Toyota Corolla 2013 price in Nigeria & buying review (Updated 2020)

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1. Overview of Toyota Corolla 2013


The best-seller of all-time, the Toyota Corolla has something worth investing in its 2013 model year!

The Toyota Corolla belong to the subcompact and compact lineup produced by Toyota from 1966 till date. In 1974 the corolla was ranked as the best selling vehicle in the entire world, and from then on, this vehicle has never stepped down from the top position.

The Toyota Corolla 2013 is a member of the 11th generation of the Toyota Corolla Brand. The model of the 11th generation has been made to have a little smaller exterior compared to its predecessors.

Giving it an advantage when driven in narrow alleys or smaller parking lots. What more can you expect from the best seller? Follow us in Toyota Corolla 2013 price in Nigeria article with detailed reviews and buying tips from experts!

2. Toyota Corolla 2013 price in Nigeria

Toyota offers reliable and affordable vehicles that meet the economic needs of the Nigerian public. Among them, the Toyota Corolla, one of 9 best cars for students in Nigeria, has never disappointed its owners.

Have a look at the prices of Toyota Corolla 2013 in Nigeria for both new and used models below.

2.1. Brand-new Toyota Corolla 2013 price in Nigeria

The brand-new Corolla series may not be easy to find, but you may find a few outlets that still have them around here in Nigeria. With that in mind, the following pricing lists will be of great help if you planning on purchasing a Toyota Corolla 2013.

Please note that these figures are manufacturer's suggested retail prices, which does not include delivery fees and may vary at different car dealerships. To know the exact price at a certain dealer, please contact them directly for a quote:

Prices of brand new Toyota Corolla 2013 by in Nigeria

 Trim level


Brand new Toyota Corolla 2013 base L trim

From ₦5.9 million

Brand new Toyota Corolla 2013 LE trim

From ₦6.55 million

Brand new Toyota Corolla 2013 S trim

From ₦6.57 million

Brand new Toyota Corolla 2013 LE (special edition) trim

From ₦7.3 million

Brand new Toyota Corolla 2013 S(special edition) trim

From ₦7.41 million


A brand-new Toyota 2013 is considered hard to find

2.2. Foreign used 2013 Toyota Corolla price in Nigeria

Many choose a foreign-used Toyota Corolla 2013 over a Nigerian-used alternative for better physical as well as mechanic condition for having gone through the test of dealers overseas.

One other thing to bear in mind is that the foreign-used car prices depend on the customs clearing cost, currency exchange rate, and some other fees topping up during the shipping process.

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Foreign-used Toyota Corolla 2013 price in Nigeria

 Trim level


Tokunbo Toyota Corolla 2013 base L trim

₦2.4 million to ₦4 million

Tokunbo Toyota Corolla 2013 LE trim

₦2.5 million to ₦4 million

Tokunbo Toyota Corolla 2013 S trim

₦2.5 million to ₦4.5 million

Tokunbo Toyota Corolla 2013 LE (special edition)

₦2.9 million to 4.5 million

Tokunbo Toyota Corolla 2013 S(special edition)

₦3.6 million to 4.7 million

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2.3. Nigerian used Toyota Corolla 2013 price in Nigeria

The last option for your purchase if the Nigerian-used Toyota Corolla 2013 which is often the easiest and cheapest to buy in Nigeria for not having to pay for expenses such as shipping cost and import duties linking with the importation abroad.

However, it should be kept in mind that its condition can't be guaranteed, so our advice is always to go with your trusted mechanic who can carry a thorough test to ensure no major flaws lying in your next car.

The Nigerian-used Toyota Corolla 2013 price is mostly decided by its condition rather than the trim levels. Below is the price range that you can pay for to get a locally-used Corolla 2013 in Nigeria.

Locally-used Toyota Corolla 2013 price in Nigeria

Model (all trims)


Nigerian-used Toyota Corolla 2013 price in Nigeria

 ₦2.1 million to ₦4.2 million


The locally-used Toyota Corolla 2013 is easy to find but its function should be questioned

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2.4. Where to buy Toyota Corolla 2013 in Nigeria

The Toyota Corolla 2013 can be gotten from any car selling companies located across Nigeria. Some of the companies located in Lagos are listed below.

  • Metropolitan Motors

Address: 1/3, Akilo Road,Off Oba Akaran Avenue,Ogba,Ikeja, Lagos.

Phone No: 08154991121


  • Omoregie Motors

Address: 45, Alhaji Tokan StreetAlaka Estate Surulere,Lagos

Phone Number: 08034030150

Email Address:

  • Elizade Nigerian limited

Location: Elizade – Toyota Plaza,322A Ikorodu Road,Anthony, Lagos

Phone Number: 07013486892

Email Address:

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3. Detailed review of Toyota Corolla 2013

3.1. Toyota Corolla 2013 Trim levels

All trims of the Corolla 2013 utilize a front-wheel-drive that comes along with a 4-cylinder engine.

