Toyota Corolla 2015 price in Nigeria, review & used car buying guide

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Overview of Toyota Corolla 2015

Toyota Corolla 2015 is one outstanding midsize car of good and reliable performance. It comes with standard interior design with functional keys logically arranged and user friendly. This Corolla comes in 4-different trims, the base L trim, LE, LE Eco and S trims. All but the base L trim come in Plus and Premium packages which are upgraded version of the original trim. They are all powered by an 1.8 Liter 4-inline cylinder engine along with either a 4-speed manual or 6-speed automatic transmission in the base L trim and Continuous Variable Transmission in other upper trims delivering excellent fuel economy figures.

The Corolla is sculptured with a body structure that is reliable and solid. The safety features infused in this year’s models especially in the upper trim levels makes the 2015 Corolla the first choice among its competitors like Ford Focus, Mazda 3, Honda Civic etc. And today, Naijauto will bring you the list of Toyota Corolla 2015 prices in Nigeria. But before that, let's briefly look through the pros and cons of 2015 Corolla to see whether it's the car you want or not.


Corolla 2015 has a well sculptured and beautifully designed exterior body

Toyota Corolla 2015 strengths:

  • Standard Cabin and dashboard made with quality materials
  • Enough leg and headroom for passengers
  • Control keys and knobs that are user friendly
  • Good infotainment system with 6.1 touchscreen display
  • Standard safety features and equipment
  • Less or no noise in the cabin when driving
  • Excellent fuel efficiency

Toyota Corolla 2015 weaknesses:

  • Low quality materials and equipment in the base L trim
  • Relative low acceleration.

Now when you have had an overview on this model, take a look at its price list in Nigeria below!

Prices of Toyota Corolla 2015 in Nigeria

Toyota Corolla is a very popular model in Nigeria; the reason lies in its reliability and affordability. You should never worry whether the amount you pay for your Corolla is worth it. See the prices of Toyota Corolla in Nigeria for both new and used models below and you'll understand why.

  • Brand new Toyota Corolla 2015 prices in Nigeria

You should be able to get brand new model of the 2015 Toyota Corolla as the series is just four years old since it went into production. The following table displays the prices of the 2015 Toyota Corolla by trims.

Please note that these figures are manufacturer's suggested retail prices, which does not include delivery fees and may vary at different car dealerships. To know the exact price at a certain dealer, please contact them directly for a quote.

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Prices of brand new Toyota Corolla 2015 by trim
Model Price in Nigeria
Toyota Corolla 2015 base L trim ₦6,127,425
Toyota Corolla 2015 LE ₦6,711,247
Toyota Corolla 2015 LE Plus ₦6,855,847
Toyota Corolla 2015 LE Premium ₦7,962,037
Toyota Corolla 2015 LE Eco ₦6,855,847
Toyota Corolla 2015 LE Eco Plus ₦7,108,897
Toyota Corolla 2015 LE Eco Premium ₦8,215,087
Toyota Corolla 2015 S ₦6,938,992
Toyota Corolla 2015 S Plus  ₦7,770,442
Toyota Corolla 2015 S Premium ₦8,298,232
  • Tokunbo Toyota Corolla 2015 prices in Nigeria

Buying as foriegn used Toyota Corolla 2015 appears to be the better choice compared to the Nigerian used options, as these foreign used cars are always in better shape physically and mechanically. Also note that prices of foreign used cars depend on currency exchange rate, custom clearing cost and some pop-up fees in shipping process. Please check the table below for current prices of foreign used Toyota Corolla 2015.

