Toyota HiAce 1999 price in Nigeria - What the van driver community expects the most

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Overview of Toyota HiAce 1999

The Japanese automobile company, Toyota has proven to be very reliable with its automobile production and many Nigerians already trust the brand for private and commercial vehicles, hence topping the list of 10 brands that dominate the used car market in Nigeria. The Toyota brand made the maintenance cost of their products very low by making sure the spare parts are available; so with proper maintenance, their vehicles can serve for more than 20 years.

When it comes to van and minivans, it is always the Toyota HiAce that is in the spotlight. The successful light commercial van has been in the market for more than 50 years (first available in 1967) but still maintains its inevitable impact onto the car enthusiast community.

Among six generations the Japanese carmaker has brought out, the 20-year-old HiAce 1999, surprisingly, is one of the most popular vehicles in Nigeria. This model is designed as a commercial van which is listed among the fourth generation of the vehicle body redesign with the code name of H100. The design of the H100 first appeared in 1989 with an improved design of the previous generation, available in the standard and long-wheelbase van, grand cabin standard, and long-wheelbase van and long and super long wheelbase van with high roof.

Today let's be with decoding the Toyota HiAce 1999 price in Nigeria, reviews, and buying guide. Just dive in!


The Toyota HiAce 1999 came in different body type designs varying from 3 to 5-door

Prices of Toyota HiAce 1999 in Nigeria

The HiAce 1999 has no brand-new models because there are recent generations and models that have replaced it in production. It can only be available in the foreign-used and Nigerian-used grades, and we will look at their prices below.

  • Prices of Tokunbo Toyota HiAce 1999 in Nigeria

Like other foreign used cars, Tokunbo Toyota HiAce 1999 are a bit more expensive than their locally used counterparts. Also, their prices can vary following changes in currency exchange rate, custom clearing cost and import tax. Make sure you have a reliable agent or dealership to get that Tokunbo car for you.

Foreign-used Toyota HiAce 1999 prices in Nigeria

Toyota HiAce trims Price
Tokunbo Toyota HiAce DX 1999  ₦3 million - ₦4.5 million
 Tokunbo Toyota HiAce Grandia 1999  ₦3 million - ₦5.5 million
 Tokunbo Toyota HiAce GL 1999  ₦3 million - ₦5.5 million
 Tokunbo Toyota HiAce Commuter 1999  ₦3 million - ₦4.5 million


The Toyota HiAce 1999 is one of the most popular in the past and even today referring to the vans

  • Prices of Nigerian used Toyota HiAce 1999 in Nigeria

The price range of the locally-used Toyota HiAce bus 1999 model is given below. When buying a Nigerian used HiAce bus, please inspect the vehicle carefully. It's best if you can bring along a trusted mechanic to check bus components with you.

Locally-used Toyota HiAce bus 1999 prices in Nigeria

 Toyota HiAce trims Price
 Nigerian-used Toyota HiAce DX 1999  ₦1 million - ₦2 million
 Nigerian-used Toyota HiAce Grandia 1999  ₦1.5 million - ₦2 million
 Nigerian-used Toyota HiAce GL 1999  ₦1.5 million - ₦2 million
 Nigerian-used Toyota HiAce Commuter 1999  ₦850,000 - ₦2 million

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Design of Toyota HiAce 1999

The Toyota HiAce 1999 was designed with the number of doors ranging from 3 to 5 doors for different emphasized purposes. It features sliding doors for both the right and left sides. Furthermore, a straight-faced body design, moonroof for the front seat area, single 14-inch tires and rims, a liftgate, and side mirrors easily accentuate the exterior design.


The sideview of the Toyota HiAce 1999

With its capacity to give comfortable legroom to 15 occupants, the interior of the Toyota HiAce 1999 is considered commodious for all the driver, front and rear passengers.

The safety features introduce a dual airbag, manually adjustable driver's seat, manual adjustable side mirrors, leather power steering, combined leather/material seats and a plastic dashboard.

Generally speaking, the interior, for its ameliorated comfort, puts a satisfied smile on the face of everyone who decides to move from the previous generations to the Toyota HiAce 1999.


The HiAce 1999 can be proud of the spacious interior for up to 15 occupants

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Engine & Fuel Economy of Toyota HiAce 1999

The H100 features a 2.0-liter 4-inline cylinder petrol engine with 16 valves producing a maximum power of 84kW and torque of 196Nm. This engine functions with a 5-speed manual transmission system operating a rear-wheel-drive drivetrain, and it records fuel consumption of 9.8 liters per 100km.


The engine of a Toyota HiAce 1999 is positioned beneath the front seats

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Safety and Specifications of Toyota HiAce 1999

The technology level in the Toyota HiAce 1999 already started seeing innovative advancements and specific additions come along with this car as well, all of which secures its place in the List of Nigerian-spec Toyota models for arduous Nigerian roads. Let's take a look at some of them below;

  • Central door lock for safety and security

  • Rack and Pinion power steering type

  • The design supports a rear-wheel drivetrain

  • Driver and passenger airbag

  • Air conditioning system

  • Spare tire

  • Stereo set 

Pros of Toyota HiAce in Nigeria

  • This model is reliable for different functions

  • It is affordable for start-up businesses

  • The fuel consumption rate is low

  • Very good second hand value

  • Comfortable interior room

Cons of Toyota HiAce in  Nigeria

  • Old technology model when compared with today’s market

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Tips for buying & maintaining Toyota HiAce 1999 in Nigeria

How to buy a good Toyota HiAce 1999 in Nigeria

This really old vehicle proves to have very good second-hand value, but the idea of its durability may deceive buyers into buying the wrong vehicle. There are some important things to check for, and we will point them out below;

  • Check carefully for body and chassis rust.
  • Listen to engine sounds and inspect the emission for smoking.
  • Ensure that the headlights and indicators work properly.
  • Take your trusted mechanic alongside when going for inspection to go on a road test.

How to maintain Toyota HiAce 1999


Make sure you get a capable mechanic to maintain the Toyota Hiace 1999

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The commercial vehicles produced by Toyota are durable, spacious, fuel conserving and very effective in conveying a lot of passengers and their goods across various terrains. The Toyota HiAce 1999 equipped with any of these specifications you settle for will deliver your desired work. Considering features, the Hiace 1999 offers a good power steering for better control that keeps it stable on the road. Plus, there will be options for you to choose between petrol or diesel engines. If these are enticing enough to lead you to the decision of buying the Toyota Hiace in Nigeria, navigate right to our Cars for sale section and get yourself one.

You have reached the end of our Toyota HiAce 1999 price in Nigeria, review, and buying guide article, there are more similar articles that can be found in our Reviews and Car Prices sections, discover them now!

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