The model has not really been too different from the antecedent model and adopted just very few changes one of which is the 6.1-inch touch screen for the audio system.

So far the Corolla 2013 has been made available in five trims levels: base L, LE, S, special limited edition of LE, special limited edition of S.


All trims of the Corolla 2013 utilize the front-wheel-drive

3.2. Toyota Corolla 2013 Exterior

Amazingly the 2013 corolla comes with 10 different colors exteriorly, though not all trim levels have all available colors. Features available for all trims include 15-inch steel wheels with covers, color-keyed power outside mirrors. A sunroof is equipped in all trims except the base trim. The LE trim level has additional features which are the heated mirrors, the intermittent wipers and the 16-inch wheel(the special edition LE comes with alloy wheels).

The fog lights, sportier body kit, and the rear spoiler make the S trim level peculiar. A 17-inch alloy wheel has been added to the special edited S level to make it peculiar.


Amazingly the Corolla 2013 comes with 10 different body colors you can choose from

3.3. Toyota Corolla 2013 Interior

Features available for the interior of all trim levels include seating for 5, power windows, height-adjustable driver seats, tilt and telescoping steering wheel, audio system and cloth upholstery.

The LE trim level has an added audio control on the steering and an improved sound system. The S trim level just has an upgraded cloth upholstery. The LE and S special edition have both been heightened with: a power-adjustable driver seat, heated seats, and leather upholstery.

rearseat of--2013-Corolla

The interior is dressed with comfortable clothed seats

3.4. Toyota Corolla 2013 Engine performance

All trim levels for the 2013 corolla has been furnished with a 1.8-liter 4-cylinder engine graded at 132 horsepower and 128 lb-ft torque. All levels are equipped with a front-wheel-drive along with a 5-speed manual transmission.

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Video: 2013 Toyota Corolla LE Walkaround, Start up, Tour and Overview

3.5. Evaluation of Toyota Corolla 2013

Pros of Toyota Corolla 2013

  • The Corolla 2013's engine along with its amazing interior gives it a very comfortable ride.
  • Its overall body quality makes it dependable and more cost-efficient.
  • As a result of dependability, the resale value proves it worth paying, thereby reducing ownership costs in the long run.
  • The placement of equipment interiorly is very outstanding, contributing to its user-friendly nature.

Cons of Toyota Corolla 2013

  • The acceleration of this vehicle sadly is one of the slowest when compared to others in its class.
  • The overall design of the cabin is too old and the quality of its materials is unimpressive.
  • The vehicle handling is not excitable at all and its responsiveness is a little bit slow thereby reducing driver engagement.
  • The fuel efficiency of this vehicle can be said to be poor when compared with its top rivals.

3.6. Toyota Corolla 2013 Table of Specs

Specs of Toyota Corolla 2013
 Trim level  Engine  MPG
Toyota Corolla 2013 Base L   1.8L l-4  27 city/34 hwy
Toyota Corolla 2013  LE   1.8L l-4  26 city/34 hwy
Toyota Corolla 2013  S    1.8L l-4  27 city/34 hwy
Toyota Corolla 2013  LE(special edition)   1.8L l-4  26 city/34 hwy
Toyota Corolla 2013  S(special edition)   1.8L l-4  20 city/34 hwy

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4. About Toyota Brand in Nigeria

The introduction of the Toyota brand in Nigeria was as far back as 1965 by R.T Briscoe who was an exclusive distributor for Toyota.

The story so far has been a successful one, with the brand being able to offer Nigerians vehicles that suit both road and weather conditions.

The brand had other distributors in Nigeria, but in 1996 the Toyota Motors Corporation reverted to a sole distributorship alternative, making it an exclusive distributor of the brand in Nigeria.

Head office of Toyota Nigeria Limited: TPAO 992, Ojulari road, Lekki peninsula scheme, Lagos, Nigeria.

5. Conclusion

The Toyota Corolla 2013 price in Nigeria vary according to many factors in which the condition is the key element that decides the deal.

When going to buy used cars in Nigeria, you are always advised to bring along your reliable mechanic who can decode any hidden scheme by the dealer. Also note that a test drive is a must. It is the best way to feel or tame the car that will be your companion in the coming years.

With online car buying and selling platform developing steadily in Nigeria like at the present, it is not difficult to find a Toyota Corolla 2013 for sale. But you should bear in mind there are a lot of fraudsters out here, be mindful of what is a good price and what is not!

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