyota Highlander is a great choice for you. The Highlander's 2018 and 2017 models drink a 29 mpg on average without putting any effect to the car's smooth ride and good performance. 

  • High-end safety features

For most of all car buyers, safety is always one of the most prioritized things when buying a car. The newest Highlanders can ensure this factor for you. These models are armed with a lengthy list of top-notch safety features including pedestrian detection, an automatic braking tech and adaptive cruise control. The car also has a 360- degree camera which can further improve outside visibility.

  • Powerful V6 engine

Like all Toyota cars, the Highlander is also armed with strong engines. Its newest models boast V6 engines which can crank out 295 hp and 357 Nm of torque. The engine promises to defeat any terrain on the go. 

  • Responsive transmission

The all-new 8-speed automatic transmission is more responsive and also improve shifts to be smoother. This brings more excitement while driving. 

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5.2. Cons of the Toyota Highlander

Compared to other well-known SUVs, the Highlander's third row seems to be less impressive. It can comfort just kids while adults may feel a bit inconvenient on long journeys. 

Although the Highlander is equipped with a strong V6 engine, its handling capability is still not good enough on very tough terrains, especially on hardcore rough road condition. This is led by the lack of protection in the undercarriage, which also can make the parts at the base may get damaged easily.

6. Conclusion

With its impressive interior space, Toyota Highlander gains affection from a large number of householders who is longing for a roomy family transport. It's understandable why Highlander hits its peak sale in many countries, specifically in Nigeria.

That's all about Toyota Highlander prices in Nigeria on Car Prices. Hope you find it useful in making up your mind whether to buy this car or not.

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