Toyota HiAce 2006 price in Nigeria, review & maintenance tips

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1. Overview of Toyota HiAce bus 2006 in Nigeria

The fifth generation of the HiAce family with code name H200 is where the Toyota HiAce bus 2006 model belongs, the H200 was manufactured from the year 2004 and launched as a D-4D variant. The H200 saw a complete redesign in body appearance and it also restructured the gear lever and was moved to the dashboard for easy movement in the cabin, the sales began with a wide long-wheelbase design and a wide super long-wheelbase design with high roof in late 2004.

Today the Toyota HiAce bus has taken over the transportation system in Nigeria in various ways; it has made more profits for drivers to maintain their cars, and passengers to travel comfortably. The improved quality of the HiAce bus over the years has given it a lead in Nigeria’s market and more credit to the Toyota automobile industry.

For that, would feel sorry without giving our beloved readers an article on the Toyota HiAce bus 2006 price in Nigeria, review & maintenance tips and here it is.


The HiAce is considered one of the biggest names in commercial transportation in Nigeria

Toyota HiAce bus 2006 trims

This model is available in one trim and three configurations which are:

  • Toyota HiAce Commuter
  • Toyota HiAce Long Wheelbase (LWB)
  • Toyota HiAce Super Long Wheelbase (SLWB)

Our price list below also includes detailed pricing for each trim level.

2. Prices of Toyota HiAce Bus 2006 in Nigeria

The Toyota HiAce bus 2006 can be found in foreign-used and Nigerian-used models for sale as The Toyota company no longer produces this model of the 2006 HiAce which has currently been replaced by the newer model years.

Foreign-used Toyota HiAce bus 2006 price in Nigeria

Model Price
Tokunbo Toyota HiAce LWB 2006 ₦5 million - ₦8 million
Tokunbo Toyota HiAce SLWB 2006 ₦5 million - ₦8.5 million
Tokunbo Toyota HiAce GL Grandia 2006 ₦6 million - ₦9 million
Tokunbo Toyota HiAce Super Grandia 2006 ₦6 million - ₦10 million
Tokunbo Toyota HiAce Commuter 2006 ₦5 million - ₦7.6 million

Going for a Nigerian-used Toyota Hiace bus 2006 for sale would be an economic alternative as the prices drop for the specs of the vehicles as well as the reduction of the shipping cost.

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Locally-used Toyota HiAce 2006 price in Nigeria

Trim level Price
Nigerian-used Toyota HiAce LWB 2006  ₦2.5 million - ₦5 million
Nigerian-used Toyota HiAce SLWB 2006 ₦2.5 million - ₦5 million
Nigerian-used Toyota HiAce GL 2006 Grandia ₦2.8 million - ₦6 million
Nigerian-used Toyota HiAce Super Grandia 2006 ₦3 million - ₦6 million
Nigerian-used Toyota HiAce Commuter 2006 ₦2.5 million - ₦4.8 million


The Nigerian-used Toyota HiAce 2006 save you more money compared to the Tokunbo option

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3. Toyota HiAce bus 2006 Exterior & Interior design

The Toyota HiAce 2006 is given an exterior design of a 4-door bus, sliding doors on both sides, a liftgate, an improved Halogen headlamp, conventional side mirrors, fog light, 15-inch tires, and rims. It takes a more box-like shape which earned it its nickname in Nigeria as “Hummer bus”.


The Toyota HiAce bus 2006 takes on sliding doors on both sides

This model of the HiAce had been made more spacious than its predecessor to provide a comfortable legroom for both drivers and passengers. There are 15 full-leather seats, automatic adjustable driver's seat, drivers and passenger seatbelt, and airbags for safety. The air conditioning vents, gear lever, power mirror controls are on the plastic dashboard as well as the adjustable steering wheel.