Prices of foreign used Toyota Corolla 2015 by trim  
Model Price in Nigeria
Tokunbo Toyota Corolla 2015 base L Trim ₦2.8 million - ₦5.0 million

Tokunbo Toyota Corolla 2015 LE Trims

(LE, LE Eco, LE Eco Plus, LE Eco Premium)

₦3.6 million - ₦5.5 million

Tokunbo Toyota Corolla 2015 S Trims

(S, S Plus, S Premium)

₦3.9 million - ₦6.5 million
  • Nigerian used Toyota Corolla 2015 prices in Nigeria

Finally we have the Nigerian used options of 2015 Toyota Corolla. This appears to be the cheapest and easiest purchase option as will not have to pay for import duties and other expenses involved in importation from abroad. However, it will be wise if you consulted your mechanic and let him have a thorough look at the car before you commit to the purchase. The car condition of locally used Corolla can't be guaranteed. You should be extra careful to avoid stolen or accidented cars.

Price of locally used cars may not vary much according to trim levels but more to the car condition.

  Prices of locally used Toyota Corolla 2015 in Nigeria
Model Price
Toyota Corolla 2015 all trims  ₦3.6 million - ₦6.8 million

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Interior & exterior of Toyota Corolla 2015

Considering what is obtainable with other 2015 midsize cars, 2015 Toyota Corolla undoubtedly offers one of the best Cabins delivered with some of the best interior materials. The dashboard is thoughtfully designed with the functional control keys and knobs logically arranged to be more accessible and user friendly. It comes with adjustable front and backseats (in the upper trims) which are relaxing and comfortable especially when doing long trips. The interior is generally designed to enhance passengers’ convenience, though the interior features differ with trims.

  • Toyota Corolla 2015 base L trim

The Corolla base L trim is equipped with the basic standard features you can ever see in any midsize car. It comes with tilt and telescoping steering wheel, powered electronics accessories, air conditioning system, adjustable driver seat, Bluetooth connectivity, iPod/USB ports, auxiliary controls, 60/40 split folding backseat, auxiliary audio jack and CD media player with a 4-surrounding sound system.

  • Toyota Corolla 2015 LE trims

The LE trim makes additional features like 6” touchscreen media display, variable intermittent wiper, keyless entry, heated mirror, rearview camera, auto climatic control, voice control, upgraded media player with a 6-surrounding sound system, phonebook, cruise control and 16” steel wheel.

More so, the LE Plus also adds keyless entry and ignition, sunroof, an antenna on the roof, HD radio, navigation system, satellite radio and Entune App Suite mobile-Application. In the LE Premium, features in LE Plus are significantly upgraded and also adds premium vinyl upholstery, power adjustable driver seat and heated front seats.


2015 Corolla comes with either a 4-speed manual or 6-speed automatic transmission in the base L trim

  • Toyota Corolla 2015 LE Eco trim

The Corolla LE Eco trim shares the features with the LE trim but also makes additional features like the rear spoiler, upgraded aerodynamics system and 15” steel wheel. LE Eco Plus and Premium trims are also available. These two trims have the same mode of driving like that of LE Eco trim. Features in the Premium are upgraded version of the LE Premium while the LE Eco plus comes with additional chrome window trim and 16” alloy wheels.

  • Toyota Corolla 2015 Sport trim S

Lastly, the Sport trim S, comes with a sport driving mode unlike the other trims, leather wrapped steering wheel, rear spoiler, paddle shifter, sport instrumentation, color keyed mirrors, trip computer and 17” alloy wheel uniquely covered. This trim also comes in Plus and Premium trim which generally have the upgraded features of the S trim and other upper trims. There is an optional 6-speed manual transmission system in these two trims and Driver Convenience Packages are also available.

2015 Toyota Corolla comes in different standard and custom colors. The body structure is well sculptured and beautifully designed. It also comes with other exterior features like 15, 16 and 17” steel/alloy wheel depending on the trim, LED headlight, running light, roof mounted antenna, rear spoiler, low rolling resistance tires and fog lights.

