Toyota Corolla 2010 price in Nigeria (Update in 2020) – the most searched for price list in the world

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Among Toyota’s best sellers, Toyota Corolla 2010 attracts huge volume of searching for its prices. Below we present its updated price list in Nigeria.

1. Overview of Toyota Corolla 2010

The Toyota Corolla 2010 belongs to the tenth generation Corolla models, also coded as E140 for JDM and E150 for others, was first released in 2006 and maintained production till 2012 in its home country. Other markets had these models for 1 or 2 years longer before it officially being replaced by Toyota Auris.

This series follows 2 main car body styles which are 4-door sedan and 5-door station wagon. Both options conform to front engine and front-wheel-drive layout while E140 features the previous Toyota MC platform of E120 but E150 adopts redesigned chassis.

Toyota Corolla 2010 front view

Toyota Corolla 2010 belongs to the series of tenth-generation Corolla

Talking about its powertrain choices, we’re afraid we can’t list all of them here as Corolla these years comes with a vast range of engine types such as:

  • 1.3L I4 2NZ-FE
  • 1.6L I4 3ZZ-FE
  • 1.8L I4 1ZZ-FE
  • 1.8L I4 2ZR-FE
  • 2.0L I4 1CD-FTV D-4D diesel

All these configurations can be mated to different types of transmissions, either 5-speed manual gearbox or 4-speed automatic transmissions, for example. Also, a special 7-speed Super CVT-i set is offered as well.

Because Toyota made a clear distinction between Japan-spec versions and products for other markets, we at Naijauto team will brief quickly the differences of these two before giving the price of Toyota Corolla 2010 in Nigeria.

Toyota Corolla 2010 in Japan

Japan-spec models differ slightly from others

  • In Japan

E140 is divided into 2 categories: sedan Corolla Axio and station wagon Corolla Fielder. These models have smaller exterior dimensions than others due to Japanese government regulations. Only in these cars of Japan can you find G-BOOK – the subscription telematics service to link with cell phones, PC or other G-book equipped cars etc.

  • In other markets

A wide-body E140 is presented with most styling designs and interiors from Japan-spec Axio models but having wider and longer dimension. Each market welcomes the launch of all-new version or later face-lifted variants at different times. However, most countries enjoyed the introduction of Toyota Corolla 2010 model for sale facelift in the same year, which features redesigned bumpers, air dams, and front grille. It employs Toyota ZR engines with Dual VVT-i paired with both manual transmission and automatic CVT.

2. Price of Brand new Toyota Corolla 2010

Having the advantages of an upgraded model from previous versions since 2006, Toyota Corolla 2010 boasts various strong points compared to other rivals in the same segment. It’s easy to figure out why this model gains such widespread popularity all over the world, from Asia to North America, and of course in African countries as well.

Never has this Corolla lost its heat in the domestic market, particularly in recent years, the volume of local people searching for Toyota Corolla prices in Nigeria is rising exponentially.

a blue Toyota Corolla 2010

Corolla 2010 is warmly welcomed in Nigeria

Toyota Corolla 2010 has 2 main versions: an entry-level model and a more luxury Toyota Corolla sport - Corolla XRS. Budget-conscious drivers often go for the bare-basic variants while those more comfortable in spending should opt for the sportier car as it proved higher performances.

Besides, pricing also vary greatly due to the car condition, including foreign used (Tokunbo) and locally (Nigerian) used units as buying brand new is impossible now. Several other factors like currency exchange rate, custom clearance tariffs or fuel mileage do affect prices, too.

Brand new Toyota Corolla 2010 price list in Nigeria

 Brand new 2010 models Price in Nigerian Nairas
 2010 Toyota Corolla Base 4dr Sedan prices From ₦5,600,000
 2010 Toyota Corolla S 4dr Sedan prices From ₦6,000,000
 2010 Toyota Corolla LE 4dr Sedan prices From ₦6,150,000
 2010 Toyota Corolla XLE 4dr Sedan prices From ₦6,500,000
 2010 Toyota Corolla XRS 4dr Sedan prices From ₦6,900,000

3. Tokunbo Toyota Corolla 2010 price in Nigeria

Foreign used Toyota Corolla 2010 price list

 Model  Price in Nigerian Naira
 Tokunbo Toyota Corolla 2010 price  N2.2 million – N3.6 million

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4. Locally used /  Nigerian used Toyota Corolla 2010 prices in Nigeria


Locally used Toyota Corolla 2010 price list

 Model  Price in Nigerian Naira
Nigerian used Toyota Corolla 2010 price  N900,000 – N2.3 million

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4. Further review on Toyota Corolla 2010

It’s not rare to see praises around 2010 Toyota Corolla. Most reviewers agree that these user-friendly models are optimal choices for general daily purposes. Corolla 2010 showcases decent acceleration and an impressive fuel economy rating of 26/35 mpg city/highway according to EPA estimates.

This series is also reported to have ample room for both passengers and cargo. Moreover, safety features are paid much attention, seen in electronic stability control, backup camera, tire-pressure monitors, anti-lock brakes, traction control or even seatbelts design etc. All kinds of airbags are now available, from front airbags, side curtain airbags to side torso airbags. Extra values as keyless entry, powered windows, cruise control, steering-wheel mounted auto are also note-worthy bonus points.

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Toyota Corolla 2010 overall design

Compliments on Corolla 2010 is endless

However, like other automobile models, Toyota Corolla 2010 can’t avoid minor flaws regarding malfunctioned system after a long period of using time.

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To be more objective, let’s see how drivers around the world talk about this model via the following thread of international consumer reports:

Ant, on

I just purchased this car from dealer in GA for $16,300 [~N6 million] included tax/dealer fee. Great car, very reliable just have 100 miles on it.

Tony the test driver, on

This is a nice car in the S trim. Body kit makes amazing job beautifying this fairly dull car. Only grill remains dull. It is so smooth for a small car, you don't feel if it moves. But this is not enthusiast's car. It has no soul. You may accelerate hard but there is no feel of it. Steering is questionable. Interior is great besides some hard plastic in "should be soft" places, cheap controls and questionable location of the clock. Big trunk. Nice seats. Decent legroom in the back and suitable middle spot with flat floor beneath.

Martin D., on

Radio and CD display will show "pixel-like" squares instead of radio/CD information for a few minutes maybe once/twice a month.

Toyota Corolla 2010 interiors

Some may complain about the Toyota Corolla’s display screen

G. W, on

The display usually begins properly but then meaningless symbols appear. Stations cannot be changed. Turning off the radio may or may not help.

Anonymous, on

I bought my 2010 basic Corolla A/T 3 months back and I must say that I am loving it. I was initially considering a Yaris, but the Corolla was just priced well enough for me to switch. I am a city driver and am getting 30mpg average. But when on freeways, staying around 55-60mph gets me over 45mpg easily. The engine gives decent acceleration and the brakes are not touchy, the standard speakers (4) are decent and the dash-board layout is straight-forward, and overall the exterior is respectable.

Anonymous, on

I previously drove a Toyota Camry. I come from a Toyota family. My dad has a Camry, & my mom has a Venza. The Corolla is cuter, zippier, & gets more miles to the gallon than the Camry.

Walkaround video of Toyota Corolla 2010

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5. Conclusion

Overall, Toyota Corolla 2010 price in Nigeria are quite reasonable. Driving this series from the reliable Toyota brand, you can save up a lot, in the long run, thanks to its remarkable fuel economy level. So, don’t worry whether your initial investment is worthwhile or not. This article is brought to you from Car prices on -  the leading platform for car buying and selling in Nigeria.

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