Inside the Toyota HiAce bus 2006, you can see the safety belts are equipped for every seat

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4. Toyota HiAce 2006 Performance & Features

The Toyota HiAce bus 2006 model features a 2.7-liter 4-cylinder engine, producing a max output of 160 hp at 5200 rpm, driving on a 5-speed automatic transmission system or a 5-speed manual transmission system depending on the configuration. It can accelerate from 0-60 mph under 11 seconds, as it records fuel consumption of 11.1L per 100km.

The 2006 Hiace has extra features that confirm its improvement from the previous model. These specifications include;

  • Sound speakers distributed inside the bus

  • Day and night automatic rearview mirrors

  • Ports for USB connections

  • Air conditioning system


The engine of Toyota HiAce bus 2006 is right under the front row seat

Safety features in Toyota HiAce bus 2006

The Toyota HiAce bus 2006 comes standard with the safety features listed below:

  • Adequate seat belts.

  • Airbags.

  • Antilock brakes (ABS).

  • Central lock system for security.

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5. Pros and cons of Toyota HiAce bus 2006

Advantages of Toyota HiAce 2006

Listed below are the things you might love about the Toyota HiAce 2006:

  • Anti Lock braking system.

  • High rigidity body.

  • It is durable and reliable.

  • The interior is spacious.

  • It has top safety features.

  • Youn will benefit from low maintenance cost

  • It has good steering handling


Some think the HiAce 2006 should be designed with a twin door

Disadvantages of Toyota HiAce 2006

Buying the HiAce 2006, you should be aware of those cons you will have to handle with:

  • High fuel consumption rate

  • Quite expensive to buy a brand new one

6. Tips for buying & maintaining used Toyota HiAce 2006 in Nigeria

How to check used Toyota HiAce 2006 before purchase

The function of commercial vehicles is to shuttle distances very often and this means they should be replaced or maintained regularly; buying a used Toyota HiAce bus 2006 in Nigeria needs some additional caution, and we have added some tips to guide you. Follow these guides below to buy a good bus;

  • Inspect the body quality of the bus.

  • Check out the interior for broken handles, leakages and torn upholstery.

  • Listen to the engine sound and check for smoke from the exhaust.

  • Inspect the indicators and headlight quality.

  • Go along with an expert technician to help you observe the bus you are about to buy.

  • Take the car on a road test drive to observe how it handles and responds to your controls.

How to maintain Toyota Hiace bus 2006 in Nigeria

We have also added the basic things to do when you have bought the HiAce bus to keep it active and functional:

  • Inspect tires to maintain recommended pressure levels.

  • Take it to your trusted mechanic workshop for proper services once in two months.

  • Change engine oil and replace oil filter after covering about 3000 miles.

  • Take note of potholes and road bumps while driving.

  • Inspect hydraulics and make sure there is no leakage.

  • Add hydraulic brake fluid and power steering fluid when they reduce (Read: How to check and maintain car fluid levels).

  • Pay more attention to engine sound and always make sure your fan belt or engine belt is in order.


Ensure you maintain the HiAce bus to keep it functional

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These hints are adequate guides to help you enjoy your commercial vehicle for a considerable amount of time before you plan to replace them with later versions of the model.


7. About Toyota brand in Nigeria

The Toyota company, the most popular car brand in Nigeria, is a Japanese car manufacturer with so much presence in Nigeria with a lot of vehicles for private and commercial users alike. They own the HiAce bus which has enhanced the commercial transportation system and convey equipment, passengers and goods in Nigeria. The design of this vehicle enables very low maintaining costs, additional strength to ride on rough roads, high-durability, and more reliable qualities; all these happen to be a trademark of Toyota in Nigeria.

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8. Conclusion

The Toyota HiAce bus 2006 is one of the leading vehicles when it comes to commercial transportation in Nigeria, its features has made it stand out in handling while remaining very durable and reliable. It got a rating of three stars for its great safety features that help in reducing the risk of life loss in the case of an accident. We encourage you to check our car listing section for the different HiAce buses you could pick as your next buy.

We, at, hope this article on the Toyota HiAce bus 2006 price in Nigeria helps.

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