Interior and exterior review of Toyota Corolla 2015

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Engine performance of Toyota Corolla 2015

All models of the 2015 Toyota Corolla come with a 1.8 Liter 4-cylinder engine, though in 2-different versions. With the exception of the LE Eco trim, the engine delivers 132 hp and torque of 128 pound-ft. In LE Eco trim, it produces 140 horsepower and torque of 126 lb-ft. All but the Base L trim makes use of Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT).

The Base L uses a standard 6-speed manual transmission system and there’s an optional 4-speed automatic transmission for the lovers of the automatic transmission. The 6-speed manual transmission is also optional in the Sport S trim for those who love to ride the stick. The models of the 2015 Corolla offers mixed performances accelerating from 0-60 mph in just 9.2 seconds which is relatively slow when compared to the numbers its rivals like the Mazda 3 and Ford Focus are returning.


Toyota Corolla 2015 - under the hood

The braking system is also very responsive with low braking distance compared to some of its competitors and it’s also easy to handle. The suspension and transmission in each trim perform reasonably ensuring you never loss time on the lap.

The rate of Fuel consumption varies in the trims depending on the transmission in use. Corolla trims with 4-speed automatic transmission has a fuel economy estimated by EPA to be 27/36 mpg city/highway and 31 mpg combined. However, the 6-speed manual transmission offers 28/37 mpg city/highway and 31 mpg for combined. In the LE and S trim with CVT, the fuel economy is estimated at 29/38/32 mpg and 29/37/32 mpg respective. On the other hand, the LE Eco trim returns a fuel economy estimate of 30/42/35 mpg and its Plus and Premium trim returns 30/40/34 mpg.

Safety features & Specs of Toyota Corolla 2015

The standard safety features incorporated into the 2015 Corolla contribute greatly to its outstanding performance. Some of these features include the driver knee airbags, front and side airbags, passenger seat cushion, antilock brakes, cruise control, traction control, stability control and rearview camera. Note that some of these features may differ or be upgraded in some trims.

Below is our summary of Toyota Corolla 2015 specifications!

2015 Toyota Corolla specifications

 L 4-door sedan

LE, LE Plus & LE Premium

4-door sedan

LE Eco & LE Eco Plus

4-door sedan

LE Eco Premium

4-door sedan

S 4-door sedan

S Plus

4-door sedan

 S Premium 4-door sedan

1.8L 4 CYL. 

4-Speed automatic or 6-Speed Manual 

1.8L 4-CYL.

Continuously Variable Speed (auto) 

1.8L 4-CYL

Continuously Variable Speed (auto) 

1.8L 4-CYL.

Continuously Variable Speed (auto) 

1.8L 4-CYL.

Continuously Variable Speed (auto) 

1.8L 4-CYL.

6-Speed Manual

1.8L 4-CYL.

Continuously Variable Speed (auto) 

Power of 132 hp at 6,000rpm Power of 132 hp at 6,000rpm Power of 142 hp at 6,100rpm. Power of 142 hp at 6,100rpm. Power of 132 hp at 6,000rpm Power of 132 hp at 6,000rpm Power of 132 hp at 6,000rpm


27/36(mpg) city/hwy


29/38 mpg city/hwy


30/42(mpg) city/hwy


30/40 mpg city/hwy


29/37 mpg city/hwy

MPG: 28/37 mpg city/hwy


29/37 mpg city/hwy

5-passenger seats 5-passenger seats 5-passenger seats 5-passenger seats 5-passenger seats 5-passenger seats 5-passenger seats

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Notes when buying used Toyota Corolla 2015 in Nigeria

Just like the previous generation of the Toyota Corolla trims, they are very reliable and have good market reputation in terms of performance and value. However, they are some things one needs to put into consideration when buying used 2015 Corolla of any model in Nigeria, some of which are the infotainment system, air conditioning system, intact dashboard, touch response of the media display screen, safety airbags, fuel consumption rate of the engine and the automatic climatic control.

You need to have a look at the mileage on each car and have your mechanic take a thorough look at the mechanical state of the car before you commit yourself to a purchase agreement.

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